Welcome to the Robert Gray Middle School PTA

  • The RGMS PTA strives to create the best environment for students, parents, and teachers, and to create a positive and inspiring community in support of educating all students. Every organization has a different flavor and the RGMS PTA’s flavor is fun! We encourage you to join us—you, and your child, will get the most out of middle school when you are involved. There are many ways to participate in the success of your children at Robert Gray Middle School:

    • Join the PTA.  Membership alone supports the many activities offered by the PTA. The PTA is the sole support of many activities that enhance the quality of our students’ education. We are grateful to have an active and committed board. 
    • Support the Foundation. The Foundation is the only organization that can help fund staff at RGMS. Funds this year are supporting classified staff working in our lunch and supervision team, teacher leader extended responsibility contracts, substitutes for special events, and other important functions. We are a very busy school and a lot of help is required to run smoothly. 
    • Volunteer. This is the fastest way to become part of the community. We are seeking volunteers for special events, ongoing activities, and daily morning and lunch supervision. Take a look at our Volunteer page for a list of events and volunteer opportunities. Then take a step inside and join the enthusiasm. You, too, will be saying “I love it here!”
  • Contact the PTA: rgmsptaemail@gmail.com

    PTA Board for the 2018-19 School Year

    Co-Presidents: Erin Hoover Barnett (hoovere@ohsu.edu) and Holly Ingram
    Vice President: Tiffany Schuster
    Secretary: Cathy Fowler
    Co-Treasurer: Christiane Biermann
    Co-Treasurer: Debra Anchel 
    Drama Program Treasurer: Lorrie Biggs
    Volunteer Coordinator: Sandy Ragnetti
    Yearbook Coordinator: Rachel Tillman
    Hospitality Coordinator: Michelle Doherty
    Social Media: Shelby Wood
    Membership Coordinator: Lee Allis-Hayes
    Service Coordinator: Lisa Nelson

  • Welcome to the Incoming PTA Board

    We are very fortunate to have an awesome PTA Board of Directors next year. Please welcome:

    • Co-Presidents: Mollyanne Fleming & Kristin Cornuelle
    • Vice President: Stephanie Weiber
    • Secretary: Erin Fitzgerald
    • Co-Treasurers: Ted Cerwonka, Kendra Wise, Erica Freundlich
    • Membership: Anna Morgan
    • Volunteer Coordinators: Sandy Ragnetti & Debra Hornbecker
    • Hospitality: Trudi Bloom & Lisa Greene
    • Benefit (formerly Auction): Allie Pettitt, Jennifer Peet Brecker, Kelli Milford
    • Diversity & Inclusion: Deb Walsh
    • Facebook: Amy Wang
    • Yearbook: Kim Mathews (seeking co-chair)
    • Photography: Heather Keeling
    • Restaurant Fundraisers: Sandy Ragnetti & Kelly Gillespie
    • Spirit Wear: Sue Haas
    • Service Coordinator: Robyn Hartmeyer
    • Magazine Sales: Vacant

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