• Safe, Fair, and Friendly

    home away from home

    In order for our community to be as SAFE, FAIR, AND FRIENDLY as it can be, it is important for us to follow our Student Agreements and Community Expectations Talks! When we all understand and honor these principles and conditions, we are supporting everyone in experiencing da Vinci as a home-away-from-home. 
    Student Agreements
    We step up and take action in a safe, fair, and friendly way.
    We respect each other and ourselves.
    We respect our property and our art.
    We think before we speak.
    We are non-violent in our words and actions.
    It's okay to be different because we are inclusive and accepting.
    ~ Agreements developed by dV students in 2013-14
    It is ALSO important for students to communicate with adults in the building when there are issues or concerns. We will help to resolve situations by sharing perspectives and working to repair harm through our Restorative Responsibility processes. 
    For student interactions of concern, please speak with an adult - we are all here to support students! It may be helpful to first complete this Student Incident Report Form that can be picked up and turned-in at the Main Office, the Counselor's Office, or from the Assistant Principal and Principal (or download by clicking on the link). We started using this form in 2015-16 and have already experienced it as a great help in supporting everyone when something goes wrong!