• Kindergarten Families: Welcome to PPS! August 2020

    Dear Kindergarten Families, We are so excited to be welcoming you and your child to the PPS family! Kindergarten is a special time for families, children, and schools. Providing support to incoming kindergarten families is always important. In these uncertain times, we understand that it is of even greater importance. We are committed to doing everything we can to support you and your child into and through their kindergarten year.

    Finalizing Registration... If you are receiving this communication, your child is already registered for Kindergarten. Some of you may still have documents (e.g. immunization records, proof of address and birth date, etc) that you will need to share with your school. Please contact your school office for information on how and when to submit these documents.

    Terminology Explained

    Google Meet: a live video-chatting tool.
    Seesaw: our primary distance learning online platform for student engagement.
    Synchronous: learning in which students and teacher interact at the same time and in the same space.
    Asynchronous: learning that occurs in elapsed time between two or more people (e.g. video recordings, email, podcasts, etc.)

    What Can We Expect?

    Kindergarten starts on September 8th. Before then, families will
    hear from school staff about...

    • Meeting your School Team on a video chat
    • Picking up a laptop or tablet along with information on school supplies
    • Watching videos to learn about the technology students will use this fall
    • Meeting with your child’s teacher
    • And if needed, participating in an Individual Education Plan (IEP) transition meeting

    Between September 8th-11th, Kindergarten families and
    students will...

    • Attend one daily class meeting that focuses on building connections and social, emotional learning on Google Meet
    • Practice using Seesaw
    • Continue connecting with their teacher(s)
    • Use Tech Support services

    Starting September 14th and throughout the Fall, a typical Distance
    Learning school day in Kindergarten may include...

    • One to two hours “synchronous” live instruction daily via GoogleMeet (mostly small groups)
    • Two to three hours “asynchronous" learning via Seesaw and additional off-line practice activities and projects
    • Continued opportunities for family, teacher connections
    • And if needed, live Special Education and English as a Second Language support

    How Can I Help My Child Prepare? There is no “right way” to prepare your child for kindergarten. We trust that you know what your child needs. Once the year begins, your teacher will take time to get to know both you and your child and will work with you towards a successful learning and growing year. That said, we know many of you are seeking resources and ideas to get ready for the year. Here is a short list for your reference:

    • Get to know your child’s daily schedule and draw their routine(s)together
    • Have positive conversations about the start of school
    • Prepare questions for the teacher with your child
    • Practice school-time morning, physical activity, meal, and bedtime routines
    • Create a home work space for your child

    Where Can I Go for More Information?

    PPS will be hosting a virtual district wide Connect to Kindergarten information night this month! What questions do you have about kindergarten? Email questions to and we will try to answer them at Connect! Date and time of the event coming soon...

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