Summer Sound 2022

  • Welcome to the Summer Sound webpage! Here, you'll find information about Summer Sound 2022's upcoming projects, blog posts, and more!

    Summer Sound is a high-school youth job program hosted by 1450 AM, KBPS on the campus of Benson Polytechnic High School. Benson High School's Radio Broadcasting students receive an opportunity to be hired and receive modern-day experiences revolving around communication and radio broadcasting. Summer Sounders gain experience in news casting, speaking, editing, interviewing, and more!


    If you'd like to request a song, give us a call on our Talkback line at: 503-916-5101.


    Give KBPS a call to request a song at 503-916-5101

  • Wednesday Theme Days (Completed)

    July 6 2022: Hero Day

    July 13, 2022: Supernatural Day | Hauntingly themed songs

    July 20, 2022: Throwback Wednesday | Oldies - Songs from the 50's to 90's

    August 3, 2022: Dance Party Wednesday | Upbeat songs that are themed around partying and enjoying life

    August 10, 2022: Wacky Wednesday | Crazy songs that don't seem to have a meaning    


    Potential Theme Days:

    Mysterious Day | "Different" songs that no one has heard of or are confusing  

    Pop Hop | Pop and hip hop music only and is "bright and in your face"

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