• April 11, 2024


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    Welcome back from spring break! Including last week, we have 7 weeks straight of 5 days of school. The days will be longer, hopefully the sun shines harder, as we head into the most continuous stretch of learning of the year. 


    Our teachers have been looking at some academic zones of concern, and have noticed a direct correlation between student achievement and attendance. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get your student to school on time, at 8:30am, every day. If a student comes in tardy, they are often missing core content, and even 20 minutes late per day equates to over 1.5 hours of missed instruction per week of school. Over the course of a year, 20 minutes late every day equates to a whopping 62 hours of missed instruction. 


    Next year, the school doors will open at 7:53, and students who arrive after 8am will be marked tardy. Before the next school year begins, I will send out another family carpool/ride-share interest survey in hopes of connecting community members with one another to support one another in getting to and from school everyday. 


     PSU Community Counseling Clinic has openings right now for individual (children, teens, adults), couples, and family therapy sessions. These are in-person or virtual and operate on a sliding scale $5-20/ student. Sessions are provided by PSU counseling students supervised by licensed therapists. Could be a great low-cost resource for folks that haven't been able to get access to services at school or in the community due to the high need.


    PreK: PreK Enrollment at Dr MLK Jr Elementary for the 2024/25 school year is now open. PPS Pre-Kindergarten is available to any child 3 or 4 years of age by September 1st, 2023 that resides within the PPS boundary. To learn more or to apply to our program, click here.


    Report Cards: went home in red folders this week. Please reach out to your teacher if you have not received your student’s report card for quarter 3. 


    MLK Day Celebration: I’d love to invite all of our 4th and 5th grade families to join our school in our MLK Day celebration next Friday at 2pm, followed by our PTA community gathering at 3pm. Thanks to generous donations to our school, we are able to bring in artist residencies and our upper elementary students are excited to share what they have prepared for our assembly celebration. 4th and 5th grade families, please make sure you check into the office before heading to the cafeteria next Friday afternoon. 


    Teresa Seidel


    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/2024:

    • April 1-May 24 = Spring term SUN

    • 4/18, 3:30pm: Talent show auditions 

    • 4/19, 2pm: MLK Day Celebration, all 4th and 5th families invited to attend

    • 4/19, 3pm: PTA Community gathering  

    • 5/2, 5:30pm: Talent Show 

    • 5/10, 5:30pm: AAPI family night 

    • 5/16, 5:30pm: Black Family Night 

    • 5/21, 6pm: PTA Meeting 

    • 5/23, 5:00pm: Performing Arts Showcase 

    • 5/27: Memorial Day, Holiday, No School

    • 5/29, 2:45pm: Cafe Latino

    • 5/30, 5pm: PIF Recital


    SUN News

    SUN News Update

    • Spring Term is underway with 6 weeks left until May 24th.

    • Over 100 students are engaging in activities including Basketball, Cooking, Theatre, Art, Movies with a Message, Theatre Tech, Soccer, Spanish, and Drill Team.

    • Drill Team will perform at the Blazer's game on April 12th and participate in parades on 4/27, 5/11, and 5/15.

    • Look out for upcoming events for Cooking and Theatre classes.

    • We are so grateful for your support, which is enabling our SUN Site Manager, Ashley Duncan, to attend her mother's service. She plans to return on April 16th, and your kindness during this difficult time is truly appreciated.

    • Reminder: If you've completed a Class Selection Form for Spring but haven't registered for 2023-24 SUN, please do so at: www.selfenhancement.org/apps.





    February 22, 2024


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    Community Event, Friday, February 23:

    Please join the community for dinner, movie, discussion and performances to celebrate Black Stars. This free event is open to everyone and hosted by the district.  for event details, click here.


    Staffing for next year: last week, the district sent a message to the community about the budget outlook for the next few years and the district is needing to reduce our spending by $80 million over the next two years. In my nine years as a PPS administrator, this is the most significant and drastic cut to funding I have ever seen. It is a hard truth that we have to face. 


    Last week I received our staffing allocations for the 2024-2025 school year and unfortunately, there will be cuts at Dr MLK Jr. I have met with the Site Council, the Student Support Team, and our Instructional Leadership Team, who are helping to make some difficult decisions. I want to remind everyone that at the center of every decision we make, we place students, and we especially center the needs of our historically underserved students. Later on in the year, I will share what supports remain and projected teacher assignments for the following school year. We will continue to persevere and work hard for our children. There is no better team of educators out there to take this on. 


    Specials Newsletter: Students spend 45 minutes every day in their Specials classes. In these classes (music, dance, visual arts, library, and pe), students are mixed with grade level peers across both ESP and MIP programs, and learn a variety of skills that they will expand upon in middle school elective courses. Please take a few minutes to read this Specialist Newsletter newsletter written by our specialist teachers for the next quarter of learning! There’s also an important announcement from Coach Kaufman in this newsletter. 


    One more opportunity to complete the optional carpool/rideshare directory survey: Some families have been asking about carpool/ride-share opportunities. Please feel free to fill out this (optional) form and the information on this form will be shared with those who have filled it out.

    Take care everyone,

    Teresa Seidel


    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/2024:

    • 2/21, 2pm: Connect to Kindergarten - virtual event (meet.google.com/bdt-ovsd-dtg

    • 2/21, 6pm: Connect to Kindergarten - in person event 

    • 2/29: Last day of SUN, and SUN registration 

    • 2/29, 5:30pm: Black Family Night

    • 3/4: PTA fundraiser - dining for dollars at Chipotle 

    • 3/10: Daylight saving time begins, move clocks forward one hour

    • 3/14: Spring pictures

    • 3/15: Spring pictures makeup day

    • 3/19, 5:30pm: Literacy Night 

    • 3/23-3/31: spring break, no school


    SUN News

    Please note a correction from the last newsletter: we are currently heading into the 8th and final week of the SUN Winter Term.

    Here are some important dates to remember:

    • Monday, 2/26: Spring Term Sign Up forms will be available at pick up time.

    • Thursday, 2/29: This is the last day of the SUN Winter Term and also the date of the Black Family Night. We will be hosting a table at this event to assist parents in signing up for the SUN Spring Term, and we’ll also be hosting a cake walk!

    • Friday, 3/1: King's basketball season continues at the SEI Gymnasium. The 4th and 5th graders will play against James John from 4:10-4:45 pm, and the 2nd and 3rd graders will play against Boise Elliot from 4:50-5:25 pm.


    District News



    Principals, please include the following blurb regarding the school calendar in your newsletters.

    At the January 9th school board meeting, we presented the proposed draft 2024-2025 school year calendar. Our new contract with the Portland Association of Teachers led to several shifts between this year's calendar and next year's calendar. We wanted to make you aware of that and share the proposed calendar. If you have questions or comments regarding our proposed calendar, we invite you to share them with us by visiting https://www.pps.net/contact

    24-25 School Calendar


    Raising Readers: A Family Workshop coming March 2nd!

    The Office of Teaching and Learning, in partnership with the Office of Student Learning and Family Engagement, is excited to host Raising Readers: A Family Workshop on Saturday, March 2, 2024 from 9:00am-12:30pm! This dynamic event is geared toward PPS families with pre-K through fifth grade students and will feature Indigenous author, poet, storyteller and performer Ed Edmo and will take place at Roosevelt High School. This workshop brings together parents, guardians, and children in a collaborative learning environment focused on enhancing literacy skills and nurturing a lifelong passion for books. Please see the fliers attached here where families can learn more and RSVP to reserve their space! You will be receiving 11 x 17 Posters in the PONY that you can put up at your school. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Schachner, mschachner@pps.net

    Due Date/Event Date 3/2/2024

    Raising Readers: A Family Workshop 11x17 Poster: English

    Raising Readers: A Family Workshop 11x17 Poster: Spanish

    English Registration

    Spanish Registration


    January 11, 2024


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    Tomorrow, Friday, January 12, school will end at 12 noon. We will serve breakfast at 8:30 and lunches will be staggered by grade level and beginning at 10:30. There is no preK tomorrow. Please see the district’s message on this at the top of the district website here. If you are scheduled for a parent-teacher conference on Friday, January 12th, your teacher will reach out to you about rescheduling that conference. 


    Kindergarten Enrollment: On February 15, the lottery will open (here) for our school year next year and we would love your help spreading the word about 2 Connect to Kindergarten events: a virtual (2pm) and an in person (6pm) event both on Wednesday, February 21. Please share this flyer with any families with incoming kindergarten students, or anyone curious about our English Scholars and/or Mandarin Immersion programs. 


    Upcoming Events: I hope to see many of you at the PTA meeting next Tuesday, January 16th (free dinner and childcare!). We have also rescheduled our Black Family Night to February 29 - this will allow our students and teachers more time to prepare for the Black Family Night artist scavenger hunt! More details coming soon!


    There is no school on Monday for MLK Day. Of the many great American heroes, I am sure many of you will agree with me that Dr Martin Luther King Jr is the one most influential in making our school the magical place it is today. 

    In gratitude,

    Teresa Seidel


    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/2024:

    • 1/11, 1/12, 1/17, 1/18 - Conferences 4pm - 7pm 

    • 1/15: MLK Jr Day Holiday, no school 

    • 1/16, 6pm: PTA Meeting 

    • 1/16: SUN starts for ALL students

    • 1/26 (NEW): regular school day 

    • 1/29: No school, Teacher planning day

    • 2/1: First day of Black History Month

    • 2/10: Lunar New Year 

    • 2/21, 2pm: Connect to Kindergarten - virtual event (meet.google.com/bdt-ovsd-dtg

    • 2/21, 6pm: Connect to Kindergarten - in person event 

    • 2/29, 5:30pm: Black Family Night


    Social worker News: Black History Month events the theme this year is “African Americans and the Arts”. Click here for events and more! 


    PTA News: PTA January Announcements 

    PTA General Meeting, Tuesday, January 16, 6pm Tuesday, January 16th at 6pm join us for our first PTA meeting of 2024!  Join in the cafeteria or online at bit.ly/drmlkjr-pta-zoom 

    Food will be provided and there will be childcare for school-aged kids. Spanish-language translation available. 


    Volunteer at the school!  

    There are many great ways to volunteer during the  

    school day or after hours.  

    If you want to learn more about opportunities to help,  

    fill out the form on our website’s volunteer page 

    https://www.mlkjrpta.org/get-involved/volunteer https://www.mlkjrpta.org


    January 5, 2024


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    Welcome back to school everyone! Next week is a busy week with the first round of field trips, evening conferences on January 11 and 12, and also the MLK Holiday on January 15th. Today I had a chance to visit a second grade classroom and students were passionately discussing how “Martin Luther King had a speech about his dream for Black people to be treated equally”. One student reflected how now, Black and White people, and all people, are able to eat at the same restaurants, sit on the same bus, drink from the same water fountains, and go to the same school. This student, her friend, and I, we looked at one another and softly smiled in reflection and gratitude at the work of Dr King and the many others who fought for equal rights. 


    Field trips to the art museum: We can’t wait for the students to visit the art museum beginning next week. The current exhibit, Black Artists of Oregon, is breathtaking and well worth the visit.  Shout out to our partner, KSMoCA for sponsoring the field trips, and Ms. Peake and Ms. Nancy for organizing these trips. There is one room in the 6 room exhibit that students will not be visiting. This room contains graphic artwork, of real history, that is not age appropriate for elementary students. On one particular piece (Strange Fruit, 1992, Avrie Smith):  depicts the lynching of a young Black man by two robed and hooded KKK members. An American flag peeks from the top right corner of the canvas, while below the “platform” other Klam members look on. The composition evokes depictions of the Crucifixion and the swirling folds of the Klan members’ robes resemble the carved drapery of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, a Greek sculpture now housed in the Louvre in Paris. Here, though, is the victory of dominance, extreme violence, and blatant disregard for justice. Smith’s painting...forces us to recall the horror of genocide, bigotry, and oppression… 

    I encourage all to go before the exhibit closes in March. If you have an EBT card, you can get discounted admission.


    The Scholastic Book Fair is happening January 9th-12th.  Stop by the library and check out the selection of books.  

    There are three ways you can purchase books during the fair

    • order online through our bookfair website.  

    • Add money to your student's eWallet

    • Come in during conferences or before or after school to purchase books directly. 

    • You can also add money to teachers’ eWallets so they can purchase books for the classroom.  The list of teachers’ eWallets can be found here.

    Save the date for our second annual Literacy Night.  March 19th, 2024.  Last year we were thrilled with the turnout and have planned even a bigger and better event.  A couple of highlights; Vera Aiyyha will join us to share her book, we will have a food option to purchase dinner for your family, as well as I Am Learning will be providing take home literacy packets!  Stay tuned for more information in February!

    Take care everyone,

    Teresa Seidel


    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/2024:

    • 1/8: First day of SUN for grade k-3

    • 1/8, 6:30pm: Annual Jin Ren meeting in the library

    • 1/9, 8am-4pm: Scholastic Book Fair in the Library

    • 1/11, 1/12, 1/17, 1/18 - Conferences 4pm - 7pm 

    • 1/15: MLK Jr Day Holiday, no school 

    • 1/16: SUN starts for ALL students

    • 1/26 (NEW): regular school day 

    • 2/1: First day of Black History Month

    • 2/1, 5:30pm: Black Family Night

    • 2/10: Lunar New Year 

    • 2/21, 2pm: Connect to Kindergarten - virtual event (meet.google.com/bdt-ovsd-dtg

    • 2/21, 6pm: Connect to Kindergarten - in person event 


    District News:

    Camps, Classes, & After School Programs:

    Preschool Programs:

    Community Events & Information:

    Vaccinations, Health & Wellness:

    Multnomah County Free Community Vaccination Clinic

    December 8, 2023

    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,

    Thank you for all of the families who joined us at our Multicultural Family Night Potluck last week! It was so much fun seeing so many different parts of the world showing up at one very big table to be shared. Thank you to the PTA for your support of this event, and to the many staff who made this event a success! 

    Toolbox Tool of the Month: We are going to start off the 2024 new year with the Empathy Tool.  Empathy is the root of tolerance, kindness and forgiveness.  It is caring about someone else and turned inward, this becomes care and understanding for oneself.  Remember to use your Empathy Tool.

    Staffing changes: 

    • This week will be Yuling’s last week as the kinder MIP EA and Linda’s last week as the PreK EA. Thank you Yuling and Linda for all you have done - we wish you the same level of happiness in your future that you have graced our Early Learners with! Linda will return in February as a student teacher with Ms. Maalaea. Yeah! 

    • I’m excited to introduce to you the newest member of our PreK team, Polet Campos. Polet will be the half time EA working in Takiyah’s room. Here is a message from Polet: Hello! My name is Polet Campos (she/her). I am Xicana, with roots in Fresno, California, and Guanajuato, Mexico. I am a storyteller and cook in my community, and I look forward to weaving new connections at MLK. 

    • HR is processing the new hire we have for kinder MIP EA and I hope to be able to share that announcement by the new year. 

    • Ru Wu has been our long term sub in the 2nd grade Mandarin class. She will return as a regular guest teacher for the entire school, while Gao Laoshi returns from her leave at the beginning of 2024. Thank you Wu Laoshi and welcome back Gao Laoshi! 


    Spirit Week: Spirit week started out with so many students and staff showing their school spirit by rolling up to school in their pajamas! Tomorrow, Tuesday is “Old Timer Tuesday”. Dress up like your favorite senior citizen. Wednesday = hats/scarves/jerseys. Thursday = school colors (wear black and red) and Friday = ugly sweater and mismatch day. Thank you to the 5th grade leaders for selecting and naming our spirit week themes! 

    Reclaim Lost and Found Items Before Dec 21st: Please check the lost and found in the courtyard! All items that have not been reclaimed by Dec 21st will be donated at that time.

    Community Event: Free community Kwanzaa Event December 30th at 11:30am on 14th and Killingsworth. See here for details. 

    Donors Choose Projects: MLK teachers have a lot of great projects up on DonorsChoose right now - please consider donating, and sharing projects on social media for more exposure. 


    We had about a third of our students out of school today. Thank you to the families who called in absences (503-916-6456) and continue to report absences so we can make plans for the rest of the week. On Friday, we will be holding a day-long “winter fest” rotation with assemblies, winter movies, hot chocolate bar, popcorn, science rotations, arts and crafts, and gym rotations. I am looking forward to the fun at the end of this week!

