• Private Career Schools

    Private career schools, also known as technical, vocational, or trade schools, may be public or private, although many are for-profit businesses. They typically offer programs that are two years or less and instruct students in a range of career fields such as computer technology, cosmetology, health care, real estate and business. Private career school programs provide opportunities for students who have a very specific career focus, and many offer flexible and innovative learning options that match the needs of a growing number of students.

    When exploring these opportunities, it is important to learn about and consider how the schools that are for-profit businesses differ from traditional colleges and postsecondary programs. Special consideration may be needed in the planning process to address issues raised about many of the schools. (i.e. Do credits transfer to other college programs? What are the unique aspects of managing financial aid for for-profit schools? How does the school/program support students who attend?)