• Rigler-Alameda Sister School Partnership

    Our History

    Alameda parents attended PPS boundary change meetings in 2015-16 and heard parents from other elementary schools in very close proximity to Alameda talk about the shortage of resources at their schools. Many classrooms lack basic supplies, like books, and don’t have funding for electives.

    A group of Alameda parents met to brainstorm how to tackle some of these basic inequities at the community level. We decided to start by working with Rigler Elementary School, a school about a mile away from Alameda whose kids eventually join ours at Beaumont Middle School. We reached out to the Rigler PTA, and since then have been working collaboratively to identify needs and opportunities to fill gaps at both schools. In June of 2016, the Sister School Partnership was formed. Teachers, parents, PTA leaders, administrators and kids from both schools have been providing support for this initiative. Since this initiative is a partnership, we make collaborative decisions about activities and resources with leadership from both schools.

    Through this work, we hope to bring a cultural and human exchange dimension to our children and the community, while helping to bridge a little bit of the socio-economic gap in our neighborhood. We hope this is a great opportunity for our children to feel they can exchange and contribute beyond the scope of their immediate surroundings, and to expand the sense of belonging they already have to a neighborhood, a community, a society and a world.

    Our Goal

    To enrich and expand all our kids’ experiences and bridge gaps (socioeconomic, academic, racial and cultural) before they enter Beaumont Middle School together.

    Our Activities

    The 2016-17 school year is our inaugural year, and so we are focusing on a few initiatives we are confident will be successful:  

    1. Collaborative Arts Project: Art teachers from both schools will work with fifth graders to create a collaborative project.

    2. Sister Classrooms: Seven classrooms at each school have been paired with a same grade class at the other school to write to pen pals, and explore other cultural exchange opportunities.

    3. Books: Rigler has identified books, including Spanish books and basic leveled readers as an important and immediate need. Alameda will help by collecting books for Rigler through a variety of events throughout the year. Stay tuned for more information!


    Get Involved

    We are always looking for enthusiastic folks to help grow this work! We meet on the second Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 pm. Please join us!

    Contact Us

    Nancy Goff, Alameda parent, nancy055@gmail.com

    Claire Grandmougin, Alameda parent, claire_grand@hotmail.com

    Liz Ezetta, Alameda parent, eezetta@mac.com

    Noelle Studer-Spevak, Rigler parent & PTA President, noellest@gmail.com

    Nathan Means, Beaumont parent, nathanbmeans@yahoo.com