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Getting Help

  • ACADEMICS: There are many ways to help your child keep up with school and homework.

    Homework Calendars: Teachers post their assignments through this website, directly linked to Google.

    ParentVue & Student Vue: Students' grades are posted on Synergy and can be seen by using ParentVue and StudentVue. Please keep in mind that when using an online grading system, it may take a while for you to see the grades.

    Student Calendar: Each student is given a calendar to record assignments. This will be replaced for the second semester with a new calendar.

    My AVID Binder: Helping students sort and organize their My AVID Binder is critical to building good habits for future success. Please help them recycle papers not needed, locate homework, and organize work to be turned in (then check that it did get turned in.)

    Locker: Feel free to check in at the main office and then go to your child's locker with him or her to look for missing work. If a locker change is needed, contact Mrs. Madison, principal. Changing locker location or partner can help.

    Texting & Timers: Teach your student to set the timer on their phone to remind them to show up for things like test retakes at lunch. Texting them with reminders can help, too.

    Online Textbooks: The science textbooks are online and easy to use at home. See the teachers' webpages for information.

    Contact the Teacher: Emails addresses are located on the RGMS website. Phone contact is through the main office, 503-916-5676. Going directly to the source is often the best route.

    SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL: We are here to help young people grow!

    Talk to Your Child: Make time each day to talk to your child about things going well and problems they may experience.

    Learn about Young Adolescence: This fascinating and perplexing stage of life has been researched and there are many excellent publications out there that can help you understand and accept your child's struggles.

    Interact with Peers: Keeping your child busy can help them make friends and mature well. RGMS has an excellent SUN Community School with numerous extended-day activities.

    Exercise: Vigorous physical activity and time spent outside are super helpful for teens.

    Get Counseling: Our school guidance counselors, Ms. Hyde (grades 7 & 8) and Ms. Sturges (grade 6), and our assistant principal, Mr. Jeans, are excellent sources for seeking help at school.