• Sitton Elementary is located in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland.  We are a school that welcomes and nurtures students and families, creating a close-knit and comfortable community.  We strive to use our students' diverse skills and backgrounds to help them reach their greatest potential as learners, leaders, and as agents of change in our school, community, and world.

    Our VISION

    Our vision is to be a community school that welcomes and nurtures students and families, leveraging the diverse assets they possess to:

    • ACHIEVE on the highest possible levels;
    • ASPIRE to college and career readiness; and
    • ENGAGE actively as agents of change and leadership in our school, community, and world.


    Our MISSION    

    To realize our vision, the Sitton Community inspires productive and confident learners while promoting creative and critical thinking by:

    • FACILITATING a student-centered, standards-based, integrated curriculum;
    • DEVELOPING students and faculty through goal setting, data based decision making, and differentiation; and
    • TARGETING resources including time, talent, and funds to support our annual goals.