• Alameda PTA Grant Program

    From time to time the Alameda PTA will have a surplus of funds due to larger than expected fundraising efforts, or more often, less funds used than was budgeted.  With this in mind and our mission to promote equity within the school, advance student learning opportunities, advance staff professional development and promote community, we have created a grant program. 

    Each year the PTA will review current fund levels, and determine a general amount of funds that may be available to grant. This amount will change from year to year and quite possibly within the year based on needs.  Staff and the parent community may submit a short application to be considered for grants. The expectation is that the grant dollars will be used to promote one or more of the core values listed above and here again:

    • To promote equity within the school;
    • To advance student learning opportunities;
    • To advance staff professional development; and
    • To promote community.

    Applications will be reviewed by the grant program committee, and will be granted based on three members approval. Not all grants will be approved, grants may be modified or changed, applicants may be asked for additional information, as needed. Typically, the grant committee will meet monthly to review and will provide a response to the applicant shortly thereafter. Please note if there is a time urgency with submitting the application.

    The grant program committee will be made up of the President, Treasurer, and 2-3 board members from the board of directors. Current members include: Katherine Hart and Monica Kersley.

    Examples of grants may be: flexible seating for classroom, learning kits for dyslexia, subs for a teacher to attend specific training, etc. Applications are meant to provide us enough detail to conclude on the request, yet not be overly onerous, and are expected to take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

    For more information or questions, please contact us at grantprogram@alamedaschool.org