    Take care everyone,

    Teresa Seidel

    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/2024:

    • 12/18-12/22 (NEW): School in session

    • 12/23-1/1: Winter Break, no school

    • 1/2: Return to school after winter break

    • 1/8, 6:30pm: Annual Jin Ren meeting in the library

    • 1/9, 8am-4pm: Scholastic Book Fair in the Library

    • 1/15: MLK Jr Day Holiday, no school 

    • 1/26 (NEW): regular school day 

    • 2/1: First day of Black History Month

    • 2/1, 5:30pm: Black Family Night

    • 2/10: Lunar New Year

      8 de diciembre de 2023


      Hola, familias del Dr. MLK Jr.:


      ¡Gracias a todas las familias que nos acompañaron en nuestra Noche Familiar Multicultural la semana pasada! Fue muy divertido ver tantas partes diferentes del mundo apareciendo en una mesa muy grande para compartir. ¡Gracias a la PTA por su apoyo a este evento y a todo el personal que hizo que este evento fuera un éxito!


      Herramienta del mes de la Caja de Herramientas: Vamos a comenzar el nuevo año 2024 con la Herramienta de Empatía. La empatía es la raíz de la tolerancia, la bondad y el perdón. Es preocuparse por el otro y volverse hacia adentro, esto se convierte en cuidado y comprensión de uno mismo. Recuerda utilizar tu herramienta de empatía.


      Cambios de personal:

    • Esta semana será la última semana de Yuling como MIP EA de kindergarten y la última semana de Linda como EA de PreK. Gracias Yuling y Linda por todo lo que habéis hecho. ¡Les deseamos en el futuro el mismo nivel de felicidad con el que han honrado a nuestros alumnos de educación temprana! Linda regresará en febrero como estudiante de maestra con la Sra. Maalaea. ¡Sí!

    • Me complace presentarles al miembro más nuevo de nuestro equipo de PreK, Polet Campos. Polet será el EA de medio tiempo que trabajará en la habitación de Takiyah. Aquí hay un mensaje de Polet: ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Polet Campos (ella/ella). Soy Xicana, con raíces en Fresno, California y Guanajuato, México. Soy narrador de historias y cocinero en mi comunidad, y espero tejer nuevas conexiones en MLK. 

    • Recursos Humanos está procesando la nueva contratación que tenemos para Kinder MIP EA y espero poder compartir ese anuncio para el nuevo año.

    • Ru Wu ha sido nuestro sustituto a largo plazo en la clase de mandarín de segundo grado. Ella regresará como maestra invitada habitual para toda la escuela, mientras que Gao Laoshi regresa de su licencia a principios de 2024. ¡Gracias Wu Laoshi y bienvenido de nuevo Gao Laoshi!

    • Teresa Seidel


      Fechas Importantes y Recordatorios 2023/2024:

    • 18/12-22/12 (NUEVO): Escuela en sesión

    • 23/12-1/1: vacaciones de invierno, no hay clases

    • 1/2: Regreso a la escuela después de las vacaciones de invierno

    • 8 de enero, 6:30 p.m.: reunión anual de Jin Ren en la biblioteca

    • 9 de enero, de 8 a. m. a 4 p. m.: Feria del libro Scholastic en la biblioteca

    • 15/1: Día festivo de MLK Jr, no hay clases

    • 26/1 (NUEVO): día escolar regular

    • 1/2: Primer día del Mes de la Historia Afroamericana

    • 1 de febrero, 5:30 p. m.: Noche familiar negra

    • 10/02: Año Nuevo Lunar


      Semana del espíritu escolar: ¡La semana del espíritu escolar comenzó con tantos estudiantes y personal mostrando su espíritu escolar al llegar a la escuela en pijama! Mañana martes es el “martes de los veteranos”. Vístete como tu persona mayor favorita. Miércoles = gorros/bufandas/jerseys. Jueves = colores de la escuela (vestir de negro y rojo) y viernes = suéter feo y día que no combina. ¡Gracias a los líderes de 5to grado por seleccionar y nombrar los temas de nuestra semana espiritual!

      Reclame artículos perdidos y encontrados antes del 21 de diciembre:¡Por favor revise los objetos perdidos y encontrados en el patio! Todos los artículos que no hayan sido reclamados antes del 21 de diciembre serán donados en ese momento.

      Evento comunitario:Evento comunitario gratuito de Kwanzaa el 30 de diciembre a las 11:30 a. m. en 14 y Killingsworth. Veraquípara detalles.

      Los donantes eligen proyectos: los maestros de MLK tienen muchos proyectos excelentes en DonorsChoose en este momento; considere donar y compartir proyectos en las redes sociales para una mayor exposición.


      Hoy teníamos alrededor de un tercio de nuestros estudiantes fuera de la escuela. Gracias a las familias que llamaron para informar sobre las ausencias (503-916-6456) y continúan informando ausencias para que podamos hacer planes para el resto de la semana. El viernes llevaremos a cabo una rotación de “festival de invierno” de un día de duración con asambleas, películas de invierno, barra de chocolate caliente, palomitas de maíz, rotaciones de ciencias, artes y manualidades y rotaciones de gimnasio. ¡Estoy deseando que llegue la diversión al final de esta semana!

      Cuídense, todos

    December 1, 2023


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    In some ways, so much has changed and in other ways, it’s like we never left. Kids and teachers are finding their groove again and overall, everyone seems so happy to be back at school! Yeah! On behalf of all of the staff, we want to thank the PTA, parents and community members for showering us with treats this week. It was the perfect way to come back to school. Here is an updated winter calendar for the school. Hard copies will be in red folders on Wednesday.

    Report cards: will be sent home in red folders on Wednesday, along with an updated winter calendar from the school. The district will be using a new report card form starting this year. You can learn more about it here, and if you have any questions about the report card once you get it, please check in with your child's teacher. There will not be individualized comments on the report cards this quarter. Teachers will be meeting with families shortly during evening conferences. 

    Conferences: dates and times will be January 11, 12, 17, 18 from 4pm-7pm. Spanish interpreters have been scheduled for January 11th and 17th. Ms. Emma, Ms. Beck and Mrs. G our arts teachers will be holding their conference hours on January 12 and 18. MIP families: your students will need to sign up for 2 conferences (one with the Mandarin side teacher, and one with the English side teacher). Teachers will be signing families up via email or in person. 

    SPIRIT WEEK - planning ahead. Thank you to the 5th grade teachers and student leaders for selecting our Spirit week themes! Flyers will go home in Wednesday folders and student leaders will make announcements on upcoming days as reminders. 


    December 18

    Comfy Monday:

    Pajama Day


    December 19

    Old Timer Tuesday:
    Senior Citizen Day


    December 20

    Wear it Wednesday:

    Hats, Scarves, Jerseys Day


    December 21

    Dreamers Thursday:
    School Colors Day (Wear red and black)


    December 22

    Funny Friday:
    Ugly Sweater & Mismatch Day


    Last week of school in December: If you haven’t already, please fill out this survey indicating student attendance for the week. 

    The Scholastic Book Fair is back in the library week of January 9th 2024! When you purchase books from the Scholastic Book Fair the library gets a percentage of the sales!  You can visit our Bookfair Website to place online orders or add money to your student's Ewallet.  

    The book fair hours will be: 

    • Tuesday 8:00-11:00

    • Wednesday 8:00-8:30

    • Thursday and Friday 8:00-11:00 and 3:00-6:45

    Take care everyone,

    Teresa Seidel


    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/2024:

    • 12/7: Princess Club Coronation, cafeteria  

    • 12/11: Jin Ren zoom virtual meeting link Meeting ID: 860 0543 7738, Passcode: 102728

    • 12/14, 5:39-7pm: Multicultural Potluck and Family Night - all are invited!

    • 12/18-12/22 (NEW): School in session

    • 12/23-1/1: Winter Break, no school

    • 1/2: Return to school after winter break

    • 1/8, 6:30pm: Annual Jin Ren meeting in the library

    • 1/9, 8am-4pm: Scholastic Book Fair in the Library

    • 1/15: MLK Jr Day Holiday, no school 

    • 1/26 (NEW): regular school day 

    • 2/1: First day of Black History Month

    • 2/1, 5:30pm: Black Family Night

    • 2/10: Lunar New Year 


    September 29, 2023


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,

    Last week we had our back to school night and what a great turnout there was! Huge thank you to the PTA, Jin Ren, and parent volunteers who both provided refreshments and pizza for the kids and who catered dinner for our teachers who all stayed late that evening. If you were unable to make it, your teacher will be reaching out to you to sign up for fall parent/teacher conferences. Teachers have shared their Back To School Night presentations on our school website at: https://www.pps.net/domain/6929

    Social Worker Vacancy: Dr MLK Jr Elementary School in Portland Oregon is looking for a part or full time social worker.   The vacancy is posted here; search for position # 26908  , K-5 Social Worker. 

    Site Council: Are you interested in joining the Dr MLK Jr site council? This group will serve as a principal advisory board, help to write our school improvement plan, and give feedback and input on our community engagement events. Please fill this form out to share your interest. I will reach out later in October to form this important team. 

    Mid-Autumn Festival: Yesterday and today, I had the opportunity to visit many classrooms to do mooncake tastings in honor of Mid-Autumn Festival. Sharing mooncakes is a way for students to experience a piece of Chinese culture. It’s also a way for those sharing mooncakes to express love and well wishes. Big thank you to Jin Ren for purchasing mooncakes for our entire school to try!

    Events next week: 

    • We have a big week ahead of us. On Wednesday, October 4, we have THREE events! It is National Walk and Roll to School Day. Walk, skip, run, bounce, or roll to school and your student will get some swag from Mr. Monty that day. It’s also our largest PTA fundraiser with Move Toward the Dream. Wear comfortable clothes that your student can MOVE in! Finally, our partners at Shoes That Fit will be fitting all students with brand new athletic shoes! 

    • Right to Read Documentary: Please join us for the Right to Read documentary on Thursday, October 5th in the cafeteria. Doors open at 5:30 and the film will begin at 6pm. This film shares the story of an activist, a teacher, and two American families who fight to provide our youngest generation with the most foundational indicator of life-long success: the ability to read. Panel discussion will follow. Snacks, drinks, and free childcare included.

    Toolbox tool of the month: The Toolbox Tool for the month of October is the Quiet/Safe Place Tool.  Quietness gives one strength.  When we have a "place" of solace, safety, and quiet, then creativity, imagination, and self-expression emerge naturally.  One way we feel safe is when we have a physical quiet, safe place. The Quiet/Safe Place Tool is a way of remembering our quiet stillness.

    Family Engagement technology classes: We are looking to expand our community engagement by offering relevant and helpful family engagement activities. We realize how important the parent and school staff relationship is in regard to the success of the students and families we serve. In an effort to learn more about your biggest concerns, attitudes toward technology, and media use at home, we are asking you to please complete this survey. We will use the results to determine our timeline on a Parent Presentation Series we would like to offer.  Please complete our survey here, answers will be confidential! Thank you in advance for your time.

    SMART Reader volunteers: We’re looking for Volunteer Readers for the SMART Reading program at King Elementary. SMART provides personalized reading sessions and books to keep to help foster a love of reading! This is a great volunteer opportunity with a commitment of one hour per week and prior training. For more information, visit https://smartreading.org/volunteer.




    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/2024:

    • 10/4: Move Toward The Dream & Shoes that FIT 

    • 10/4 Walk and Bike to school day

    • 10/5, 5:30-7:30: Right to Read Movie Viewing presented by IALF

    • 10/9: First day of SUN students grades 1-3

    • 10/9: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

    • 10/9, 6:30 pm: Jin Ren Meeting, library

    • 10/12: 5:30pm, Black Family Night

    • 10/13: No school, statewide inservice

    • 10/16: SUN program begins  for ALL grades

    • 10/20, 3pm: PTA Community Gathering 

    • 10/20, No PreK, PreK educator inservice


    PTA & Jin Ren news:

    Move Towards the Dream 

    This coming Wednesday 10/4 is Move Towards the Dream. This year kids will get to dance and do obstacle course rounds as well as running.  

    Gather your pledges of support now! (They will be accepted up until 10/11). 

    We are also looking for volunteers to help out for a shift or two between 8:50 and 11:30am on the day of the event! You can sign up http://tinyurl.com/MTTD2023


    Save the Date for Upcoming Restaurant Night fundraisers:

    10/10: Sparky's Pizza

    10/18: Por que no

    11/13: Steeplejack Brewing


    Volunteering at the School

    From chaperoning field trips to helping in the cafeteria to decorating for special events there are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the school year.

    To find out about opportunities you can email volunteer@mlkjrpta.org, or visit www.mlkjrpta.org/get-involved/volunteer. For any in-school volunteering around kids you will first need to go through Portland Public Schools' Volunteer Application process, which can be found at https://www.pps.net/volunteer.


    Jin Ren Meeting: Jin Ren is a parent-led organization fostering equity-based Mandarin education. We support the families at Dr MLK Jr, Harriet Tubman, and Jefferson High. We would like to invite all kindergarten or new families to our meeting Monday, October 9th! It will be in-person at Dr MLK Jr Elementary in the library from 6:30 to 7:30pm. If you'd like to learn about the history of how Mandarin education came to North Portland, or resources for new students of Chinese, or perhaps ways you can help, please join us! We will have a Spanish translator available. There will be light refreshments provided.”


    District news:

    Elementary and Middle School SHC Newsletter Article: 

    As your students return to school, please remind them that nearby Jefferson High School has a Student Health Center that is available to all K-12 PPS students. Student Health Centers are like having a doctor’s office at school. Students can get regular or sports physicals, school immunizations, mental health services, COVID-19 vaccinations and testing, prescription medication refills, and lots of other health services. There are no out-of-pocket costs. The following links describe how students can access their closest MCHD Student Health Center and the Benson Wellness Center at Marshall.

    PPS will continue to offer free COVID-19 testing options to students in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 Testing in Oregon’s K-12 Schools Program:

    • Onsite Diagnostic (symptom-based) Testing for staff and students who develop symptoms onsite. Please complete and return a signed 2023-24 Parent/Guardian consent form to the school if you want your student to receive onsite testing if indicated. 

    • iHealth/ BinaxNOW (at-home) Tests: Students may receive a rapid COVID-19 test for at home use if they develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or if they have been exposed to COVID-19 outbreak at school and families request one. OHA has made a limited number of tests available to our school. Test users can check the lot expiration date using the iHealth COVID-19 Test Shelf Life Extension Sheet or look up the new expiration date for iHealth tests here

    • School-Community COVID-19 Testing Resources: The MCHD Student Health Centers and the OHSU Benson Wellness Center are also great resources for students to access primary and mental health care as well as COVID-19 testing, vaccines and boosters. 

    The OHSU Weekly Screening Program that collected student saliva samples to be tested ended as of July 31, 2023.

    29 de septiembre, 2023


    Hola, familias del Dr. MLK Jr.:

    La semana pasada tuvimos nuestra noche de regreso a clases y ¡qué gran participación hubo! Muchas gracias a la PTA, Jin Ren y a los padres voluntarios que proporcionaron refrigerios y pizza para los niños y que sirvieron la cena para nuestros maestros que se quedaron hasta tarde esa noche. Si no pudo asistir, su maestro se comunicará con usted para inscribirse en las conferencias de padres y maestros de otoño. Los profesores han compartido sus presentaciones de la Noche de Regreso a Clasesen el sitio web de nuestra escuela en:https://www.pps.net/dominio/6929

    Vacante de trabajador social: La escuela primaria Dr. MLK Jr en Portland, Oregón, está buscando un trabajador social a tiempo parcial o completo. La vacante esta publicada aquí; buscar puesto # 26908  , Trabajador social K-5.

    Consejo de sitio:¿Está interesado en unirse al consejo local del Dr. MLK Jr? Este grupo servirá como junta asesora principal, ayudará a redactar nuestro plan de mejora escolar y brindará comentarios y aportaciones sobre nuestros eventos de participación comunitaria. Por favor llena estoforma para compartir su interés. Me comunicaré más adelante en octubre para formar este importante equipo.

    Festival de mediados de otoño: Ayer y hoy tuve la oportunidad de visitar muchas aulas para hacer degustaciones de pasteles de luna en honor al Festival del Medio Otoño. Compartir pasteles de luna es una forma para que los estudiantes experimenten una parte de la cultura china. También es una forma para que quienes comparten pasteles de luna expresen amor y buenos deseos. ¡Muchas gracias a Jin Ren por comprar pasteles de luna para que los pruebe toda nuestra escuela!

