• Richard Kinoshita

    74        rbt                   Freshman year 1974 on-air at KBPS 1450am                 aka air-names Rick Shaw & Rick Bubba Taylor
                                                Richard Kinoshita - Broadcast Operations Manager

    I recall my freshman year walking into the school radio station at Benson Polytechnic High School not knowing this would be the beginning of my amazing 44-year commercial broadcasting career in Portland. The KBPS experience ignited this young 14-year-old passion for radio, even though the thought of speaking in front of people, let alone to thousands listening at home, work and cars left me terrified and speechless. It was through this incredible program I overcame my fears and gained the self-confidence needed to achieve my broadcast dreams of hosting some of Portland's most successful radio shows as well as managing the programming and music departments.

    KBPS 1450am was the foundation and stepping stone that allowed me to work for some of largest broadcast media companies in the country; CBS Radio, Scripps-Howard, Clear Channel/iHeart radio and Entercom/Audacy. This once microphone-shy KBPS student from SE Portland ended up voicing commercials for some of the most successful brands in the world; VISA, Disney, Ford, Chevrolet and Alaska Airlines. It's amazing how life sometimes brings us full-circle! That being said, after this unbelievable broadcast journey, I am extremely honored to return back to my broadcast home and become the Operations Manager of KBPS Portland.

  • Jacob Patterson


    Jacob & Parents
    Jacob Patterson - Broadcasting Program Instructor (with his parents)

    I am forever thankful and grateful my career in radio broadcasting started at KBPS. During my time at KBPS, I was selected by my classmates as the KBPS Student Chief of Staff. I was part of the first KBPS Radio team to win the National SkillsUSA Radio Audio Production competition in Kansas City in 2006. I also received the Kevin Reilly Award for Leadership and Professionalism as a KBPS student. I was hired by Portland Public Schools as part of the KBPS Summer Sound program three separate times and severed as KBPS Election Night Co-Anchor in 2012.

    I have worked for many radio stations and programs across Portland and in Washington, D.C. since graduating from KBPS, including AM 1190 KEX, AM 860 KPAM, AM 620 KPOJ, 105.1 the Buzz, The Thom Hartmann Program, and 1480 WPWC. From 2016 to 2021 I worked at Fm News 101 KXL starting as a news anchor and reporter, then becoming KXL Morning News Editor and Content Manager. I have also created my own original independent radio and video program that was syndicated on terrestrial radio and various online stream outlets.  

    I am beyond thrilled and excited to be the next KBPS Radio and Communications teacher. I want to help inspire a real positive difference in the lives of students because I will never forget my teachers like Kevin Flink and Steve Naganuma who helped me achieve my success. Giving back to KBPS and dedicating my life to helping Benson thrive is an honor and privilege that is a dream come true. I recognize the effort required of me to serve all students and I am committed to achieving and excelling at it. I genuinely care about the KBPS program, Benson Polytechnic High School, and our students. I want to see them succeed like I have.

    Having the opportunity to learn from communications and media professionals, using state of the art broadcasting equipment, and evolving the classroom curriculum as the industry changes makes KBPS a top destination for communications education and allows students to learn transferable, lifelong skills that will prepare them for a successful career and life.

    I have always been proud to be a Benson Polytechnic and KBPS graduate. I cannot wait to continue contributing to our program’s legacy. I love learning and teaching. I look forward to doing both at KBPS for a long time. Thank you so much for this amazing and humbling honor.

    Outside of the classroom and studio my passions are bowling, fishing, the outdoors, animals, and music.