• Attendance

    Student attendance is critical for academic success. If your child is absent from a virtual
    learning class and there is a reason, please contact attendance at
    grantattend@pps.net or call 503-916-5171 and leave a message.

    Our Attendance Secretary will be checking emails and voice messages throughout the day. 

    Attendance will be taken during both synchronous and asynchronous learning. During
    synchronous, or “live” instruction, attendance will be taken by being present in the class
    meeting. During asynchronous learning, attendance will be taken through a variety of mediums,
    including the completion of assignments, contacting teachers, and meeting with the teacher in
    small groups. GHS will notify parents/guardians via automated phone call when a student is
    absent without an excuse
    the day following an absence . The State of Oregon requires schools to
    “drop” all students if they have missed more than half of their classes for 10 consecutive days.
    Please make sure to stay in touch with our attendance office if your student will be unable to
    attend online so that we can excuse the absence.