• Academic Support Classes

    These classes are taken along with one other elective to support the core classes and keep students current on homework and assignments.

  • Academic Support

    Students get teacher assistance in this small intervention class. They have access to computers to help with assignments and homework and to practice their skills. Some direct instruction is given in math and language arts. Students may or may not be identified for Special Education services.

  • Social Skills

    This elective provides support for students learning to navigate the complex world of young adolescence.

  • Study Hall

    A quiet place to work, this class is open to all students. Teacher support is given, but this is mostly a self-directed class.

  • English Language Development

    Only students currently served as English Language Learners can take this class. By refining students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, they can master the English language at a level high enough to exit the program.