Jin Ren 金仁

  • Equity, inclusion, and community-driven choices.

    Supporting students in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School Mandarin Immersion Program (MLK Jr. MIP) in their language learning journey.

    Jin Ren 金仁 is the parent-run nonprofit providing cross-cultural learning opportunities and language education support for MIP students and families. We operate at Dr. MLK, Jr. and Harriet Tubman Middle School. We are supported through donations, grants, and fundraising activities.


    You can learn more and donate at our website.


    You can get involved with Jin Ren 金仁 in a variety of ways!

    • Follow or join the Jin Ren Facebook Group and contribute to the conversation.

    • If you have a child in the program, sign up for your class's Jin Ren Shutterfly Group.

    • Join a monthly Jin Ren meeting to plan new activities and support ongoing programs.

    • Select Jin Ren of Portland as your 'Amazon Smiles' charity when you shop on Amazon.