    Eventos la próxima semana:

    • Tenemos una gran semana por delante. Enmiércoles 4 de octubre¡Tenemos TRES eventos!Es el Día Nacional de Caminar y Rodar a la Escuela. Camine, salte, corra, salte o ruede a la escuela y su estudiante recibirá algo de botín del Sr. Monty ese día. También es nuestra recaudación de fondos más grande de la PTA conAvanzar hacia el sueño. ¡Use ropa cómoda con la que su estudiante pueda MUDARSE! Finalmente, nuestros socios deZapatos que encajan¡Proporcionaremos a todos los estudiantes zapatos deportivos nuevos!

    • Derecho a leer documental: Únase a nosotros para ver el documental sobre el derecho a leer sobreJueves, 5 de octubre en la cafeteria. Las puertas se abren a las 5:30 y la película comenzará a las 6:00 p.m. Esta película comparte la historia de un activista, un maestro y dos familias estadounidenses que luchan para brindarle a nuestra generación más joven el indicador más fundamental del éxito de toda la vida: la capacidad de leer. Seguirá una mesa redonda. Aperitivos, bebidas y Cuidado de niños gratuito incluido.

    Herramienta de caja de herramientas del mes: La herramienta Caja de herramientas para el mes de octubre es la herramienta Lugar tranquilo/seguro. La tranquilidad da fuerza. Cuando tenemos un "lugar" de consuelo, seguridad y tranquilidad, entonces la creatividad, la imaginación y la autoexpresión emergen de forma natural. Una forma en que nos sentimos seguros es cuando tenemos unafísicolugar tranquilo y seguro. La herramienta Lugar tranquilo/seguro es una forma de recordar nuestra quietud silenciosa.

    Clases de tecnología de participación familiar: Buscamos ampliar nuestra participación comunitaria ofreciendo actividades relevantes y útiles de participación familiar. Nos damos cuenta de lo importante que es la relación entre los padres y el personal de la escuela con respecto al éxito de los estudiantes y las familias a las que servimos. En un esfuerzo por aprender más sobre sus mayores preocupaciones, actitudes hacia la tecnología y el uso de los medios en el hogar, le pedimos que complete esta encuesta. Usaremos los resultados para determinar nuestro cronograma sobre una serie de presentaciones para padres que nos gustaría ofrecer. Por favor complete nuestroencuesta aquí¡Las respuestas serán confidenciales! Gracias de antemano por su tiempo.

    Voluntarios del lector SMART:Estamos buscando lectores voluntarios para el programa SMART Reading enPrimaria Rey. ¡SMART ofrece sesiones de lectura personalizadas y libros para conservar para ayudar a fomentar el amor por la lectura! Esta es una gran oportunidad de voluntariado con un compromiso de una hora semanal y formación previa. Para más información visitehttps://smartreading.org/volunteer.




    Fechas Importantes y Recordatorios 2023/2024:

    • 4/10: Avanzar hacia el sueño y los zapatos que se ajustan

    • 10/4 Día de caminar y ir en bicicleta a la escuela

    • 5/10, 5:30-7:30: Derecho a leer visualización de películas presentado por IALF

    • 9/10: primer día deSOLestudiantesgrados 1-3

    • 9/10:Día de los Pueblos Indígenas

    • 9/10, 6:30 pm: Reunión de Jin Ren, biblioteca

    • 12/10: 5:30 p. m., Noche familiar negra

    • 13/10:No hay clases, servicio en todo el estado

    • 16/10:SOLel programa comienza paraTODOS los grados

    • 20/10, 3pm: Reunión comunitaria de la PTA

    • 10/20,Bien PreK, formación en servicio de educadores de preescolar


    Noticias de la PTA y Jin Ren:

    Avanzar hacia el sueño 

    Este próximo miércoles 4/10 es Avance Hacia el Sueño. Este año los niños podrán bailar y hacer carreras de obstáculos, además de correr.

    ¡Reúna sus promesas de apoyo ahora! (Se aceptarán hasta el 11/10).

    ¡También estamos buscando voluntarios para ayudar durante uno o dos turnos entre las 8:50 y las 11:30 a. m. el día del evento! Puedes registrartehttp://tinyurl.com/MTTD2023


    Reserve la fecha para las próximas recaudaciones de fondos de la Noche de Restaurante:

    10/10: Pizza de Sparky

    10/18: Por que no

    13/11: Elaboración de cerveza Steeplejack

    Voluntariado en la escuela

    Desde acompañar excursiones hasta ayudar en la cafetería y decorar para eventos especiales, hay muchas oportunidades para ser voluntario durante el año escolar.

    Para conocer oportunidades puede enviar un correo electrónicovoluntario@mlkjrpta.org, o visitarwww.mlkjrpta.org/get-involved/volunteer. Para cualquier voluntariado en la escuela con niños, primero deberá pasar por el proceso de solicitud de voluntariado de las Escuelas Públicas de Portland, que se puede encontrar enhttps://www.pps.net/voluntario.


    Reunión de Jin Ren:Jin Ren es una organización dirigida por padres que fomenta la educación del mandarín basada en la equidad. Apoyamos a las familias de Dr MLK Jr, Harriet Tubman y Jefferson High. ¡Nos gustaría invitar a todas las familias nuevas o de kindergarten a nuestra reunión el lunes 9 de octubre! Será en persona en la biblioteca de la escuela primaria Dr. MLK Jr. de 6:30 a 7:30 p.m. Si desea conocer la historia de cómo llegó la educación mandarín al norte de Portland, recursos para nuevos estudiantes de chino o quizás formas en las que puede ayudar, ¡únase a nosotros! Tendremos un traductor de español disponible. Se proporcionarán refrigerios ligeros”.


    Noticias del distrito:

    Artículo del boletín informativo de SHC para escuelas primarias y secundarias:

    Cuando sus estudiantes regresen a la escuela, recuérdeles que cercajeffersonLa escuela secundaria tiene un centro de salud para estudiantes que está disponible para todos los estudiantes de K-12 PPS.Los Centros de Salud para Estudiantes son como tener un consultorio médico en la escuela. Los estudiantes pueden recibir exámenes físicos regulares o deportivos, vacunas escolares, servicios de salud mental, vacunas y pruebas de COVID-19, reabastecimiento de medicamentos recetados y muchos otros servicios de salud. No hay costos de bolsillo. Los siguientes enlaces describen cómo los estudiantes pueden acceder a sus centros más cercanos.Centro de salud estudiantil MCHD y elCentro de bienestar Benson en Marshall.

    PPS continuará ofreciendo opciones gratuitas de pruebas de COVID-19 a los estudiantes en asociación con la Autoridad de Salud de OregonPrograma de pruebas de COVID-19 en las escuelas K-12 de Oregón:


    • Pruebas de diagnóstico in situ (basadas en síntomas) para el personal y los estudiantes que desarrollen síntomas en el sitio. Complete y devuelva un formulario de padre/tutor firmado para 2023-24.formulario de consentimiento a la escuela si desea que su estudiante reciba pruebas en el lugar, si así se indica.

    • Pruebas iHealth/ BinaxNOW (en casa): SLos estudiantes podrán recibir una prueba rápida de COVID-19 paraen casa Úselo si desarrollan síntomas consistentes con COVID-19 o si han estado expuestos a un brote de COVID-19 en la escuela y las familias solicitan uno. La OHA ha puesto a disposición de nuestra escuela una cantidad limitada de pruebas. Los usuarios de prueba pueden verificar la fecha de vencimiento del lote usando elHoja de extensión de la vida útil de la prueba iHealth COVID-19o consulta la nueva fecha de caducidad de las pruebas iHealthaquí.

    • Recursos para las pruebas de COVID-19 entre la escuela y la comunidad:El Centros de salud para estudiantes de MCHD y elCentro de bienestar OHSU Benson También son excelentes recursos para que los estudiantes accedan a atención primaria y de salud mental, así como a pruebas, vacunas y refuerzos de COVID-19.

    El Programa de detección semanal de OHSUque recolectó muestras de saliva de estudiantes para ser analizadas finalizó el 31 de julio de 2023.

    September 15, 2023

    Our school went into a lockdown today due to a technical error and the lockdown drill being activated. This was an accidental drill and there is no danger to the school. All of the staff and students responded so well - I am so proud of how everyone responded and wrapped around one another in this surprising event. It was upsetting to several students and staff members as typically, I give advance notice before activating this drill. Our drill that was previously planned for September is no longer going to occur. You can see the message that goes out to families below. 

    Lockdown drill: A lockdown is activated when there is a threat inside the school building. We will practice this twice a year. Every PPS school is mandated to practice a number of drills, from fire drills, earthquake drills (ORS 336.071). Details on all of our emergency drills can be found at https://www.pps.net/Page/208. I know that emergency drills, and lockdown drills in particular, can be scary for children. Our teachers will prep the students before the drill and we will focus on safe behavior and adults we can go to if we need help. After the drill teachers and students will debrief and answer any questions or concerns that arise from students. We encourage families to do the same once students arrive home. Thank you for partnering with us to keep your kids safe.D MLK Jr Families, here is the rest of your school newsletter: 


    We made it through a full 5 day week of school, how great does that feel?! We also welcomed our youngest learners in PreK this year. It was charming to see all of the 3 & 4 year olds bravely walk into their school for the first time this school year. We are so proud of them! 


    This week marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. A huge shout out to our dance teacher, Gabriela Portuguez, who will be taking our 2nd-5th grade students to Teatro Milagro to watch a play that she directed all about Worry Dolls, a type of play that stems from a Guatemalan custom of putting small “Worry Dolls” under one’s pillow at night to hopefully carry away stress and fears of the day. These worry dolls may be manifested with masks, colorful costumes or puppets.  


    Back to school/Title I/ELD Family Night: Mark your calendars for Open House on Thursday, September 21 from 5:30-7pm. For some classrooms, this event may be geared towards adults however kids are always welcome. Here are the details:

    • 5:30-5:55 - Round 1 Pk-5 main classroom sessions

    • 6:00-6:25 - Round 2 Pk-5 main classroom sessions 

    • 6:30-7:00 - Principal message, Title I report, ESL and TAG presentations.

    • All Evening: Stop by the hallway outside of our library to sign our Graffiti wall and to leave a message to the students at our school

    • Refreshments: We will have cookies and juice in the cafeteria at 6:30. 

    • PTA: will be hosting a table in the cafeteria with pizza for the kids! 

    • There will be parent/teacher conference sign ups available at Back to School Night. If you are unable to make it to Back to School Night, your teacher will connect with you later to schedule a conference time. Conferences this year are  in person or virtual on November 20th and 21st.

    • This year we are trying something new.  In order to boost parent involvement and our kiddos self esteem for this first quarter, we would like to offer a "Graffiti Wall" Activity during Back to  School night.  Please write a short note, either to your kid or to the school as a whole, we want as many people as possible to share a note of encouragement.  Thank you for your support!


    The 2023-2024 PPS Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is now available online. 


    Have you registered for SUN fall term yet? If you are interested in joining us in SUN this term, please take a moment to fill out the SEI registration form and print and return the class selection form. Filling out the registration form is not a guarantee that you will get a spot as we have a very limited number of spots for SUN this year, if you are accepted you will receive a confirmation letter from SUN after registration has closed. The Last day to turn in your registration is Back to school night, September 28th. If you have any questions, please contact Marlo Williams Accius at marlowb@selfenhancement.org or at 347-886-7617.





    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/24:

    • 9/19, 6pm: PTA Meeting

    • 9/21, 5:30pm: Back to School, TAG, ESL, Title I Night

    • 9/22: Grades 2-5 Field Trip to Milagro Theater (Worry Dolls)

    • 9/26-27: Picture Day (Flyer). Grades Pk, 3-5 on Tuesday, Grades K-2 on Wednesday. 

    • 9/29: DREAM assemblies (gym) 

    • 10/4: Move Toward The Dream & Shoes that FIT 

    • 10/4 Walk and Bike to school day

    • 10/9: First day of SUN students grades 1-3

    • 10/12: 5:30pm, Black Family Night

    • 10/13: No school, statewide inservice

    • 10/16: SUN program begins  for ALL grades


    PTA & Jin Ren news:


    PTA First General Meeting, Tuesday, September 19th: Join us in the cafeteria or online at bit.ly/drmlkjr-pta-zoom. Food will be provided and there will be childcare for school-aged kids. Spanish-language translation available.


    Save the date for upcoming restaurant night fundraisers:

    10/10: Sparky's Pizza

    10/18: Por Que No

    11/13: Steeplejack Brewing


    Volunteering at the School

    From chaperoning field trips to helping in the cafeteria to decorating for special events there are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the school year.

    To find out about opportunities you can email volunteer@mlkjrpta.org, or visit www.mlkjrpta.org/get-involved/volunteer. For any in-school volunteering around kids you will first need to go through Portland Public Schools' Volunteer Application process, which can be found at https://www.pps.net/volunteer.


    Jin Ren: Jin Ren is a parent-led organization fostering equity-based Mandarin education. We support the families at Dr MLK Jr, Harriet Tubman, and Jefferson High. We would like to invite all kindergarten or new families to our meeting Monday, October 9th!

    It will be in-person at Dr MLK Jr Elementary from 6:30 to 7:30pm. If you'd like to learn about the history of how Mandarin education came to North Portland, or resources for new students of Chinese, or perhaps ways you can help, please join us! We will have a Spanish translator available. There will be light refreshments provided.


    District news:

    Elementary and Middle School SHC Newsletter Article: 

    As your students return to school, please remind them that nearby Jefferson High School has a Student Health Center that is available to all K-12 PPS students. Student Health Centers are like having a doctor’s office at school. Students can get regular or sports physicals, school immunizations, mental health services, COVID-19 vaccinations and testing, prescription medication refills, and lots of other health services. There are no out-of-pocket costs. The following links describe how students can access their closest MCHD Student Health Center and the Benson Wellness Center at Marshall.


    PPS will continue to offer free COVID-19 testing options to students in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 Testing in Oregon’s K-12 Schools Program:


    • Onsite Diagnostic (symptom-based) Testing for staff and students who develop symptoms onsite. Please complete and return a signed 2023-24 Parent/Guardian consent form to the school if you want your student to receive onsite testing if indicated. 

    • iHealth/ BinaxNOW (at-home) Tests: Students may receive a rapid COVID-19 test for at home use if they develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or if they have been exposed to COVID-19 outbreak at school and families request one. OHA has made a limited number of tests available to our school. Test users can check the lot expiration date using the iHealth COVID-19 Test Shelf Life Extension Sheet or look up the new expiration date for iHealth tests here

    • School-Community COVID-19 Testing Resources: The MCHD Student Health Centers and the OHSU Benson Wellness Center are also great resources for students to access primary and mental health care as well as COVID-19 testing, vaccines and boosters. 

    • The OHSU Weekly Screening Program that collected student saliva samples to be tested ended as of July 31, 2023. 



    School-Level Communicable Disease Management Plan

    Template For School Year 2023-2024



    District Information

    District ID:

    Portland Public Schools 1J

    School Name: 

    dr mlk jr

    Building Administrator Name:

    Teresa Seidel





    Table 1. 


    Policies, protocols, procedures and plans already in place

    Provide hyperlinks to any documents or other resources currently utilized in your school/district. Consider adding a brief description about how each is used within your school.

    School District Communicable Disease Management Plan

    OAR 581-022-2220

    The PPS 2023-24 Communicable Disease Management Plan (CDMP) provides a broad response to communicable disease in school, inclusive of but not limited to COVID-19. Previous COVID-19 SOPs have been archived. Administrators will use the 2023-24 CDMP to prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from communicable disease.

    The District will:

    1. Incorporate by reference the MESD Comprehensive Communicable Disease Management Plan (forthcoming by 8/25/2023) into its District-Level Communicable Disease Management Plan. 

    2. Implement all measures in the District-Level Communicable Disease Management Plan that begin with “The District will:”

    3. Ensure each School-level Communicable Disease Plan is posted and made available to the public

    4. Contract with MESD to provide Communicable Disease support including: 

      1. Assuring that each School Nurse will submit a Staff/Student Communicable Disease Information Form (SCIF) on behalf of a student who has a reportable communicable disease, e.g. Varicella (chicken pox), Pertussis (whooping cough), Measles, hMPXV (mpox), and Meningitis; or if an absenteeism threshold had been reached. Please note: COVID-19 is no longer considered a reportable communicable disease and schools do not need to complete a SCIF except for staff who work in a residential facility; residential program staff who test positive for COVID-19 should notify their Senior Director.

