• The High School Success Eligibility Requirements (ORS 327.883 section 2(b), A through D) are focused on systems that support equity in every high school across the state. These requirements ensure that base-level systems that support students' ability to access learning and opportunities that improve progress towards graduation and readiness for college or career are fully in place. The requirements outlined in the High School Success Eligibility rubric are intended to be ongoing and part of the larger integrated framework of support and monitoring through the Office of Education Innovation and Improvement outlined in detail in: ‘’Aligning for Student Success: Integrated Guidance for Six ODE Initiatives.’’

    The rubric offers detail on how grantees must:

    • Provide sufficient time for teachers and staff of students in grade 9 to review data on students’ grades, absences
      and discipline by school and by course and to develop strategies to ensure at-risk students stay on track to
    • Implement district-wide evidence-based practices for reducing chronic absenteeism in grades 9 through 12;
    • Implement systems to ensure that high school students, including English Language Learners, are taking courses
      required for on-time graduation
    • Assign high school students to advanced and dual-credit courses based on academic qualifications in order to
      avoid bias in course assignments