• Support Your Child's Success and Strengthen Our Community

    Parents / Guardians, even if you only have limited amounts of time to spare throughout the entire school year, you can still have a positive impact. Some things you might consider doing:

    • Meet your child’s teacher(s) and stay in touch throughout the year.
    • Get to know the other children and their families in your child’s class.
    • Read the weekly newsletter in your child's purple folder.
    • Write a thank you note to your child’s teacher(s) during staff appreciation week.
    • Volunteer to chaperone a class field trip.

    Together, our Parents and Guardians, the Sitton PTA , Volunteers, and Donations all work to ensure that our large and diverse community is supported—enriching the lives of students, keeping families connected, and assisting and adding to our valuable staff.

    Sitton Staff