      2. Review the SCIFs in order to determine whether there are unusual levels of absenteeism and to report a potential outbreak to MCHD. 

      3. Coordinate with MCHD to investigate potential outbreaks. 

      4. Provide guidance to building administrators about actions to take in the event of a communicable disease exposure, including notification to an affected cohort or the school community. 

    Building Administrators will:

    1. Review and adapt for their individual schools the District-Level Communicable Disease Management Plan; and attest to the District that they will follow the protocols therein and especially that begin with “Schools will” or “Building Administrators will.”

    2. Educate staff to submit a Staff/Student Communicable Disease Information Form (SCIF) as soon as they are aware that they have a reportable communicable disease. 

    3. Ensure teachers provide education learning supports for students who must isolate due to a communicable disease for longer periods.

    4. Follow standard attendance coding practices to identify illness related to absence and alert MESD of unusual levels of absenteeism related to illness, e.g. 20% with at least 3 students or staff in a classroom; or 30% with at least 10 students or staff in a school are absent due to illness. 

    5. Submit a SCIF to report unusual levels of absenteeism in a classroom or program related to illness. 

    6. Per guidance from the MESD CD team, MCHD and/or OHA, notify the school community about mitigation measures to practice, as needed, when MESD/MCHD has determined an Outbreak has occurred.


    Exclusion Measures

    Exclusion of students and staff who are diagnosed with certain communicable diseases. 

    OAR 333-019-0010

    In order to ensure that all schools follow appropriate Exclusion Measures and that students may return to class as soon as it is possible: 

    The District will: 

    1. Follow the OHA/ ODE Communicable Disease Guidance for Schools and work with the  Multnomah Educational Service District (MESD) and Multnomah County Public Health as needed to ensure proper exclusion measures and a safe return for individuals. 

    2. Post on the School Health Services webpage the OHA Symptom-Based Exclusion Chart for staff, family and student reference. 

    3. Contract with MESD to to provide School Nurse support including: 

      1. Assisting building administrators to identify students or staff who should be excluded due to communicable disease as indicated by the MESD CD team, MCHD, and/or OHA/ODE Communicable Disease Guidance for Schools.

    Schools will: 

    • Share with staff and students the OHA Symptom-Based Exclusion Chart (see also these versions which include translations and examples of when individuals should not be in school) on either/both the SHS webpage or their own school website. 

    • Remind ill students and staff to stay home and to notify the school office. 

    • Enforce exclusion of staff and students who report excludable symptoms or communicable disease as indicated by the MESD CD team, MCHD and/or OHA/ODE Communicable Disease Guidance for Schools. 


    Isolation Space

    Requires a prevention-oriented health services program including a dedicated space to isolate sick students and to provide services for students with special health care needs.

    OAR 581-022-2220

    Every PPS school building, as required by state rules, has a dedicated Health Room to provide first aid and address minor illnesses and injuries, and a distinct Symptom/Isolation Space or plan to separate individuals who present with communicable diseases and/or excludable symptoms from the healthy school population. 

    Schools will follow the steps for Building Administrators/Supervisors or their designees to determine to which location to send ill individuals include:

    1. Individuals who are onsite and exhibit: 

    • Excludable symptoms should be separated and put into a designated Symptom/Isolation Space to be fully screened.

      • MESD SHA/ Nurse will log all interactions with students within their electronic health record. 

    • Non-excludable symptoms (headache, sore throat, fatigue, muscle pain, congestion, runny nose) should be sent immediately to the designated Health Room to be fully screened.

    1. MESD or designated school staff may offer diagnostic testing in the Isolation Space to Staff or Students (latter must have consent on file) who develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at school.

    2. Student remains in isolation space until they are released to go home.

    3. The School Nurse, School Health Assistant, or designated office staff will call the student’s home to provide exclusion guidelines.

     If a school is not able to provide a designated symptom space, an office or other multi-purpose space may be designated as the symptom space with the following precautions:

    • Ensure Symptom Space has a door.

    • Limit access to the space to supervising staff and the symptomatic student(s) who are waiting to be picked up. 

    • Advise against utilizing a hallway as a place where symptomatic students wait to be picked up. 

    • Ensure appropriate cleaning and disinfection is done according to OSHA & CDC guidance prior to allowing healthy individuals into the space. 

    • Increase ventilation by opening windows & placing a portable HEPA filter in the room when it is occupied by symptomatic individuals.

    • Have a spill kit readily available to immediately clean up bodily fluids, including vomit. 


    • MESD Communicable Disease Management Plan

    Emergency Plan or Emergency Operations Plan

    OAR 581-022-2225

    The Portland Public Schools Emergency Operations Plan (PPS EOP) provides a comprehensive framework for District-wide emergency management. In addition, each school site maintains a School Emergency Response Plan. 

    The School Emergency Plan establishes the School Emergency Team and is based on six emergency actions: 

    1. Secure The Perimeter

    2. Lockdown

    3. Team Response

    4. Evacuate

    5. Duck-Cover-Hold On

    6. Shelter-in-Place

    Schools will:

    • Maintain a School Emergency Team with pre identified roles and responsibilities to assist in the school and district response to emergency situations. 

    • Hold and practice emergency drills as required by State Law.

    • Identify local, state, federal, and private organizations and resources to activate and assist in response to disasters and emergencies on/or in the vicinity of District-owned and operated facilities.


    Mental Health and Wellbeing Plans such as those prepared for Student Investment Account (optional) 

    Identify existing district or school plans and tools that can be utilized in supporting student and staff wellbeing and mental health during prevention, response, and recovery from incidents of a communicable disease outbreak. 

    The PPS Student Success & Health Department works collaboratively with schools, families, students and community partners to support academic success and social emotional well-being for every child by providing support and consultation regarding student interventions and supports, staff development, resources and technical assistance. The Department team specifically supports this work in the following ways including professional development opportunities for school social workers, school counselors, & school psychologists; as well as through  student health services, 504 Plans, behavioral safety assessments, crisis recovery supports, substance use services, suicide prevention and intervention, supporting students of color, LGBTQ2SIA+ supports, the Student Success Center;  and external/community based/culturally-specific mental health and wellness resources

    Each PPS school also has at least one school counselor and access to a school psychologist. Some schools also have a school social worker and/or a QMHP. These school-based mental health professionals support the mental, emotional and social health and well-being of students, families, staff and administrators.


    Additional documents reference here:

    The following administrative directives provide roles and responsibilities of the Health Services provided at PPS schools: 


    SECTION 1. Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities


    Identifying roles central to communicable disease management. Clarifying responsibilities related to communicable disease response is a first step in keeping communities healthy and safe. In general, decisions of school health and safety reside with school and district officials. Together with local public health officials, school/district administrators should consult a variety of individuals when making decisions about health and safety in school. 

    Table 2. Roles and Responsibilities

    School planning team members


    Primary Contact (Name/Title):

    Alternative Contact:

    Building Lead / Administrator

    • Educates staff, families, and students on policies regarding visitors and volunteers, ensuring health and safety are being maintained. 

    • In consultation with district leadership and LPHA staff, determines the level and type of response that is required/necessary. 

    • Acts as key spokesperson to communicate health-related matters within school community members, health partners, and other local partners.

    • Oversees all aspects of health and safety in their building. In the event of a communicable disease outbreak or emergency, the building administrator will consult with the MESD Communicable Disease Team and School Nurse to determine appropriate response and notification of the school community. It is important to note that, in such events, the MESD CD Team is in regular communication with the Multnomah County Health Department.

    teresa seidel/principal

    alex montfort/school climate specialist

    School Safety Team Representative (or staff member knowledgeable about risks within a school, emergency response, or operations planning)

    • Trains staff at the start of the academic year and at periodic intervals on communicable disease management procedures.

    • Leads debrief of communicable disease events, informing continuous improvement of the planning, prevention, response, and recovery system.

    teresa seidel/principal

    alex montfort/scs

    Health Representative (health aid, administrator, school/district nurse, ESD support)

    • Supports Building lead/administrator in determining the level and type of response that is necessary.

    • Reports to the LPHA any cluster of illness among staff or students.

    • Provides requested logs and information to the LPHA in a timely manner.

    rob nicholson/school nurse

    aylan yah/school health assistant

    School Support Staff as needed                          (transportation, food service, maintenance/custodial)

    • Advises on prevention/response procedures that are required to maintain student services.

    teresa seidel/principal

    rob nicholson/school nurse

    michelle peake/counselor

    Communications Lead  (staff member responsible for ensuring internal/external messaging is completed)

    • Ensures accurate, clear, and timely information is communicated regarding communicable disease outbreaks, a description of how the District and/or school is responding, and action community members can take to protect their health.

    • Shares communications in all languages relevant to school community.

    teresa seidel/principal

    nancy rios/school secretary 

    megan kohl, principals’ secretary 

    District Level Leadership Support                            (staff member with whom to consult surrounding a communicable disease event)

    • Has responsibility over communicable disease response during periods of high transmission in community at large. May act as school level support to Building lead/Administrator activating a scaled response. 

    • Responds to media inquiries during the communicable disease event and ensures that those responsible for communication are designated speakers. 

    Leti Ayala, Health Services Coordinator, layalaguillen@pps.net

    Betse Thielman, Health Services Program Manager, ethielman@pps.net 


    Main Contact within Local Public Health Authority (LPHA)

    • Upon notification from MCHD about an outbreak, the MESD nurse consultant will communicate with the School nurse and Building Lead/Administrator and offer recommendations for appropriate response. 

    • Key spokesperson to communicate on health-related matters with community members, health facility staff, and other local community partners.

    Lorraine Parga, BSN, RN

    Nurse Supervisor, School Health Services,Multnomah Education Service District (MESD)

    Sara McCall, Nursing Supervisor, Communicable Disease Services

    Multnomah County Communicable Disease Department

    Jamie Smith, BSN, RN, School Health Services Supervisor

    Multnomah Education Service District (MESD)

    Others as identified by School Health team




    Section 2. Equity and Continuity of Education

    Preparing a plan that centers equity and supports mental health



    Preparing a school to manage a communicable disease case or event requires an inclusive and holistic approach to protect access to in-person learning for all students. In this section suggested resources are offered to help prepare for communicable disease management while centering an equitable and caring response. 

    Identify existing district or school plans and tools that can be utilized when centering equity in prevention, response, and recovery from incidents of outbreaks  (e.g., district or school equity plans/stances/lenses/decision tools, Equity Committee or Team protocols, district or school systems for including student voice, existing agreements or community engagement or consultation models, Tribal Consultation, etc.)



    Table 3. Centering Educational Equity

    OHA/ODE Recommendation(s)


    Describe how you will ensure continuity of instruction for students who may miss school due to illness. 

    For students who must miss school due to illness, teachers provide content via various Distance Learning platforms and tools tailored to different grade levels. 


    Describe how you identify those in your school setting that are disproportionately impacted by communicable disease and which students and families may need differentiated or additional support.

    We know that communities of color--in the US and globally--have been disproportionately impacted by the

    health threat and subsequent consequences of the global pandemic. In fact, COVID-19 and the public

    responses have shone a light on what we have known: our systems are inequitable.

    Portland Public Schools is committed to academic excellence and personal success for all students, central to this commitment is the support of racial equity and social justice. PPS teams are encouraged to ask themselves questions outlined in our PPS RESJ Lens, a critical thinking tool which is applied to the internal systems, processes, resources and programs of PPS to create increased opportunities for all students by evaluating burdens, benefits and outcomes to underserved communities. Through consistent utilization of the RESJ Lens, PPS works to strengthen our strategies and approaches toward more equitable outcomes for every student, especially in our individual school community responses to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. 

    We will continue to work with and be informed by our partnerships with culturally specific organizations, who we know are uniquely positioned to partner with PPS to support our racial equity and social justice goals.

    Describe the process by which the school will implement a differentiated plan for those that are disproportionately impacted, historically underserved or at higher risk of negative impacts or complications related to communicable disease.

    Schools utilize Attendance Support and Engagement Response Team (ASERT), Student Intervention Team (SIT) and Partners Meetings to identify students and families disproportionately impacted by communicable disease. These meetings will be used to plan, identify a point person, and connect to the right organizations based on the families needs. 

    For students with IEP and 504 plans, school teams consider accommodations and/or modification of requirements based on an individual’s unique needs and circumstances through existing district processes for team meetings. The teams will make reasonable accommodations and modifications to health and safety protocol requirements for students experiencing disabilities which cannot be mitigated by other means and that are related to their disability or medical condition.

    Describe what support, training or logistics need to be in place to ensure that the named strategies are understood, implemented, and monitored successfully.

    PPS continues to ensure that all schools are running regular Attendance Support and Engagement Response Team (ASERT), Student Intervention Team (SIT) and Partners Meeting (where applicable) with fidelity and the correct individuals and decision-makers at the meeting. 



    Section 3. Communicable Disease Outbreak Prevention and Response: 

    Implementing mitigation activities, responding to periods of increased transmission, resuming baseline level mitigation, and debriefing actions to improve the process



    Planning for and implementing proactive health and safety mitigation measures assists schools in reducing communicable disease transmission within the school environment for students, staff, and community members. Communicable disease, including norovirus, flu, RSV and COVID-19, will continue to circulate in our communities and our schools. Schools will utilize different mitigation measures based on local data and observation of what is happening on their campuses (e.g., transmission within their facilities and communities.) In the following section, teams will document their school’s approach to the CDC, OHA and ODE advised health and safety measures at baseline, during increased transmission.


    Suggested Resources:

    1. Communicable Disease Guidance for Schools which includes information regarding:

      1. Symptom-Based Exclusion Guidelines (pages 8-12) 

      2. Transmission Routes (pages 29-32)

      3. Prevention or Mitigation Measures (pages 5-6)

      4. School Attendance Restrictions and Reporting (page 33) 

    2. Supports for Continuity of Services 

    Table 4. Communicable Disease Mitigation Measures

    OHA/ODE Recommendation(s)

    Layered Health and Safety Measures

    Describe what mitigating measures the school will  implement  to reduce and respond to the spread of communicable disease and protect in-person instruction?


    CDC, OHA, and ODE recommend COVID-19 vaccination for all eligible individuals. Please include whether your school will offer COVID-19 vaccine clinics or notices about where to access vaccines in your community. Shots are required by law for children in attendance at public and private schools, preschools, child care facilities, and Head Start programs in Oregon. Nearly every place that provides care for a child outside the home requires shots or a medical or nonmedical exemption to stay enrolled.


    In order to meet ODE immunization requirements:

    Schools will: 

    1. Include information about required immunizations for students in their back to school packets, and where students and families can obtain them (August 2023):

    2. Collect student immunization status information, including medical and nonmedical exemption documentation, during enrollment (August 2023). 

    3. Review the list of students whose immunization status is incomplete, as provided by MESD (October 2023 and again in January 2024). The District also will send personalized letters to families of those students requesting updated records. 

    4. Post in school newsletters information about community-based vaccine clinics.

      1. MCHD Student Health Centers and the OHSU Benson Wellness Center offer immunizations to Multnomah County youth ages 5-21 years old. Youth do not need to attend the school where the center is located. There are no out-of-pocket costs. 

      2. Multnomah County Health Department Free Community Vaccination Clinics and Primary Care Clinics offer multiple types of immunizations for all ages by appointment.

    5. PPS administrators are required to exclude students who fail to provide proper documentation of immunization by the 3rd Wednesday in February.  

    The District will: 

    1. Collaborate with Multnomah County Health Department (MCHD) and MESD to determine whether to offer in February 2024 a District-wide vaccination clinic at which school-required vaccinations and recommended vaccinations such as flu, COVID-19, and HPV will be offered. 

    2. Continue to promote community-based opportunities to access school-required immunizations and recommended vaccinations, including posting the following links on the School Health Services webpage and for use in school newsletters:

    1. Post on its School Health Services/Immunization webpage a list of linked Immunization resources available to students and families, including those listed above and: 

    Face Coverings

    With the ending of the Public Health Emergency, Oregon lifted any mask requirements for indoor public places and universal masking in health care settings. Accordingly, PPS lifted masking requirements in schools and its health rooms, respectively, according to OHA’s announced schedules. 

