• We Are Sitton

    Sitton Elementary is located in the far north corner of St. Johns in Portland, Oregon and serves approximately 350 students in grades K-5 as well as two Head Start classrooms.  We are a neighborhood school that welcomes and nurtures students and families of all backgrounds and abilities, creating a close-knit and comfortable community.  We strive to use our students' diverse skills and backgrounds to help them reach their greatest potential as learners, leaders, and as agents of change in our school, community, and world. Below is what we call our "True North", or our purpose statement as a school.

    Sitton Elementary School True North

    At Sitton Elementary School, we take full and collective responsibility for the academic outcomes of our learners. We are committed to building joyful and inclusive classroom communities that foster independence, curiosity, rich academic discourse and superlative outcomes for all students. To achieve this, we are developing a courageous learning organization that is data-driven, accountable and understands that through reflection and embracing change, student demographics will no longer be a predictor of academic outcomes.