• Welcome to the Sitton library! 

    The goal of the school library is to empower people to pursue their own lines of inquiry and provide the foundational skills students need to become life-long learners. At Sitton, every student visits the library weekly with their class. During this time, they receive instruction on accessing and creating various types of media and have the opportunity to select books of their choice. 

    Concerned about your student's library account? The easiest way to check what materials they may have out of the library is through your student's My.PPS portal using the "Destiny" option. Select the "My Stuff" dropdown menu for current check-outs. Or, use this direct link

    Our school librarian, Ms. Quinn, is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Information, an avid reader and writer, and half-decent knitter. She can be reached at qsanford@pps.net