    Schools will:

    • Communicate and support individual mask choice through school newsletters and other available venues

    • Ensure masks continue to be accessible in the Health Room, Isolation Space, and to students and visitors who request them. 

    • Train front office staff about how to order additional masking supplies

    • Offer masks to students with respiratory symptoms and who are onsite. 


    School staff can order  face masks from the PESC Warehouse on an as-needed basis and until the stock pile is depleted:

    • MSR #31-3455 Adult/Youth

    • MSR #31-3499 Child

    • MSR #31-3402 KN95 (subject to availability)


    Schools will: 

    • Have a dedicated Health Room to provide first aid and address minor illnesses and injuries, and a distinct Symptom/Isolation Space or plan to separate individuals who present with communicable diseases and/or excludable symptoms from the healthy school population.

    • Follow the exclusion guidelines in Exhibit E of the OHA/ODE Oregon Communicable Disease Guidance for Schools.

    • Follow steps to determine to which location to send ill individuals include:

    1. Individuals who are onsite and exhibit: 

      1. Excludable symptoms should be sent immediately to the designated Symptom/Isolation Space to be fully screened.

      2. Non-excludable symptoms (headache, sore throat, fatigue, muscle pain, congestion, runny nose) should be sent immediately to the designated Health Room to be fully screened.

    2. MESD SHA/ Nurse will log all interactions with students within their electronic health record. 

    3. MESD or designated school staff may offer diagnostic testing in the isolation space to Staff or Students (latter must have consent on file) who develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at school.

    4. Students will remain in a supervised- symptom space, until they are released to go home.

    5. The School Nurse, School Health Assistant, or designated office staff will call the student’s home to provide return to school guidelines.


    • MESD Comprehensive Communicable Disease Management Plan (forthcoming by 8/25/2023). 

    Symptom Screening 

    The District will:

    1. Share the OHA Symptom-Based Exclusion Chart in our 6 supported languages with the PPS community via links to the ODE website. This tool is a resource for staff and students to use before entering district property or using district transportation. 

    Schools will: 

    1. Refer staff and families to the OHA Symptom-Based Exclusion Chart (translations) to use.

    2. Remind staff, students, and families to promptly report to their supervisor or school if they or their student develop excludable symptoms or are diagnosed with a restrictable communicable disease. 

    3. Consult with their MESD School Nurse if they have questions. 

    COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

    OHA offers schools a diagnostic testing program to all public and private K-12 schools in Oregon. Please indicate whether your school will offer diagnostic testing.

    The COVID-19 Testing in Oregon’s K-12 Schools Program will continue into the 2023-2024 school year. PPS schools will once again have access to OHA's Diagnostic (Symptom-based) Testing  and use of the Abbot Binax Now Tests and iHealth Tests to support COVID-19 rapid testing for students and staff who display symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been exposed to COVID-19. These COVID-19 tests should not be used as screening testing for unvaccinated asymptomatic individuals or those without a known exposure to COVID-19. Schools currently enrolled in the  testing program will remain enrolled and will not need to re-enroll. 

    Schools currently enrolled in the diagnostic testing program and would like to disenroll, please ensure that the BinaxNOW tests are returned to OHA and please send an email to schooltesting.covid@dhsoha.state.or.us to confirm the school’s disenrollment and cc Leti Ayala, Health Services Coordinator, (layalaguillen@pps.net).

    Schools (if participating) will:

    1. Collect testing consent forms for students for the 2023-24 School Year. 

    2. Order COVID-19 tests: 

    • For Binax Now tests for Diagnostic (symptom-based) Testing, order tests through the PPS MSR System. 

      •  Use BinaxNOW SKU #31-3500

      •  Order in quantities of 40 (40 test equals 1 box, 80 test 2 boxes, etc.)  

    • For iHealth tests, submit an order here

    1. Ensure that all families are aware of available COVID-19 testing opportunities. 

    2. Share with parent/ guardians Diagnostic (Symptom-based) Onsite Testing Consent Forms for the 2023-24 School Year.  

    3. Ensure that front office staff know how to order additional testing supplies.

    4. Notify OHA via email to schooltesting.covid@dhsoha.state.or.us regarding any changes made to the information provided on the initial registration form, including changes in school testing staff

    Airflow and Circulation

    In order to ensure airflow and circulation is available throughout a facility to help reduce the risk of airborne virus circulation:

    Schools will: 

    1. Be familiar with locations of and maintenance schedules for facility ventilation sources that improve air quality.

      1. Custodians will consult the Facilities Operations Custodial Guidebook, Section 8-1 Air Filters regarding air filter installation. 

    2. Identify locations in which to place one or more portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) ventilators, e.g. Symptom spaces, classrooms/instruction spaces.

    3. Educate staff about where and when to utilize non-mechanical methods such as opening doors and windows where reasonable to increase air circulation, while avoiding propping open doors that can pose a safety or security risk to students and staff (e.g., exterior doors and fire doors that must remain closed). 

    District-level efforts to ensure that all facilities have appropriate facility ventilation resources include:

    1. PPS obtained from OHA 3,500 portable air purifiers in Summer 2023 to improve classroom ventilation. Accordingly, the district installed a second purifier in many of its classrooms, allowing air filtration in each location to meet OHA’s recommended standards of 3-6 air changes per hour. Variables such as room use, size and building HVAC systems will determine which classrooms receive the additional unit.

    2. Obtaining a five-year supply of filters for the new purifiers and for nearly all of the district’s existing 5,464 purifiers. 

    3. Large communal spaces such as gyms, cafeterias and libraries continue to rely on air handling systems equipped with MERV 13 filters, which are efficient at removing large particles from the air and are often used in commercial and industrial settings. All mechanical system filters are replaced twice annually.

    4. PPS Facilities staff perform regular inspections of all HVAC systems in accordance with American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineer (ASHRAE) Standard 180-2018 “Standard Practice for the Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial HVAC Systems” and use a PPS standardized field form to document them. 

    5. PPS is investing $75 million in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems over the next several years.


    Per updated guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), cohorting is no longer a recommended strategy against COVID-19. 

    Physical Distancing

    PPS follows public health guidance regarding communicable disease response. Accordingly, in June 2021, OHA and OSHA no longer required or recommended physical distancing in most settings including schools. 

    Nonetheless, Schools will:

    1. Continue to maintain a physical distance between ill students who are in their school’s Symptom/Isolation space and away from others to the greatest extent possible until they are picked up to go home.

    Hand Washing

    Handwashing is a key component of basic hygiene. To ensure that all students and staff use this sanitation method to prevent the spread of disease: 

    Schools will:

    1. Post instructional handwashing posters in supported languages.

    2. Ensure soap is available in all bathrooms.

    3. Place hand sanitizer in locations where soap and water are not available. 

    4. Periodically communicate proper hand hygiene – including key times throughout the day to wash hands – and respiratory etiquette to students and staff including the following steps:

      1. Handwashing will occur each day upon entry to school and throughout the day. Wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds whenever possible. If soap and water are not readily available, hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol can be used (for staff and older children who can safely use hand sanitizer).

      2. Encourage staff and students to cover coughs and sneezes with an elbow or a tissue. Used tissues should be thrown in the trash and hands washed immediately with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


    Cleaning and Disinfection

    The District’s Custodial and Facility Services departments enhance the learning environment of PPS students by providing facilities that are clean and well managed. These departments are responsible for 94 school buildings and are managed in a two-shift operation.  

    School custodians will continue to follow protocols and schedules for regular cleaning and disinfection of school facilities as outlined in the PPS Facilities Operations Custodial Guidebook.

    Training and Public Health Education


    The District will:

    1. Obtain updated public health guidance from its public health partners (OHA, MCHD, MESD).

    2. Communicate updated public health guidance and enhanced communicable disease mitigation efforts to students, families and staff through a variety of channels, including email, website, social media and news media. 

    3. Use text messages and robocalls to reach the community If and when information is time-sensitive or urgent. 

    4. Provide all communication materials and messages in all district-supported languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Somali).

    5. Contract with MESD’s School Health Services Communicable Disease Team to provide individualized guidance to staff and families of students who test positive for a communicable disease. 

    Schools will: 

    1. Check Admin Portal weekly for prepared public health information to share via school newsletters and/or on their website.

    2. (as needed) Send MCHD-provided notification of an outbreak to an affected class, cohort or the school community via School Messenger or other school communication channels. 

    3. (as needed) If advised by MCHD or OHA, send MCHD- or OHA-provided notification of a case of a restrictable disease on the premises, as defined by OAR 333-019-0010.


    In order to ensure that school staff understand their role in a communicable disease event, schools will:

    1. Ensure that the Building Administrator, School Nurse and SHA, School Safety Team representative, and School Support Staff identified in Section 1, Table 2 above review this Communicable Disease Management Plan at the beginning of the School Year.

    2. Post their School-Level Communicable Disease Management Plan on their school website. 

    3. Reach out to their MESD School Nurse/SHA with questions, including re: required health training for staff as indicated below.



    The District will:

    1. Distribute CDMP Training slides to all building administrators to review with their school communities. 

    2. Create separate but aligned training for building administrators which outline the health-training requirements specified in OAR 581-022-2220, based on the assumption that certain communicable diseases may cause students or staff to exhibit symptoms that require First Aid/CPR/AED or medication administration.

    Schools will:

    1. Provide and review with their staff and families the CDMP Training slides in Fall 2023.

    2. Ensure that all persons who are assigned to job tasks which may put them at risk for occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Educational Assistants, Custodians, Coaches, playground assistants, school personnel who manage students who are medically complex, medically fragile, or nursing dependent, and designated staff who provide back-up support to the Health Room are examples of school personnel who may required annual training compliant with OR-OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards. Contact Risk Management for assistance with determination of Occupational Exposure [(503) 916-2000, ext 63502 or Incident Entry Portal]. Employees may also review their assigned training in the Pepper PD learning management system.

    3. Ensure there is at least one staff member with a current First Aid/CPR/AED card for every 60 students enrolled onsite and at school-sponsored activities where students are present, per OAR 581-022-2220.. 

      1. Each of these certified staff also must receive annual training on school-level emergency response plans. 

      2. Designate at least two of these personnel to additionally receive annual training in Medication Administration to administer medication to students who are in school; at a school-sponsored activity; under the supervision of school personnel; in transit to or from school or school-sponsored activities; in before-school or after-school care programs on school-owned property; or who have severe allergies or adrenal insufficiency. 

      3. Assign backup designated personnel to cover absences, workload issues and off-campus activities.

      4. Ensure that school personnel who manage students who are medically complex, medically fragile, or nursing dependent, including those with life threatening allergies or adrenal insufficiency, receive annual training in First Aid/CPR/AED, medication administration, and other topics related to student needs.


    Training exercises are essential to preparedness ensuring individuals understand their role in a communicable disease event. Exercises can also help identify gaps in the planning, thereby building upon and strengthening the plan over time. Schools, districts, and ESDs should schedule to exercise this plan annually and when any revisions are made to update the plan. The plan, or component(s) of the plan, can be tested through conversations, practice exercises, or other activities. 


    INSERT THE LINK where this plan is available for public viewing.

    Date Last Updated: 8-1-23 Date Last Practiced: 8-11-23

    Esta carta está en español e inglés 


    August 10, 2023

    Dear Dr Martin Luther King Jr Elementary Families,


    I would like to officially welcome you to the 2023-24 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Elementary school year. The school year begins August 29th for 1st-5th graders. Kindergarteners in English Scholars start on August 30 and Kindergarteners in our Mandarin Immersion program start on August 31. Pre-K begins on September 11th


    This will be the first of several communications from the school that you will receive this year. All of these communications will also be posted to our school website at https://www.pps.net/mlk. We also use text messages, and the REMIND app to communicate with our families. As long as your information is updated with correct phone numbers and emails in our Student Information Database, you should receive our communications. Please know that my door is always open and that I am always available through school email, as well as before and after school on the blacktop. 


    Office hours: On Thursday, August 17 and beyond, our office will be open from 8am to 4:00pm. Reach out with any questions that you might have. Call 503-916-6456, or email Nancy, our Office Admin Assistant, at Nrios1@pps.net. I’m also pleased to introduce to you our new Principal’s Secretary, Megan Kohl. Megan’s email is mekohl@pps.net and you can learn more about her at the end of this letter.  


    Community care day: On August 19, we have a great community opportunity to participate in community care day from 10-noon. Join us if you want to help spruce up our grounds with beautification tasks like raking, mulching, and weeding. Be sure to bring your rakes, gloves, and other yard equipment.


    Teachers return to work: Teachers will all be back on August 23rd. They'll be preparing their rooms, making connections with families, and engaging in professional development. Teacher assignments were shared with families at the end of last year. You should expect communication from your teacher(s) prior to the first day of school. Feel free to reach out to your child's teacher with any questions that you have about the upcoming school year. I am pleased to introduce some new staff to our community. Their information and short bios are at the end of this letter. 


    Back to School Social: Monday, August 28 from 2-3:30pm on our blacktop. You will have the opportunity to meet your teacher, pick out a new backpack, learn about our SUN program and other partnerships, pick up some refreshing Shave Ice (sponsored by our partner I Am Learning Foundation), and play with friends on the playground. Students will be fitted with new shoes the 1st week of October, thanks to a partnership we have with Shoes That Fit.


    School hours, breakfast, line up spots: During the first few days of school, teachers will meet their classes outside on the blacktop. Any adult with a PPS badge will be able to help your student find their line spot. After that, students will enter the building at either the courtyard, cafeteria, or main entrances, all on 6th avenue. We ask that families say goodbye to their students outside. Breakfast for students in grades PK-1 will be in the cafeteria from 8:30-8:45.  Grades 2-5 will have breakfast in the classrooms. At the end of the day, PK-3 teachers will be outside to dismiss  students to a designated guardian. Students in grades 4-5 may be dismissed on their own as long as there is approval from the family beforehand. The school day ends at 3:00pm. Neighborhood House is our before and aftercare provider, and their website is here


    Cell Phone Policy: We have noticed more elementary students having access to cell phones. Our policy is Off and Away while at school. If a student has their phone out, a staff member will first give a gentle reminder to put it away. If the phone is out a second time, the phone will go to the teacher until the end of the day. We know that cell phones are used for connection and safety, however often they are sources of distraction and are not supportive to the learning environment. If families need to reach their student we ask that they call the front office to connect with the student. Please reach out to your teacher if you need a plan that is different from ours at school. 


    PTA: Get connected with others in your school's community with the PTA (Parent Teacher Association)! Sign up to join our contact list and our facebook group. You can also email stephen.osserman@gmail.com (PTA Communications Chair) to find out about more ways to connect. 


    At Dr MLK Jr School, we have free breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack available to every student. We also provide all school supplies, although you will see many of our teachers welcome donations for special projects. See this website if you would like to donate to some of these projects! 


    That's it for now! I hope that the rest of your summer is wonderful. Reach out if your family needs anything or has any questions. I am looking forward to seeing all of your students and families in a few short weeks. 




    Teresa Seidel



    Important Dates and Reminders 2023/24:

    • 8/17: School office open 

    • 8/19, 10am-12pm: Community Care Day

    • 8/28, 2pm: Backpack and Shave Ice giveaway, meet your teacher on the blacktop event 

    • 8/29: First day of school grades 1-5

    • 8/30: First day of ESP Kindergarten

    • 8/31: FIrst day of MIP Kindergarten 

    • 9/4: Labor Day, no school 

    • 9/5, 8:45am: Kinder family coffee chat 

    • 9/11: First day of PreK 

    • 9/15: Grades 2-5 Field Trip to Milagro Theater (Worry Dolls)

    • 9/19, 6pm: PTA Meeting

    • 9/21, 5:30pm: Back to School, TAG, ESL, Title I Night

    • 9/26-27: Picture Day (Flyer)


    New Staff:


    Ruth Rios: Community Agent 

    Ruth Rios has been in the medical field for nearly 20 years as a Medical Assistant.

    Working with a multidisciplinary team, Ruth learned the importance of ensuring all social, holistic,medical and psychological needs of a patient are met when developing a care plan. She hopes to use her experience to support our principal, teachers, school staff and most importantly the PK-Kindergarten parents and students. Ruth is bilingual in English and Spanish and excited to use those skills to reach out to our Latino families. She is looking forward to being a part of the Dr. MLK school staff and community.


