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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) is no longer simply wood shop or automotive technology. Today, CTE includes a wide variety of disciplines that allow students to experience hands-on learning and acquire skills that are transferrable to a multitude of future career pathways in healthcare, construction, technology, engineering, digital media, and many more.

    In Portland Public schools, state-approved CTE programs of study provide:

    • Academic Preparation & Technical Skills Attainment: CTE provides rigorous, industry-focused technical instruction and work-readiness preparation that integrates academics in a rigorous and relevant curriculum
    • Engagement & Relevance: CTE students receive real-world, industry-relevant, hands-on learning experiences, both in the classroom and in the community where industry professionals share their skills and expertise to bring real-world authentic learning opportunities.
    • Alignment to postsecondary programs & industry recognized standards: Every CTE program of study must align to a postsecondary CTE program and industry recognized standards and informs clear pathways to certifications and degrees
    • Higher Graduation Rates: Since 2011, students who complete just one (1) credit in CTE have graduated at an average rate of 88%.

    CTE Areas

    PPS CTE Program of Study Areas

    • Natural Resources
    • Architecture & Construction
    • Arts, AV, Communications
    • Business & Management
    • Education & Training
    • Health Sciences
    • Hospitality, Culinary & Tourism
    • Information Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • STEM/Engineering
    • Transportation/Logistics

CTE/Career Pathways Contacts

Ari Alberg
Director, CTE
(503) 916-2000
Carolina Cano
Assistant Director
(971) 313-4116
Jay Keuter
Strategic Business Partnerships Manager
(503) 916-3464 (503) 936-9523 cell
Lisa Klingsporn
Strategic Business Partnerships Manager
(503) 916-3250 (971) 221-9275 cell
Johana Nelson
Career Learning Coordinator
(503) 916-3189
Kathrin Wissler
TOSA, CTE Virtual Education
Andrew Fisher
Senior Clerk
(971) 336-1403