Course Request Information



    On Line Course Request will open for 2021-2022 school year on

    January 29 thru February 17, 2021

    For 10th, 11th & 12th Grades only

    Counselors presentation: 

    Current 9th Grade      Video         Slide Presentation  

    Current 10th Grade    Video         Slide Presentation          

    Current 11th Grade     Video         Slide Presentation


    You will login to your Student VUE account, then click on Course Request at the left of your screen.

    PLEASE watch the video before you start to put in your course requests.  Many of your questions should be answered, if not please contact your counselor. Watch Video Click Here

  • Course Request for 2021-22 (Current students)

    Have questions about your Course Requests for 2021-22?

    Please contact your counselor or the Counseling office.

    Course Requests for 2021-22 begins on January 29, 2021!

    Counselors will be connecting with students:

    Current 9th Grade:  Inquiry Class 1/19 to 1/22 and 2/4,2/5, 2/8 & 2/9  


    Course Request Events:

    Current 10th Grade:  February 3, 2021  9:30 am 

    Current 11th Grade:  February 3, 2021 10:30am




  • Click here to start your ONLINE course requests for 2021-22

    Please note that the ability to do course requests in Student VUE will not go live until January 29, 2021 and will close March 1, 2021.



    Course Request Forms & Documents:

    You can find all of the forms and documents you will need for making your Course Requests at the left of this page under Course Guides & Documents.

    (Please note if the Documents & Forms you are looking for are not here at this time check back later to view them)


    If you do not find what you are looking for in regards to Course Requests, please email April Martin at amartin2@pps.net.