Locker Use

  • Assignment
    You will be assigned a locker and a partner each year based on your request on the forecasting sheet you turn in. For a change in partner before school begins or at the start of the year, see Mrs. Madison. After that time, talk to the school secretary, Ms. Brown. You can learn to open your locker before school begins starting on the first day of fall registration in August.

    Lockers are available during personal time from 9:05-9:15, between classes, until 12:20 at lunch, after lunch, and after school. They are not available during lunch after 12:20 or before school, no matter where they are located. If you need to get into them during this time, please ask a staff member for permission. Responsible locker use happens between classes so you can remain in the room during class time. Please be sure to fetch all materials needed.

    Both locker partners are responsible for the condition of the locker. Please work together to keep it clean. Get help from a counselor or administrator if you are having locker partner problems.

    When the Locker Won't Open
    Lockers clog when articles that are stuck in the door (like backpack straps) or press on the door (like mirrors, white boards, etc.) Ask a staff member to help or go to the main office for help. Please do not kick lockers to try to get them to open.

    Decorations can be hung inside, but only things that do not mark up the locker or stick to it. Locker fronts may be decorated when a student has a birthday but need to be removed the next day.

    You must spin the dial after you shut it to make sure it fully closes. Putting anything in the handle to prevent it from locking will result in loss of the locker, with daily material storage in the main office, available only before school, at lunch, and after school. We can change locker partners and combinations if you are having problems.

    Touch only your own locker. Messing around with other students' lockers is a Big No No. Slamming other students' locker doors can cause injury and can be considered bullying. Use only your own locker and do not ask other students to use theirs.

    Lockers are school property and are not private. School administration can search lockers at any time without notice. Only keep things in lockers that are allowed at school. If in doubt, leave it at home or don't get it in the first place.

    School Responsibility
    It is important to know that RGMS is not responsible to repair, replace or pay for any locker contents at any time. It is a important to keep only items of low value in your locker and leave the rest at home. Report missing items to the locker so we can keep an eye out for them and we will help however we can. 

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