• Donate to Sitton!

    Two easy ways to donate on-line:

    1) Our teachers post specific donation requests on Donor's Choose. You can donate directly to the needs of your choice. Visit Donor's Choose.

    2) Families and Friends can help supplement items such as registration fees, athletic fees, event tickets, uniforms, library fees and make donations without having to make a special trip to the school or send a check with their students.  To donate: Visit School Pay.

    3) To donate specifically to funding our Field Experiences, please go to the School Pay link here.

    Sitton Friends: Partnerships

    The Sitton community is so fortunate to have the partnerships that we do. Without the generosity of businesses, both private and nonprofit, much of what we do wouldn't be possible.

    2023-24 Partnerships:

    Past Partnerships:

    • Thai Cottage donated $1,000 a year to Sitton student body funds. That money has supported various student activities over several years.
    • Klarquist-Sparkman donated backpacks and school supplies every year.
    • Purdy was very involved in helping us with our campus clean up each fall. For several years, they brought dozens of staff to our campus to help us clean up for the start of the school year.
    • Forest Park Conservancy hosted Sitton 3rd and 5th graders to Forest Park for two consecutive years, free of charge.
    • Xerox brought us science instructors to enrich our fifth grade science instruction.
    • The AFL-CIO awarded Sitton a $5,000 grant.
    • OMSI provided enrichment opportunities for our fifth grade classrooms.
    • Starbase provided science enrichment for our fifth grade classrooms.
    • PavelComm donated classroom computer flat screens for a kindergarten classroom.
    • Ranchos Tres Potrillos of Molalla provided our community with over 100 Christmas trees one year.
    • Home Depot provided landscaping equipment at no cost for fall clean up.
    • University of Portland brought volunteers onto campus for the fall clean up. For two years they brought over 40 students to the campus to clean up.
    • Key Bank helped with campus clean up in the spring of 2013.
    • Royal Rosarians donated annually to our field trip funds.
    • St. Johns Oddfellows donated school supplies annually.
    • John Willis and Friends of Austin Texas adopted our library and provided gifts of books and money to support our growth.
    • Jessie Woodcock organized a Paint it Forward event every year and brought art and art supplies to every Sitton student.