• Dear GHS Community,

    At Grant High School, we recognize that cell phones are an important part of our students' lives and can be used for various purposes such as communication, education, entertainment, and safety. However, we also believe that cell phone use in the classroom can be a source of distraction, disruption, and disrespect; and cell phones can sometimes interfere with our students’ learning process and our school climate. Therefore, we have established the following cell phone policy to balance the benefits and drawbacks of cell phone use at school.

    1. Students are not allowed to use cell phones during class time, including in the hallways. This includes texting, calling, browsing, gaming, social media, or any other activity that involves the use of a cell phone.

    2. During class time, cell phones must be stored away in the caddies provided by the teacher.

    3. Cell phones must be turned off or silenced and must not be visible or accessible to the students.

    4. Students may use their cell phones before school, at lunchtime, and during passing time. However, students must follow the school rules and expectations regarding appropriate interactions and respectful behavior when using their cell phones.

    5. We ask that parents call the school office at (503) 916-5160 if there is an emergency and they need to reach their child. The office staff will relay the message to the student or the teacher as soon as possible. Please do not call or text your child directly during class time as this may disrupt the learning environment.

    If a student violates the cell phone policy:

    1. A first violation will result in their cell phone being held in the school office until lunch or after school.

    2. A second violation will result in the cell phone being held for the entire day. The student will also receive a warning and a call home to inform their parent or guardian of their violation.

    3. A third violation will result in the cell phone being held until the parent or guardian comes to pick it up.

    Please note, due to extenuating circumstances, there will be a few exceptions to this new policy. We appreciate your cooperation and support in enforcing this cell phone policy. We believe that this policy will help us create a positive and productive learning environment for all our students and staff.


    James McGee, Principal