    Ellen Hamingston, Kindergarten EA (Mandarin, English) 

    After several post-college jobs, Ellen earned a teaching credential from San Francisco State University, and taught primarily middle school math for six years in the San Francisco Unified School District. She volunteered at Golden Gate National Recreation Area, while substitute teaching at all grade levels, which led her to a new career in ecology, culminating in 14 years as the restoration biologist at Point Reyes National Seashore in West Marin. After retiring from that position in fall 2021 and working several part-time jobs, including after-school tutoring at a community center, Ellen relocated to Portland in June 2022. Ellen was excited to return to public education and be hired as an Educational Assistant. She worked last year at Chief Joseph Elementary School supporting a kindergarten class and teaching small math intervention groups, and will work in our kindergarten classrooms this year.


    Fong Goh, ⅘ Mandarin Teacher

    Fong Goh is excited to be joining you this new school year. She will be teaching 4/5 Grade MIP.  Fong has a true passion for teaching Mandarin and bridging cultures to enrich our learning community.  She believes that our students have unlimited potential to learn and she will motivate them to become action-taking global citizens.  Personally, she enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, and reading. Fong Goh is super excited to meet and work with you all in this fabulous community!


    Ru wu: temporary 2nd grade MIP teacher, covering for Ruiyuan Gao until January 2024 

    Ru Wu will be joining us again this year. She was born and raised in Taiwan. She was also a teacher before she immigrated to the United States. This will be her 7th year with PPS. Ru is beyond excited and feeling so grateful to continue joining a great team at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School community this fall! Two things in life she  wouldn’t trade for the world are first, being a mom to two awesome teenagers, and second, being a teacher! These works are meaningful and purposeful. Ru is looking forward to another great school year at Dr King School! 


    Alice Nelson: PK full time assistant in room 141

    Alice Nelson is from Portland. She believes learning is a lifelong experience and that it should be fun! Alice is committed to social justice and getting involved within her community. In her free time she is usually playing at a park or exploring nature with her husband and their 3 sons. 


    Megan Kohl: Principal’s Secretary

    Megan is originally from Bellingham, WA. She moved to Portland to study Biology at Lewis & Clark College before moving to Chicago where she worked in theater for almost a decade. After having their first daughter she and her husband, who is currently a PPS teacher, returned to Portland. They now live in the King neighborhood with their two daughters who are both students here at Dr. MLK Jr. Elementary. Megan loves being a parent to her amazing kids and being a part of the Dr. King community.


    Katherine Stubblefield: PK Teacher long term sub until February for Grace Hunter

    Kate Stubblefield is thrilled to join the team at MLK Elementary as a temporary pre-K teacher. She has 7 years experience working in early childhood education as a preschool assistant teacher, a preschool lead teacher, and as a nanny! She graduated from the Portland State University teacher preparation program this Spring and is so excited to move into the world of elementary education. Outside of the classroom she loves to spend time with her dog Bug, go on bike rides, read a good book, or work on a project in the kitchen. 


    Sophie Mootz: Special Education Teacher

     Sophie is thrilled to join the collaborative staff at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School. She has a soon-to-be second grader here at Dr. MLK Jr. and has been inspired by the work this community does for kids. She has twelve years of experience working  as a special educator in the Reynolds School District. Last year, she served as the learning center teacher at Beach Elementary in PPS. Sophie looks forward to the joy of learning with Dreamers next year! 


    School Psychologist - Megan Kendall


    MIP EA - pending


    Floater EA - pending 


    Esta carta está en español e inglés.


    10 de agosto de 2023

    Estimadas familias de la escuela primaria Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,


    Me gustaría darle la bienvenida oficialmente al año escolar 2023-24 de la escuela primaria Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.El año escolar comienza29 de agosto para alumnos de 1° a 5° grado. Los estudiantes de kindergarten tienen una fecha de inicio diferente que se comunicará directamente a las familias de kindergarten..Pre-K comienza el 11 de septiembre. Esta será la primera de varias comunicaciones de la escuela que recibirá este año. Todas estas comunicaciones también se publicarán en el sitio web de nuestra escuela enhttps://www.pps.net/mlk. También usamos mensajes de texto y la aplicación REMIND para comunicarnos con nuestras familias. Siempre que su información esté actualizada con números de teléfono y correos electrónicos correctos en nuestra base de datos de información de estudiantes, debe recibir nuestras comunicaciones. Tenga en cuenta que mi puerta siempre está abierta y que siempre estoy disponible a través del correo electrónico de la escuela, así como antes y después de la escuela en elasfalto


    Horas de oficina: A partir del jueves 17 de agosto, nuestra oficina estará abierta de 8 am a 4:00 pm. Comuníquese con cualquier pregunta que pueda tener. Llame al 503-916-6456 o envíe un correo electrónico a Nancy, nuestra asistente administrativa de oficina, alNrios1@pps.net. También me complace presentarles a nuestra nueva secretaria del director, Megan Kohl. El correo electrónico de Megan esmekohl@pps.net y puedes conocer más sobre ella al final de esta carta. 


    dia del cuidado de la comunidad: El 19 de agosto, tenemos una gran oportunidad comunitaria para participar en el día de atención comunitaria de10 del mediodía. Únase a nosotros si desea ayudar a arreglar nuestros terrenos con tareas de embellecimiento como rastrillar, cubrir con mantillo y desmalezar. Asegúrese de traer sus rastrillos, guantes y otros equipos de jardín.


    Los maestros vuelven al trabajo: Los profesores volverán el 23 de agosto. Estarán preparando sus habitaciones, haciendo conexiones con las familias y participando en el desarrollo profesional. Las asignaciones de maestros se compartieron con las familias a fines del año pasado. Debe esperar comunicación de su(s) maestro(s) antes del primer día de clases. No dude en comunicarse con el maestro de su hijo con cualquier pregunta que tenga sobre el próximo año escolar. Me complace presentar algunos miembros del personal nuevo a nuestra comunidad. Su información y breves biografías se encuentran al final de esta carta.


    Regreso a la escuela social: lunes 28 de agosto de 2 a 3:30 p. m. en nuestro asfalto. Tendrá la oportunidad de conocer a su maestro, elegir una mochila nueva, aprender sobre nuestro programa SUN y otras asociaciones, comprar un refrescante Shave Ice (patrocinado por nuestro socio I Am Learning Foundation) y jugar con amigos en el patio de recreo. Los estudiantes recibirán zapatos nuevos la primera semana de octubre, gracias a una asociación que tenemos con Shoes That Fit.


    Horario escolar, desayuno, lugares de fila: Durante los primeros días de clases, los maestros se encontrarán con sus clases afuera en el asfalto. Cualquier adulto con un gafete de PPS podrá ayudar a su estudiante a encontrar su lugar en la fila. Después de eso, los estudiantes ingresarán al edificio ya sea por el patio, la cafetería o las entradas principales, todas en la 6ta avenida. Pedimos a las familias que se despidan de sus alumnos en el exterior. El desayuno para los estudiantes en los grados PK-1 será en la cafetería de 8:30 a 8:45. Los grados 2-5 desayunarán en las aulas. Al final del día, los maestros de PK-3 estarán afuera para despedir a los estudiantes con un tutor designado. Los estudiantes en los grados 4-5 pueden salir solos siempre que haya una aprobación previa de la familia. El día escolar termina a las 3:00pm. Neighborhood House es nuestro proveedor de cuidado antes y después, y su sitio web esaquí.


    Política de telefonía celular: Hemos notado que más estudiantes de primaria tienen acceso a teléfonos celulares. Nuestra política es Apagado y Ausente mientras está en la escuela. Si un estudiante tiene su teléfono fuera, un miembro del personal primero le recordará amablemente que lo guarde. Si el teléfono se apaga por segunda vez, el teléfono pasará al maestro hasta el final del día. Sabemos que los teléfonos celulares se utilizan para la conexión y la seguridad, sin embargo, a menudo son fuentes de distracción y no apoyan el entorno de aprendizaje. Si las familias necesitan comunicarse con su estudiante, les pedimos que llamen a la oficina principal para comunicarse con el estudiante. Comuníquese con su maestro si necesita un plan diferente al nuestro en la escuela.


    PTA: ¡Conéctese con otros en la comunidad de su escuela con la PTA (Asociación de Padres y Maestros)! Regístrese para unirsenuestra lista de contactos ynuestro grupo de facebook. También puede enviar un correo electrónicostephen.osserman@gmail.com (Presidente de comunicaciones de la PTA) para conocer más formas de conectarse.


    En Dr MLK Jr School, tenemos desayuno, almuerzo y merienda gratuitos disponibles para todos los estudiantes. También proporcionamos todos los útiles escolares, aunque verá que muchos de nuestros maestros agradecen las donaciones para proyectos especiales. Mira estositio web si desea donar a algunos de estos proyectos!


    ¡Eso es todo por ahora! Espero que el resto de tu verano sea maravilloso. Comuníquese si su familia necesita algo o tiene alguna pregunta. Espero ver a todos sus estudiantes y familias en unas pocas semanas.




    teresa seidel



    Fechas y recordatorios importantes 2023/24:

    • 17/8: Oficina de la escuela abierta

    • 8/19,10 am-12 pm: Día del Cuidado Comunitario

    • 28/8, 2 p. m.: Sorteo de mochila y raspado, conozca a su maestro en el evento de asfalto

    • 29/8: Primer día de clases grados 1-5

    • 9/4: Día del Trabajo, no hay clases

    • 5/9, 8:45 a.m.: Charla de café familiar de Kinder

    • 11/9: Primer día de PreK

    • 9/15: Excursión de los grados 2-5 al Teatro Milagro (Muñecas preocupantes)

    • 9/19, 6:00 p. m.: reunión de la PTA

    • 21/9, 5:30 p. m.: Regreso a clases, TAG, ESL, Noche de Título I

    • 9/26-27: Día de la foto


    Personal nuevo:


    Ruth Rios: Agente de la comunidad

    Ruth Rios ha estado en el campo de la medicina durante casi 20 años como asistente médica.

    Al trabajar con un equipo multidisciplinario, Ruth aprendió la importancia de garantizar que se satisfagan todas las necesidades sociales, holísticas, médicas y psicológicas de un paciente al desarrollar un plan de atención. Ella espera usar su experiencia para apoyar a nuestro director, maestros, personal escolar y, lo que es más importante, a los padres y estudiantes de PK-Kindergarten. Ruth es bilingüe en inglés y español y está emocionada de usar esas habilidades para llegar a nuestras familias latinas. Ella espera ser parte del personal y la comunidad de la escuela Dr. MLK.


    Kindergarten EA (mandarín, inglés) = Ellen Hamingston

    Después de varios trabajos posteriores a la universidad, Ellen obtuvo una credencial de enseñanza de la Universidad Estatal de San Francisco y enseñó principalmente matemáticas en la escuela intermedia durante seis años en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de San Francisco. Se ofreció como voluntaria en el Área Recreativa Nacional Golden Gate, mientras enseñaba como suplente en todos los grados, lo que la llevó a una nueva carrera en ecología, que culminó en 14 años como bióloga restauradora en Point Reyes National Seashore en West Marin. Después de retirarse de ese puesto en el otoño de 2021 y trabajar en varios trabajos de medio tiempo, incluida la tutoría después de la escuela en un centro comunitario, Ellen se mudó a Portland en junio de 2022. Ellen estaba emocionada de regresar a la educación pública y ser contratada como asistente educativa. Trabajó el año pasado en la Escuela Primaria Chief Joseph apoyando una clase de jardín de infantes y enseñando a pequeños grupos de intervención de matemáticas, y trabajará en nuestras aulas de jardín de infantes este año.


    ⅘ Profesor de mandarín - Fong Goh

    Fong Goh esEmocionado de estar con ustedes este nuevo año escolar. Ella estará enseñando MIP de 4/5 grado. Fong tiene una verdadera pasión por enseñar mandarín y unir culturas para enriquecer nuestra comunidad de aprendizaje. Ella cree que nuestros estudiantes tienen un potencial ilimitado para aprender y los motivará a convertirse en ciudadanos globales activos. Personalmente, le gusta caminar, acampar, cocinar y leer. ¡Fong Goh está muy emocionado de conocerlos y trabajar con todos ustedes en esta fabulosa comunidad!


    Ru Wu

    Ru Wu se unirá a nosotros nuevamente este año. Nació y creció en Taiwán. También fue maestra antes de emigrar a los Estados Unidos. Este será su séptimo año con PPS. ¡Ru está más que emocionada y se siente muy agradecida de continuar uniéndose a un gran equipo en la comunidad de la escuela primaria Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. este otoño! Dos cosas en la vida que no cambiaría por nada del mundo son: primero, ser madre de dos adolescentes increíbles, y segundo,ser un ¡maestro! Estas obras son significativas y tienen un propósito. ¡Ru espera otro gran año escolar en Dr King School!


    Alice Nelson: asistente de PK a tiempo completo en el salón 141. 

    Alice Nelson es de Pórtland. ¡Ella cree que aprender es una experiencia para toda la vida y que debe ser divertido! Alice está comprometida con la justicia social y se involucra en su comunidad. En su tiempo libre suele jugar en un parque o explorar la naturaleza con su esposo y sus 3 hijos.


    Megan Kohl: secretaria del director. 

    Megan es originaria de Bellingham, WA. Se mudó a Portland para estudiar biología en Lewis & Clark College antes de mudarse a Chicago, donde trabajó en teatro durante casi una década. Después de tener a su primera hija, ella y su esposo, quien actualmente es maestro de PPS, regresaron a Portland. Ahora viven en el barrio King con sus dos hijas, ambas estudiantes.aquí en la escuela primaria Dr. MLK Jr. Megan ama ser madre de sus maravillosos hijos. y ser parte de la comunidad Dr. King.


    Katherine Stubblefield: Maestra de PK suplente a largo plazo hasta febrero para Grace Hunter.

    Kate Stubblefield está encantada de unirse al equipo de MLK Elementary como maestra temporal de prekínder. ¡Tiene 7 años de experiencia trabajando en educación infantil temprana como maestra asistente de preescolar, maestra principal de preescolar y como niñera! Se graduó del programa de preparación de maestros de la Universidad Estatal de Portland esta primavera y está muy emocionada de ingresar al mundo de la educación primaria. Fuera del salón de clases, le encanta pasar tiempo con su perro Bug, andar en bicicleta, leer un buen libro o trabajar en un proyecto en la cocina.


    Sophie Mootz: Maestra de educación especial

     Sophie está encantada de unirse al personal colaborativo de la Escuela Primaria Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ella tiene un niño que pronto será segundo grado aquí en Dr. MLK Jr. y se ha inspirado en el trabajo que esta comunidad hace por los niños. Tiene doce años de experiencia trabajando como educadora especial en el Distrito Escolar de Reynolds. El año pasado, se desempeñó como maestra del centro de aprendizaje en Beach Elementary en PPS. ¡Sophie espera con ansias la alegría de aprender con Dreamers el próximo año!


    Psicóloga escolar - Megan Kendall



    June 3, 2023


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    June is PRIDE month, in honor and celebration of our LGBTQ+ family and community. “People cling to these firm ideas [about gender] because it makes people feel safe. Bit if we could just celebrate all the wonderful complexities of people, the world would be such a better place” - Elliot Page 


    Garden Party: Huge shout out to Jaq Law and the incredible crew of volunteers who cleared out the courtyard yesterday. Hopefully we will have a brand new play area before winter for our Early Learners! 


    Report cards: will either be sent home with students on the last day of school or mailed out the week of June 20th. In the report cards you will find a letter introducing your student to their teacher for next year. 


    FREADOM Festival: Juneteenth, a way to celebrate is at the FREADOM FESTIVAL at Peninsula Park 12-6pm. Community Book Swap - Book Drive to PDX Books to Prisoners - Multnomah County Library Card Sign ups - Children's Reading Hour (with Jelani Memory & A Kids Book About) - Author Talks with local Black authors Kim Johnson and Kesha Ajose Fisher with Q&A and Book Signings - Zine Book Making Craft Station - Literary Information Booths- Raffles - Giveaways and MORE! For more information click here!


