Benson High School

Benson Polytechnic High School
United by Spirit, Bonded by Name

546 NE 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97232Ph 503-916-5100Fx (503) 916-2690

Ph Fx

Ph Fx

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    Front of KBPS
    Exterior of the AM 1450 KBPS Broadcast Center
    at Benson High School



     ON AIR Students

    Students on the air in the AM 1450 KBPS Control Room


     Control Board

    Close-up AM 1450 KBPS Control Console
    & on-air computer system


     Production Room

    AM 1450 KBPS Production Room


     Tech Gear

    Some of the equipment that keeps AM 1450 KBPS on the air


     Radio Tower

    The AM 1450 KBPS 200 foot self-supporting
    steel broadcast tower on the
    Benson High School Campus