• Course Request for 2024-2025 (Current students)

    Course Requests for 2024-2025 begins on January 10 & 11, 2024.

    You will receive your Course Requesting Form in the following classes on that date:

    Current 9th Grade9th Grade Inquiry

    Current 10th Grade:  English 3-4

    Current 11th Grade:  Living in the U.S.

    NOTE: All course request forms are due back to teachers by January 19th!

    Counselors will pull students from classes one by one.  At that time, they will answer questions and check that your online course request is complete.  Students will be pulled from the following classes on the following dates.

    January 16-17 - current freshman from 9th Grade Inquiry

    January 18-19 - current sophomores from English 3-4

    January 22-23 - current juniors from Living in the U.S.

    Counselors will be available in their offices for individual follow-up on January 24-26, 2024.

  • Having trouble putting your

    Alternates in the order you want them?

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  •  Please complete your

    Course Request Planning Form


    watch the online course request video  

    before entering your course requests in Student Vue on the course request tab.

    Click here to start your ONLINE course requests for 2024-2025

    Please note that the ability to do course requests in Student VUE will not go live until January 10, 2024 and will close January 19, 2024.

  • Course Request Forms & Documents:

    You can find all of the forms and documents you will need for making your Course Requests at the left of this page under Course Guides & Documents.

    (Please note if the Documents & Forms you are looking for are not here at this time check back later to view them)


    If you do not find what you are looking for in regards to Course Requests, please email Kara Coffey at kacoffey@pps.net.