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    Mobilizing for College (M4C) – awarded in 2014 – and Engage, Empower, Elevate (E3) – awarded in 2018 – are college and career readiness programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s GEAR UP grant initiative (Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs).  Each grant is awarded for a 7-year period and follows 2 cohorts of students from middle school through high school. 


    The primary goal of the M4C:E3 GEAR UP program is to reach historically underserved and low-income students in participating middle schools and high schools.  The program provides an array of classroom-based services and integrated supports designed to improve student academic achievement and increase the number of students that successfully enter into post-secondary programs and/or professional or technical careers upon graduation from high school.


    Program Initiatives

    M4C:E3 serves students, teachers and families through three integrated initiatives: 

    • SMART (Students Mobilizing for Access & Retention Together) implements culturally relevant and sustainable practices focusing on college identity, college & career exposure and post-secondary preparation activities using a classroom-based near-peer mentor model, partnering college-going school alum with teacher partners.
    • BUILD (Building Undergraduates through Inclusive Leadership Development) builds an inclusive, intercultural parent-organizing model that empowers parents and families to more actively engage in the educational system and advocate for student academic success.
    • TDIP (Transformative Data Inquiry Project) enhances educator capacity to infuse into the classroom a holistic, culturally-responsive and data-informed approach toward college readiness that makes visible and elevates student voice in the classroom, including teacher leadership development, collaborative networking, and quantitative and qualitative student non-cognitive survey data to inform pedagogy and curriculum development. 


    PPS GEAR UP Schools

    M4C serves the 2020-2021 graduate cohorts in Jefferson, Madison and Roosevelt High Schools.

    • 10-11thgrade (2018-19)
    • 11-12thgrade (2019-20)
    • 12th& 1st-year college (2020-21)


    E3 serves the 2024-2025 graduate cohorts, initially serving students in 9 middle schools (2018-2021):

    • Jefferson Cluster – Tubman, Ockley Green, Faubion & Vernon
    • Madison Cluster – Roseway Heights & Harrison Park
    • Roosevelt Cluster – Cesar Chavez, George & Astor

     E3 moves into Jefferson, Madison and Roosevelt High Schools in Fall 2020 with the 9th-grade cohort.


GEAR UP Contacts

Angela Nusom
Assistant Director of College & Career Readiness, Mobilizing for College (M4C) and Engage, Empower, Elevate (E3) (GEAR UP)
Anjene Bryant
Program Administrator, Engage, Empower, Elevate (E3)
Diane Besser
Business Operations Analyst
Pauline Celino
Sr. Administrative Secretary