• Benson Stories

    We are launching a brand new project to help preserve the history of Benson Polytechnic High School through storytelling. We are compiling an archive of interviews with Benson alums, former Benson teachers, and anyone who has a personal connection to Benson. This project is being incorporated into classroom curriculum, as current Benson students from KBPS Radio Broadcasting and the Communication Design Academy are writing the questions, conducting the interviews, and publishing the content.


    Anyone wishing to add their voice and stories to the archive should email KBPS Instructor Jacob Patterson


    Interviews can be recorded virtually via Zoom or Google Meet, or in-person at KBPS.

    You can also record your Benson Stories via telephone by calling our recording line at 503-916-5101. If you choose to record via phone please clearly say: 1) Your full name 2) Your connection to Benson 3) Your favorite BHS story / Most memorable story 4) Please describe what you remember about the space / Did you have a favorite area you liked most? 5) If you are a former student: What was your Major and how has your Benson education helped you in life? 6) Please leave contact information if you'd like to be interviewed by Benson students further. 


    Benson Stories - Completed Interviews

    Benson Stories Interview #1 - Sarah Harlan, widow of John Harlan. Mr. Harlan taught senior year Physics at Benson for 25 years from 1973 - 1998, and served as the Science Department Chair. Before Benson, Mr. Harlan worked on the Saturn V rocket that went to the moon. Mr. Harlan passed away in 2012. This pilot interview was conducted by Jacob Patterson, KBPS Instructor, as a model for students.

    Click Here To Watch The Full Interview   


    Benson Stories Interview #2 - Peter and John Koonce. John graduated from Benson, class of 1958. John's son Peter graduated from Benson, class of 1991. Peter's son graduated from Benson, class of 2021! KBPS students interview Peter and John, two generations of BHS alums, about their experiences at Benson, their favorite memories, and how Benson has served them in life. 

    Click Here To Watch The Full Interview