• PPS: Leading with Racial Equity and Social Justice, Our Collective Plan and Framework

    PPS RESJ Framework

    This framework and plans intend to build on the successes of PPS’s current and historic work to advance the Racial Educational Equity Policy while also critically examining opportunities to increase the effectiveness of Racial Equity and Social Justice practices through organizational change and system wide coordination.

  • Presenting the PPS Vision

    PPS Vision

    A graduate of Portland Public Schools will be a compassionate critical thinker, able to collaborate and solve problems, and be prepared to lead a more socially just world.
    That is one of the conclusions of the months-long process to create a Vision for PPS. In fall 2018, the Board of Education and the Superintendent of PPS launched a community-wide process to develop a long-term Vision for public education in Portland. This Vision, created after dozens of community meetings involving hundreds of stakeholders, describes our goals for the graduating class of 2030, and the educational experience that will increasingly be the reality for each of our graduates from 2019 onward.

  • Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources for Parents

    RGMS PBIS Lessons on Protected Class: files are stored here. We encourage families to discuss our PBIS lessons at home.

    Talking Race with Young Children: Even babies notice differences like skin color, eye shape and hair texture. This website has information on how to handle conversations about race, racism, diversity and inclusion, even with very young children.