• Structure of the Day

    Our school day runs from 8:45 AM - 3:15 PM. Students can enter the building at 8:20 for breakfast. At 8:40 they can head to class.  

    da Vinci follows a 7-period/47minute class schedule every day of the week, except on occasions when we have a special schedule for a specific event or activity. Students experience the same 7 classes in the same sequence all five days of the week, with 3 or 4 classes in the morning or afternoon, depending on which lunch they have. There are two lunch groups. There is a 30-minute lunch/recess time.  There are 4 minutes of passing time between periods to visit lockers, use the restroom and get to the next class. There are a few extra minutes during the first period for sharing the Daily Bulletin in class to keep our students informed about events, opportunities, and community hot topics.

    All students have one of these classes a day: 

    •  English Language Arts (ELA) 
    •  Mathematics
    •  Science 
    •  Social Studies 

    The other classes are either Arts classes, Health, AVID for 6th graders, or a combination of Arts and Study Skills, based on the student's needs and interests. English Language Arts and most Arts classes are mixed grade levels. Science and Social Studies for our 7th and 8th graders are also mixed-upper grade sections. All students must take at least one-quarter term of Dance to meet our PE requirement. At da Vinci, PE is Dance.

    All students take at least one-quarter of health each year. Most sixth-grade students take one quarter of AVID and AVID is also offered to upper-grade students as an elective. 

    All other electives are in the Arts, including several levels of Dance, Drama, Drama Tech, Choir, and Band, Visual Arts, African Drumming,  and Guitar and Creative Writing. 

    Students with an IEP are generally scheduled with a Learning Center Special Education teacher for a Study Skills period. 

    There are no after-care programs at da Vinci. Unless your student is in a supervised activity, we expect students to leave campus at 3:15 unless they are in a sponsored activity.