• The Alameda Green Team

    The Alameda Green Team strives to reduce our school's environmental footprint by educating students, parents, staff, and other community members on the best ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our initial focus has been on reducing our consumption and reducing the waste we generate from unnecessary packaging. A couple of the ways we’re doing that include:

    Waste Free Lunch. We have many volunteers who help separate out food scraps for recycling and we will be encouraging “boomerang” lunches---pack it in & pack it home, so we can reduce the waste generated at lunchtime at our school. We encourage you to read more about food waste at Alameda and ways you can help!

    Party Packs. We’re stocking classrooms with sets of reusable dishes to be used for classroom parties so we can avoid the waste generated when using disposable items.

    Annual Classroom Cleanout. We collect things like pencils, crayons, markers, erasers, paper, scissors, etc. and donate to places like the YCare, Schoolhouse Supplies, Scrap and goodwill. We also send certain things for recycling when they can't be reused.

    Recycling Events & Other Activities for Earth Day and every day!