• Alamada Parents for Racial Equity


    Courageous Conversations about Race with Alameda Parents (CCAR)

    This group provides parents with educational opportunities and community to build shared understanding of race and racism, including in our families, school and district.  Alameda PTA supports this work.  With knowledge and experience gained in this group, parents can engage in their own racial equity journey and support racial equity efforts in their school and community.  

    The effort started in 16-17 and has held 17 gatherings/workshops over the past 3 years.  Initially, facilitation support came from staff at PPS Office of Equity and Partnerships.  PPS leadership changed, restructured district departments, and that Office ceased to exist as of May 2018.  Currently, Alameda parent volunteers coordinate and facilitate the meetings. 

    Across PPS each school has its own path in racial equity.  This critical work addresses the harmful effects of historical and current institutional racism.  These dynamics result in children of color experiencing worse academic outcomes than their white peers, and they harm the safety and belonging of children of color in our schools (See All Hands Raised website for data on academic outcomes and PPS Successful Schools Survey website for data on belonging and safety).

    Parents for Racial Equity meetings occur 6pm -8pm with dinner and childcare provided, starting at 5:45.  Parents typically meet in the Alameda library, with childcare in the cafeteria.  During 2019-20, some meetings may take place at Beaumont (to be determined).