    Field Day: To celebrate another successful school year, we will be hosting our annual Field Day this Monday June 12th. This year we will be hosting two sessions. The first session is from 9:15- 10:45 and will include all 2nd to 5th grade classes, as well as Ms. Williams PK class.The 2nd session will run from 11:00- 12:15 and will include KG and 1st grades classes, along with Ms. Davis PK class.Please make sure your students have sneakers or footwear that they can run around in, as well as clothes that you won't mind getting wet or dirty. We would love to have parents and families be a part of Field day, so if you're interested in volunteering please email me at mkaufman@pps.net by Sunday afternoon. I'm looking forward to having some Field Day fun on Monday, and hope to see you there!


    Thank you so much to our PTA for sending us into the final week of school with a fantastic BBQ! 


    Social Worker Info: Please see this letter from Ms. Timisha, our School Social Worker, on activities and resources to access during the summer. 


    KSMOCA: Please join us at any of KSMoCA's annual weekend of social practice events, workshops, and presentations on Friday, June 9 through Sunday, June 11, here at school. FREE + OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! We encourage you to bring your students to any event during the school day! The schedules for Saturday and Sunday are on our website: psusocialpractice.org/assembly and also on this document. 


    Finally, I invite all of you to join me and the rest of our school in saying farewell to our promoting 5th grade students. On Tuesday, June 13, at 2:45, we will all line the building and grounds of our school to clap and cheer on our 5th graders as they make one final journey through our school. 





    Important Dates and Reminders: 

    • 6/12: Field Day

    • 6/13: 5th grade picnic

    • 6/13, 2:50pm: 5th grade clapout 

    • 6/13, 5pm: 5th grade exhibition and promotion

    • 6/14: Last day of school 

    • 7/10 - 8/4: Summer Acceleration Academy (invitation only) 


    District News: 

    List of approved flyers: 


    PTA News: 

    Outdoor Covered Play Area 

    The PTA is working with a group of parents on an effort to build a covered play area outside at the school and we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas. Please fill out the survey here: https://www.mlkjrpta.org/get-involved/outdoors-project.


    If you'd like to learn more or get involved in that effort please email mlk.covered.play@gmail.com. 


    Thanks to our sponsors and partners

    The PTA would like to thank our amazing corporate sponsors and restaurant night partners who helped us do more to support our school community. 


    Restaurant Night Partners: Sparky's Pizza, Wild Thing, Kulfi, Por Qué No? Taqueria, Po'shines and Steeplejack Beer


    Corporate Sponsors: Green Bridge Coffee, Por Qué No? Taqueria, Tin Shed Garden Cafe, United Fire, DDI Benefits, Cereus PDX, Sung Kokko Photography, Fuel Cafe, Alliance Trading Group, Forge Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates, Kayo's Ramen Bar, Magnacorp TF, Miss Delta, NOPO Kids Dentistry, Medley Home Furniture, Mississippi Health Center, Connect Chiropractic & Wellness 


    You can always find our list of sponsors online at https://www.mlkjrpta.org/get-involved/sponsor



    May 26, 2023

    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,

    It has been a busy week at Dr MLK Jr! We wrapped up our last week of SUN school for the year, and there were several field trips with students going to Horning’s Hideout and Harriet Tubman Middle School. Next week, we continue with our State Testing, we welcome Harriet Tubman 8th graders to do a talk with some of our students, we hear from a professional storyteller about the Chinese immigration experience in Oregon, we have a Play It Forward recital, and our final Cafe Latino family engagement event of the year. The end of the school year is always so exciting to me because it seems like every day, there is something to look forward to! 

    Library update: Please encourage students to return all library books early next week.  On Friday afternoon Ms. Schlegel will be printing out and sending home individual overdue notices.

    Lost and found: Check the lost and found racks in the courtyard for any missing items. Any items not picked up by the end of school on Wed 6/14 will be collected and donated. 

    Updated COVID-19 Isolation Guidance: Effective May 11th, a five-day period of isolation for those infected with COVID-19 will no longer be recommended. The recommendation for the general population will be to stay home until fever free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving; to avoid contact with individuals at increased risk for severe disease, including older adults and those with underlying medical conditions; and to consider masking for 10 days.

    Staffing Update: We have hired a Special Education teacher for next year! Here is a little message from our newest staff member, Sophie Mootz: Hi! I am thrilled to join the collaborative staff at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School.  I have a soon-to-be second grader here and have been inspired by the work this community does for kids. I have twelve years of experience working  as a special educator in the Reynolds School District. Last year, I served as the learning center teacher at Beach Elementary in PPS. I look forward to the joy of learning with dreamers next year! 

    8th Grade Taiwan Research Residency Showcase: Tuesday, June 6th at 6:00 PM at Harriet Tubman Middle School - 2231 N Flint Ave.

    The 8th grade class of the Albina Mandarin Immersion Program and Jin Ren invite you to the Taiwan Research Residency Showcase! Celebrate the amazing results of the 8th grade class's years of work and all the research they've done for their cross-cultural inquiry projects during their two-week residency in Taiwan. This is an evening for the whole community - all are welcome from our Albina Head Start classes to our hardworking Jefferson high school class, as well as our supporters and extended family. We can't wait to celebrate years of hard work by all of you to make this showcase, this trip and this program possible!

    Digital toolkit update: Students will have access to most PPS Digital Toolkit applications during the summer. Students who enroll in summer school may notice changes in some applications once summer school begins. Most PPS Digital Toolkit applications will remain active throughout the summer. Applications may be temporarily unavailable at the beginning of August as PPS shifts to the 2023-2024 school year. Please note that during the summer months, teachers are not active inside the digital tools and applications. Parents should be aware of what students are doing online. Parents may find the Securly application and digital and civic literacy resources helpful. More information can be found in the End of School Year Technology Guide - Summer 2023.

    In honor of those who served this country, hoping everyone has a lovely Memorial Day.




    Important Dates and Reminders: 

    • 5/29: No School, Holiday 

    • 6/1, 2:30pm: Cafe Latino 

    • 6/1. 6pm: Play It Forward Recital

    • 6/6, 6pm @ HTMS: 8th grade Taiwan residency presentation 

    • 6/7: Jr Rose Festival Parade (not a school sponsored event)

    • 6/12: Field Day

    • 6/13: 5th grade picnic

    • 6/13, 5pm: 5th grade exhibition and promotion

    • 6/14: Last day of school 

    • 7/10 - 8/4: Summer Acceleration Academy (invitation only) 


    District News: 



    PTA News: 


    End of Year BBQ 

    Friday June 9th 

    3pm on the blacktop

    Join for food from Po’Shines and activities to celebrate this year together! 

    May 12, 2023


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    Hands down, this is one of my favorite weeks of the year not only as an educator who received the notes and gestures of appreciation this week, but also as a parent of PPS children, taking a moment to tell our teachers how much they mean to us. We were showered with gifts of coffee, pastries, lunch, lunch, lunch, salty/sweet snacks, massages, flowers, and so much more. Thank you to our PTA, I Am Learning, Green Bridge Coffee, SEI,  all of the volunteers,  and parent Lisa Joe who partnered with us to make this whole week come together. Here are a few words from the staff: 

    • The incredible amount of thought you put into showering us with love this year (every year, actually) really goes beyond any of our expectations. I truly felt the support and encouragement for the work that we do. Feeling so grateful!  

    • To our fabulous PTA and families, Thank you for your commitment to our students, staff and community. I appreciate your generosity throughout the entire school year and during Teacher Appreciation Week. I am truly thankful to work in a building with an incredibly supportive PTA. My students and I are immensely grateful. 

    • Thank you to the amazing PTA for an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week-The showers of love  came shining through and made us feel so loved and supported! Everything was so nice and I especially enjoyed the massage and cards/flowers!

    My personal favorite moments from this week - seeing the lovely balloons perched on teacher desks at the end of the day, some coming in adorable test tube looking things. A teacher walking into the office with a three layer homemade surprise cake that a family made just for them. And reading some cards that were literally spilling over on teachers’ desks often with the words “best teacher ever”. 


    We have a vacancy for next year for our full time Special Education teacher. Ms. Carabajal our current SpEd teacher will be moving into our intervention position. Please share the news about our amazing school and forward the info along to anyone who may be interested.  The vacancy is posted here; search for position #26180, K-5 Learning Center Teacher. 


    Check out these Local Events in honor of AAPI Heritage Month! 





    Important Dates and Reminders: 

    • 5/16, 6pm: PTA Meeting

    • 5/25: last day of SUN 

    • 5/29: No School, Holiday 

    • 6/1, 2:30pm: Cafe Latino 

    • 6/1. 6pm: Play It Forward Recital

    • 6/7: Jr Rose Festival Parade (not a school sponsored event)

    • 6/12: Field Day

    • 6/13: 5th grade picnic

    • 6/13, 5pm: 5th grade exhibition and promotion

    • 6/14: Last day of school 

    • 7/10 - 8/4: Summer Acceleration Academy (invitation only) 


    District News: 


    Registration is now open for Jefferson Youth Football. If your child will be in 3rd-7th grade next year and is interested in playing, please sign up at Jefferson Youth Football Registration. Spots will fill up quickly.


    K-12 OHSU Screening Program is Coming to an End

    Funding for screening testing in Oregon's K-12 schools will end on July 31, 2023. OHSU Screening testing will not be available for 2023 summer camps. Schools may continue to use Abbott BinaxNOW diagnostic tests for students/staff who become symptomatic while on-site, and a limited supply of iHealth self-tests will remain available for families to request from the school. Students must have signed consent to continue participating in diagnostic (symptom-based) testing at school. 


    What you need to know

    1. The last week of screening testing will be June 19-23. This means OHSU will continue to pick up tests from schools through the last days of school and also continue to operate the community drop-off points until Friday, June 23. The locations of the community drop-off points are:

    • OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center: 707 S. Gaines St., Portland, OR 97239 (Google Map)

    • OHSU Primary Care Clinic, Gabriel Park: 4411 S.W. Vermont St., Portland, OR 97219 (Google Map)

    • OHSU Primary Care Clinic, Richmond: 3930 S.E. Division St., Portland, OR 97202 (Google Map)

    • OHSU Primary Care Clinic, Beaverton: 15700 S.W. Greystone Ct., Beaverton, OR 97006 (Google Map)

    1. For families who test at home, student enrollment through OHSU’s Our LabFinder webpage will end on Friday, May 12th.

    1. OHSU is not able to take back any of the test kits shipped to homes or schools. Please dispose of them, or if you can, re-purpose them. We ask that you please do NOT return them to OHSU or the school.

    2. OHSU’s customer service team will be available through Friday, June 30. If there are questions about the end of the program,  families can call 503-418-8500 or email k12covidtesting@ohsu.edu.

    PPS Nutrition Services teams up with Food Hero and Salsas Locas to celebrate Latinx culture with authentic Mexican tamales!

    Latin America is one of the most diverse regions in the world. It includes more than 30 countries, all with many different ethnic groups and cultures. Family is the heart of the Latinx community. In Latinx culture, cooking and eating together is a common way of bonding. Family meals are especially important on holidays.

    In Latin America, several countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May. Join Food Hero and Nutrition Services as we celebrate with authentic Mexican tamales served in your school cafeteria on May 10th. These delicious tamales will be handmade by Salsas Locas, a local Latinx-owned business, and delivered to lunch trays across the district. Two types of tamales will be offered on the menu with the choice between the chicken tamale or the cheese and green chile tamale. All students and staff are invited to order school lunch on May 10th!

    Learn more about Salsas Locas by visiting the website: https://salsaslocas.com/

    Learn more about Latinx culture from Food Hero 


    Free and reduced-price benefits expire at the end of each school year. Families can apply for benefits on or after July 1, 2023 for the 2023-24 school year online using SchoolCafe at www.schoolcafe.com/pps or download the mobile app. Updated paper meal applications can be downloaded from: https://www.pps.net/Page/2464 on or after July 1, 2023. Families who do not qualify for free or reduced-price meals can use SchoolCafe to monitor transactions, view balance, set up low balance notifications, transfer funds among students and request a refund check. The system is free to use unless a payment is made with a debit/credit card to pay for school meals which is optional. 


    Eligible families are encouraged to apply for SNAP benefits. Approved SNAP recipients along with households where all students attend approved Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools do not need to submit meal applications.Households receiving SNAP benefits, attending a CEP school and approved for free and reduced-price meals may be eligible for other benefits, like low cost internet and educational-related fee reductions or waivers. 

    For questions about meal benefits, please email mealbenefits@pps.net or call 503.916.3402.




    May 1, 2023


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    I hope everyone was able to enjoy the sunshine this weekend! Today is the first day of AAPI heritage month! I am looking forward to sharing potstickers with the ⅘ World Language classes, and some tea with the 3rd graders! I encourage our Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander families to reach out to teachers to share some cultures and traditions with the classes. For a long time I struggled with owning my own Chinese heritage - pushing my eyes wide open and pinching my nose to look more “Western”. A part of my own growth and pride in being Asian comes from being a part of this community, wherever everyone is seen and valued for who they are.  


    The 5th-3rd graders are preparing for the first time they will take the State Assessment this year. Our Language Arts and Math state tests will be administered beginning the week of May 15. While we know that not all learning can be captured in a standardized test, our school scores are also a reflection of the hard work that staff and students have done. Last year we made incredible and notable growth across 13 of 14 domains that the state measures us in. I hope we will continue to improve and show what a great school Dr King is. Scores are typically mailed home in the summer from the OR State Department of Education.


    Portland Playhouse, a neighbor of our school, is producing Matilda, The Musical next Fall and casting YOUTH (as volunteers). Click here for more details. 


    Please keep an eye out for a $4.00 voucher for students to use to purchase fresh produce at the King Farmers Market! The market takes place every Sunday beginning May 7th, right in the school parking lot. 

    Our community partner, OSU Extension Service Portland SNAP-Ed, hosts a free kids activity booth - Food Hero at the Farmers Market. Stop by to participate in fun educational activities, hands-on cooking and more! Vouchers will be sent home in the Wednesday folder on May 3rd. *Limit one voucher per student, not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers, redeemable at the King Farmers Market location only, valid through May 28th, 2023


    Correction to the last newsletter, the last day of SUN school is Thursday, May 25. 





    Important Dates and Reminders: 

    • 5/16, 6pm: PTA Meeting

    • 5/25: last day of SUN 

    • 5/29: No School, Holiday 

    • 6/1. 6pm: Play It Forward Recital

    • 6/7: Jr Rose Festival Parade (not a school sponsored event)

    • 6/12: Field Day

    • 6/13: 5th grade picnic

    • 6/13, 5pm: 5th grade exhibition and promotion

    • 6/14: Last day of school 

    • 7/10 - 8/4: Summer Acceleration Academy (invitation only) 


    District News: 

    Please see this article about Student Health Center services that help students stay healthy, in school, and ready to learn.


    PTA News: 

    PTA General Meeting, Tuesday May 16, 6pm

    Join us in the cafeteria or online at bit.ly/drmlkjr-pta-zoom

    Food will be provided and there will be childcare for school-aged kids.

    Spanish-language translation available.


    Staff Appreciation Week, May 8-12

    The school and the PTA will be sponsoring appreciation activities each day of the

    Week .Staff Appreciation Week Flyer


    Link for Salty and Sweet Treats

    Rock out with your Crock Out Sign-up


    Steeplejack Restaurant Fundraiser, May 15

    Monday, May 15th Steeplejack Brewing on NE Broadway will be hosting a

    restaurant night fundraiser for the PTA! 15% of beer sales and 10% of

    food sales will be donated. And to sweeten the deal, Steeplejack is honoring

    their usual Monday special on the 15th: kids eat free with purchase of a

    regular priced adult entree and beer! Invite your friends!


    December 16, 2022


    Hello Dr MLK Jr Families,


    I hope to see many of you after school on the blacktop for our PTA celebration at 3pm! Shout out to Tyler Brown, our PTA, and the Center for Black Student Excellence for hosting another amazing Black Family NIght. Another shout out to Tyler and SEI for bringing current Mandarin class students from Jefferson High School to participate in our DREAM assemblies yesterday! Thank you to the PTA and our partner, I Am Learning Foundation, for treating our staff to lunch this week and to all of the students and families who have showered our teachers with little trinkets, gifts, notes and words of appreciation. Our staff feel the love and we strive to shine that right back onto our students! 


    And just like that, we launch into 2023. Some notable events from 2022 include: 

    • We welcome 13 new staff (with another educational assistant joining us in January!). 

    • We save our school 

    • Every classroom wraps up Module 1 of our new literacy adoption 

    • Our state assessment achievement scores double, surpassing pre-pandemic scores!

