• Discussion Timeline: Should PPS Require All Students 12 Years and Older to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

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    Band members at McDaniel High School (photo by David Mayne).

    Dear PPS Families,

    As the PPS Board of Education considers a requirement that students (ages 12 and older) be vaccinated against COVID-19, we are providing you a quick summary on the timeline for a possible decision:

    September 28 - PPS Board of Education heard from experts: 
    On September 28, the Board heard from public health experts and pediatric doctors on the precedent and consequences of requiring COVID-19 vaccinations to attend school, summarized in a staff report. A recording of the meeting can be found here

    Week of October 18 - Board heard from the community:
    This week we held a series of listening sessions with families and students. You can view the community sessions on our YouTube channel.

    October 26 - Board discussion: 
    At its regular meeting on October 26 at 6 p.m., the Board will hold public discussion on the merits, consequences and impacts of a vaccine requirement.  

    November 2 - Possible Board vote
    If the Board decides to move forward with a vaccine requirement, it  would consider and vote on a student vaccine requirement at the November 2nd board meeting.


    As Board members weigh the impacts of a vaccine requirement, they are also considering several options including:

    • Require vaccination for all students participating in extracurricular activities (e.g. sports, band, choir)  that are shown to be high risk for transmission of COVID-19, only;
    • Require vaccination for all PPS students 12 years of age and older;
    • Require vaccination for all PPS students 16 years of age or older; and 
    • No additional immunization requirements for students at this time. 

    Additionally, under Oregon law, school boards may be able to further define the non-medical exemptions accepted. The PPS Board will also weigh and consider the merits and consequences of options for non-medical exemptions.  We believe that PPS has the authority to adopt more stringent vaccination requirements, including limiting nonmedical exemptions, but this legal interpretation has not been tested in the COVID era. 

    We invite you to tune in to the PPS Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, October 26 via the PPS YouTube channel.