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English Language Development

English Language Development

English Language Services

  • The English Language Development department is restructuring to promote greater inclusive and integrated English Language Development instruction. Our integrated instruction effort remains unchanged and unwavering. Our restructure is  our commitment to supporting key instructional shifts needed to deeply support integrated instruction. Through our cross disciplinary collaboration we will focus on the design of an integrated core curriculum in Literacy/Social Science and Science that supports simultaneous language development. Ensuring our Emergent Bilinguals/Multilingual Learners (EB/MLLs) access to our integrated core curriculum and daily rigorous integrated instruction, grade level tasks will help all students develop strong disciplinary language and analytical practices necessary to strengthen student independence to demonstrate knowledge of content and use of high academic language.  

    Historically, learning has been designed to meet the needs of diverse learners through specialized programs. The needs of special education, talented and gifted students, English learners, and culturally specific groups have often been addressed by separate programs, specialized staff, or strategies that address the challenges facing some students. Designers of inclusive learning experiences recognize that every learner is different. Differences are the norm; therefore, the notion of accessibility expands dynamically to meet needs across the range of human diversity. (Graduate Portrait p.23) Equitable outcomes and closing the opportunity gap for our historically underserved Emergent Bilinguals/Multilingual Learners  is our district priority. To keep our graduate portrait promise for EB/MLLs they must always be at the center of our decisions and instructional priorities. 

    With strong partnerships and collaboration between ELD specialists, core teachers and support staff we can meet the unique needs of our EB students and together help them attain the graduate portrait promise. For more information please refer to our PPS Comprehensive Distance Learning Guide, Supporting Emergent Bilinguals.

    As part of the ELD Department restructure, Title III requirements have moved to the Funded Programs Department. The Academic Program department will oversee the initial student language screener and all of the English language development instructional PD, Newcomer, & EB instructional support. For Title III support, contact Kathy Gaitan, Title III Program Director. For ELD instructional support, contact Alayna Mateja at the K-5 grades and Jennifer Anderson at the 6-12 grades.


    Board Goal: 

    By the Spring of 2022, 3rd grade reading: Close achievement gap, accelerate growth for our underserved students of color moving from 44% to 60% meeting or exceeding growth expectations as measured by end of year MAP.


    ELD Department Shifts

    School-based ELD Plans drive unique instructional programming. New flowchart outlining school support process

    • ELD Teacher
    • School-based grade level team instructions team
    • Principal
    • Academic Programs Department (ELD instructional PD & EB instructional support) 

    Language Access Services is your primary source for interpretation and translations


    Academic Programs Department

    • Promoting greater inclusive and integrated ELD
    • Integrated Instruction
    • Collaborative teaching
    • Academic Programs supporting all ELD instructional needs K-12 plus ELPA
    • All ELD TOSAs serve a broader Academic Programs efforts and are no longer assigned directly to schools


    Title III

    Overseen by Funded Programs 



Alayna Mateja
Academic Program Administrator
Jennifer Anderson
Academic Program Administrator
6-8 Integrated ELD in ELA
6-12 ELD
Kathy Gaitán
Funded Programs
Title III
503-916-2000 x74110

ODE Memo - ELD Promotions

  • February 28, 2019 ODE Executive Memo directs districts to stop ELD reclassification via portfolio processes, promotion and alternative promotions. PPS and all districts can no longer use these alternative promotion processes to exit students from ELD program and shall comply immediately. English Learners may only be exited from an EL program if they receive a proficient score on Oregon’s English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA).

  • PPS State Plans

    Revised: May 31, 2019 - The English Language Learner Local Plan 2017-19 provides guidance and direction to all Portland Public Schools (PPS) educators, our families and students regarding the options available for providing quality programs and services for our Emergent Bilinguals (EBs). It also articulates the expectations that the district holds for each school and classroom in the District. (Read More)

    Statement of Assurance Amendment (Exiting Policy Change)