    • The staff and families of Dr MLK Jr enjoy their winter break with loved ones, rest, relaxation and finding many moments of happiness 


    In the final Dr MLK Jr newsletter of 2022, I want to leave you all with the Land Acknowledgement we wrote last year as we were defending our school. I am thankful for the people who came before us, the Indigenous land we reside on, and all of your children who make this school quite simply, the best. See you all back at school on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 


    Every community owes its existence and vitality to generations from around the world who contributed their hopes, dreams, and energy to making the history that led to this moment. At Dr Martin Luther King Jr School, this includes the Tribes who made their homes along the Columbia River.  We gather today in the occupied land of the Chinook, Clackamas, Cowlitz, Kalapuya, Kathlamet, Molalla, Multnomah, Tualatin,  Wasco and other Tribes. 


    We also acknowledge that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School is situated in the historic Albina District and has served the African American community of this city as a cultural and educational center.  We honor the students, families, staff and community members who have worked to bring Dr. King’s vision to life during its impactful history.


    At Dr. King school, we are more than a building. We are a family. We are the namesake of the most significant civil rights leader in the history of time because our students demanded it. We are a legacy, we are the future, we are the DREAM.  


    Truth and acknowledgment are critical to building mutual respect and connection across all barriers of heritage and difference. We begin this effort to acknowledge what has been buried by honoring the truth.


    As we gather to share our perspectives, we strive to enter this space exemplifying the DREAM: Determined, Respectful, Empathetic, Accepting and Making a Difference.

    Take care everyone, 




    Important Dates and Reminders: 

    • 12/16, 3pm: PTA Community Gathering

    • 12/19-1/2: Winter break, no school

    • 1/3: 1st day back to school from winter break 

    • 1/16: NO SCHOOL, MLK Day Holiday

    • 1/17, 6pm: PTA Meeting 

    • 1/19, 6-7:30pm: AAPI Family Night 

    • 1/22: Lunar New Year

    • 1/27: NO SCHOOL, Teacher Planning Day

    • 1/31: DREAM Assemblies 


    PTA news (repeat from last week):

    PTA Community Gathering - Friday December 16th - 3pm 

    Join us on the blacktop after the last day of school for food and socializing. Look forward to seeing you there!


    Volunteer Corps: We are starting a Volunteer Corps and would love for you to join! Volunteers will be rotated in and out on a regular basis so no one gets burnout. Please contact Phil Leung (philbertaleung@gmail.com) if you are interested in being part of this vital group!


    Additional Volunteer Needs

    – Sight Word Campaign: The lower grades will be starting a sight word campaign and we need volunteers to help cut and hole punch flash cards (ASAP)! This can be worked on anytime during the day. Please contact Betsy Dekker (bdekker@pps.net) or Phil Leung (philbertaleung@gmail.com) if you are interested and willing!

    -- Cafeteria: There are a handful of empty shifts to fill before the end of the year -- you can signup here.


    Lost & Found: Your students can browse the Lost & Found items in the inner courtyard. Weather-permitting, we will place them outside the school at pickup next Tuesday (12/13) and Friday (12/16). Unclaimed items will be donated to the PPS Clothing Center or recycled by 12/16.


    Save the dates for upcoming restaurant nights to support the PTA!

    1/10: Sparky's Pizza

    1/18: ¿Por Qué No?

    2/9: Po' Shines


    Sponsors Update

    Big shout out to Por Que No! Not only are they corporate sponsors and host our dining for dollars, they have generously donated $2000 to our school to use towards catering events! So much gratitude for their generosity and support!

    And thanks as always to all our sponsors. You can see the full list on our website: https://www.mlkjrpta.org/get-involved/sponsor



    Esta carta es escrita en español e inglés 


    September 2, 2022

    What a great first week of school we had! All of the hard work everyone put into preparing for the year was worth it to see the smiles on all of the students’ faces. I had the chance to visit many of our classes this week. Some highlights include seeing 2nd graders pretend biting their arms while acting like beavers, watching a teacher’s polite face when eating the egg yolk of the moon cake (mid autumn festival next weekend!), seeing a kindergarten teacher comforting a student while holding a class pet reptile on her shoulder, and watching students of all ages run up to their teachers from last year with big hugs and stories of from the summer. 


    Community Care Day: Thank you also to the volunteers, community members, and staff who attended our Community Care Day. If you look at our school grounds, you can tell it was a huge success! Here are some photos from the day. 

    School Calendar: We sent copies of this home in red folders this week, but here is an electronic copy of our quarter 1 school calendar. This linked calendar has a few edits as we had some last minute changes to our Teatro Milagro field trips for grades 1-5. 

    Neighborhood House: is looking for Teachers and Teacher Assistance to work on our before and after school programs. We have 20 hour, 30 hour or 40 hour positions open. Please be available between 3-6 pm. Our web site is Neighborhood House | Helping Neighbors Help Themselves (nhpdx.org)

    Drop off & Pick up: After this week of school, we have worked out a few pedestrian traffic jams with our morning drop off and afternoon pick up locations. Your teachers will communicate with you about any updated locations for pick up and drop off. It is important that folks follow traffic rules, and are not parking in front of the main entrance as that is our bus loading zone. 


    There is no school on Monday as it’s a holiday. We will see most everyone back, including all of our kindergarteners, on Tuesday, September 6th. Pre K starts the week after on September 12th! 






    Important Dates and Reminders: 

    • 9/5: Labor Day, no school

    • 9/9: fire drill 

    • 9/12 - Pre-K - First day of school 

    • 9/13: PTA restaurant night, Sparky’s Pizza 

    • 9/14-15: School Pictures 

    • 9/15: 1st day of Hispanic Heritage Month

    • 9/15, 10am: 3rd grade, Lin, Tran to Milagro

    • 9/15, 12:45pm: 4th grade, 5th grade, Khan to Milagro

    • 9/16, 1:30pm: 1st grade to Milagro 

    • 9/20, 6pm: PTA Meeting 

    • 9/22, 6-7:30: Black Family Night, Dr MLK Jr 

    • 9/23: Teacher Professional Development, NO SCHOOL 

    • 9/29, 8:45am - Cafe Latino

    • 9/29, 5:30-7pm - Back to School Night


    Welcome back to school from the PTA! ¡Bienvenida a la escuela de parte de la PTA! 


    Hello and welcome to the new school year! 


    We're writing to share a PTA welcome packet (attached) and our new website: www.mlkjrpta.org


    In the packet and on the website, you can find information on:


    Our mission and the names and contact info of the PTA board and committee chairs. www.mlkjrpta.org


    A calendar with PTA meetings, community gatherings and events for the year. www.mlkjrpta.org/calendar


    A sign-up form to get updates and event reminders, and to get more involved. www.mlkjrpta.org/signup


    A link to make a donation if you'd like to support financially. www.mlkjrpta.org/donate


    If you have any questions or anything you'd like to discuss please feel free to email our Communications Chair, Stephen, at welcome@mlkjrpta.org and he'll respond or forward your message to the right place. 


    Looking forward to this school year together! 


    - Your Dr. MLK Jr. PTA Board 


    Esta carta está escrita en español e inglés 


    2 de septiembre de 2022


    ¡Qué gran semana primera de clases tuvimos! Todo el trabajo duro que todos pusieron en la preparación para el año escolar valió la pena para ver las sonrisas en los rostros de todos los estudiantes. Tuve la oportunidad de visitar muchas de nuestras clases esta semana. Algunos aspectos memorables incluyeron ver a los alumnos de segundo grado fingir como si fueran castores, ver la cara educada de un maestro al comer la yema de huevo del pastel de luna (¡festival de mediados de otoño el próximo fin de semana!), ver a un maestro de kinder consolando a un estudiante mientras  una mascota de la clase reptil en su hombro, y viendo a los estudiantes de todas las edades correr hacia sus maestros del año pasado con abrazos grandes e historias del verano. 


    Día de Atención Comunitaria: Muchas gracias a los voluntarios, miembros de la comunidad y personal que asistieron a nuestro Día de Atención Comunitaria. ¡Si mirás los terrenos de nuestra escuela, puedes decir que fue un gran éxito! Hay algunas fotos del día Aquí


    Calendario escolar: Esta semana enviamos copias de esta casa en carpetas rojas, pero aquí hay una copia electrónica de nuestro calendario escolar del primer trimestre. Este calendario vinculado tiene algunas ediciones ya que tuvimos algunos cambios de última hora en nuestras excursiones al Teatro Milagro para los grados 1-5. 


    Neighborhood House: Nuestro programa está buscando maestros y asistencia de maestros para trabajar en nuestros programas antes y después de la escuela. Tenemos posiciones abiertas de 20 horas, 30 horas o 40 horas. Tendrías que estar disponible entre las 3 y las 6 de la tarde. Nuestro sitio web es Casa de Barrio| Ayudando a los vecinos a ayudarse a sí mismos (nhpdx.org)


    Dejar y recoger a los estudiantes: Después de esta semana de clases, hemos solucionado algunos atascos de peatones con nuestros lugares para dejar y recoger a los niños por la mañana. Sus maestros se comunicarán con usted sobre cualquier ubicación usará para recoger y dejar. Es importante que las personas sigan las reglas de tránsito y no se estacionen frente a la entrada principal, ya que esa es nuestra zona de carga de autobuses. 


    El lunes no hay clases porque es feriado. Veremos a casi todos de regreso, incluidos todos nuestros niños de kindergarten, el martes 6 de septiembre. ¡Pre K comienza la semana siguiente el 12 de septiembre! 






    Fechas y recordatorios importantes: 

    • 5/9: Día del Trabajo, no hay clases

    • 9/9: Simulacro de incendio 

    • 12/9: Pre-K primer día de clases

    • 15/9, 10 am: El grado 3, Lin, Tran to Milagro

    • 15/9, 12:45pm: El grado 4, el grado 5, Khan to Milagro

    • 16/9, 1:30pm: El grado 1 a Milagro 

    • 20/9, 6pm:  Reunión de PTA 

    • 22/9, 6-7:30 pm: La noche de las familias negras a la escuela

    • 29/9, 5:30-7pm - La noche de regreso escolar


    ¡Hola y bienvenidos al nuevo año escolar!


    Estamos escribiendo para compartir un paquete de bienvenida de la PTA (adjunto) y nuestra nueva página web: www.mlkjrpta.org


    En el paquete y en el sitio web, puede encontrar información sobre:


    Nuestra misión y los nombres e información de contacto de la junta directiva de la PTA y los presidentes de los comités. www.mlkjrpta.org


    Un calendario con las reuniones de la PTA, encuentros comunitarios y eventos para el año. www.mlkjrpta.org/calendar


    Un formulario de registro para recibir actualizaciones y recordatorios de eventos, y para participar más. www.mlkjrpta.org/signup


    Un enlace para hacer una donación si quiere apoyar económicamente. www.mlkjrpta.org/donate


    Si tiene alguna pregunta o algo que le gustaría conversar, envíe un correo electrónico a nuestro Presidente de Comunicaciones, Stephen, a welcome@mlkjrpta.org y él responderá o reenviará tu mensaje al lugar correcto. 


    ¡Esperamos este año escolar juntos! 


    - Su junta directiva de la PTA de la escuela Dr. MLK Jr. 






    Newsletter: February 11th, 2022

    Hello Dr MLK Families,

    Thank you to all of our performers, staff, partners, volunteers and family members who were able to join us last week for our Global Celebration! The growth continues on as our students learn about notable figures in the Black Community, both past and present for the month of February and beyond.  

    Vaccine clinic: I wanted to share with you a vaccine event that we will be hosting at Self Enhancement Inc. on Friday February 18th from 2pm-7pm. Anyone over the age of 5 is welcome, we will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd and booster doses available, as well as the flu shot. Appointments are encouraged but not required. www.selfenhancement.org/vaccine

    Lost and Found: Tomorrow will be the last day that the lost and found will be outside. After Friday, all items will be donated.

    Connect to Kindergarten: Do you have an incoming kindergartener or know of someone who is planning to send their kindergartener to Dr MLK Jr Elementary? If so, please pass along this flyer detailing our Connect to Kindergarten events! One of our goals is to increase our enrollment so that we are able to provide a full scope of service (including art, PE, music, dance and world language exposure to everyone). Please share widely the reason why just a few weeks ago we were all fighting to keep the DREAM, and our school, alive!

    We have an in person tour and info session on FEBRUARY 16th, 2022   6:00 PM

    and a  Virtual event: March 1, 2022, 6:00 PM Meeting link: meet.google.com/yyn-nvji-ihj or call ‪617-675-4444‬ PIN: ‪136 677 702 3623‬#

    MIP 1st grade lottery: We will be opening up 24 spots to 1st graders who want to join our Mandarin Immersion Program. Do you know of a family who wants to share the benefits and wonders of learning a second or third language? Please encourage them to apply to our lottery! 

    National school counselors’ week: Please join me in showing your appreciation to Ms. Peake, our dedicated, passionate, fun and caring school counselor. School counselors are the unsung heroes of today’s school system, agents of social change. Ms. Peake touches the lives of every single child in this school, and advocates for them every single day. 

    Take care everyone,




    Important Dates and Reminders:

    • 2/1-2/28: Black History Month

    • 2/21: Presidents’ day, no school 

    • 2/25, 3pm: blacktop PTA celebration 

    • 3/17, 9am: principal chat, Link to join here

    • 3/19-3/27: spring break, no school 

    More opportunities and programs: 


    Hola familias del Dr. MLK:

    ¡Gracias a todos nuestros artistas, personal, socios, voluntarios y familiares que pudieron unirse a nosotros la semana pasada para nuestra celebración global! El crecimiento continúa a medida que nuestros estudiantes aprenden sobre figuras notables en la comunidad negra, tanto pasadas como presentes durante el mes de febrero y más allá.  

    Clínica de vacunas: Quería compartir con ustedes un evento de vacunas que organizaremos en Self Enhancement Inc. el viernes 18 de febrerode 2 pm a 7 pm. Cualquier persona mayor de 5 años es bienvenida, tendremos disponibles la 1ra, 2da,3ra y dosis de refuerzo, así como la vacuna contra la gripe. Las citas son recomendadas pero no obligatorias. www.selfenhancement.org/vaccine

    Lost and Found: Mañana será el último día en que los objetos perdidos y encontrados estarán afuera. Después del viernes, todos los artículos serán donados.

    Conéctese al jardín de infantes: ¿Tiene un niño de jardín de infantes entrante o conoce a alguien que planea enviar a su niño de jardín de infantes a la escuela primaria Dr MLK Jr? Si es así, ¡envíe este folleto que detalla nuestros eventos Connect to Kindergarten! Uno de nuestros objetivos es aumentar nuestra inscripción para que podamos brindar un alcance completo de servicio (que incluye arte, educación física, música, danza y exposición a idiomas del mundo para todos). ¡Por favor comparta ampliamente la razón por la cual hace solo unas semanas todos estábamos luchando para mantener vivo el SUEÑO y nuestra escuela!

    Tenemos un recorrido en persona y una sesión de información el 16 de FEBRERO de 2022 a las 6:00 p

    y un evento virtual: el 1 de marzo de 2022 a las 6:00 p. -675-4444 PIN: 136 677 702 3623#

    MIP Lotería de primer grado: abriremos 24 lugares para estudiantes de primer grado que quieran unirse a nuestro programa de inmersión en mandarín. ¿Conoces a una familia que quiera compartir los beneficios y las maravillas de aprender un segundo o tercer idioma? ¡Anímelos a aplicar a nuestra lotería! 

    Semana nacional de los consejeros escolares: Únase a mí para mostrar su agradecimiento a la Sra. Peake, nuestra consejera escolar dedicada, apasionada, divertida y cariñosa. Los consejeros escolares son los héroes anónimos del sistema escolar actual, agentes de cambio social. La Sra. Peake influye en la vida de todos los niños de esta escuela y los defiende todos los días. 

    Cuídense todos,




    Fechas y recordatorios importantes:

    • 2/1-2/28: Mes de la historia

    • afroamericana 2/21: Día de los presidentes, no hay clases 

    • 2/25, 3 p. m.: celebración de la PTA en el asfalto 

    • 3/17, 9 a. m.: charla con el director, enlace para unirse aquí

    • 3/19-3/27: vacaciones de primavera, no hay clases 

    Más oportunidades y programas: