• Alameda School Field Improvement Project

    Efforts are underway to replace the field at Alameda Elementary to provide a safe, clean, fun field for our kids to play on.

    Long Term Plans

    The Field Improvement Project Committee is working on fundraising plans and seeking grants for a more comprehensive refurbishment of the field. If you have experience with writing grant proposals and would like to help in this effort please contact Dana Peterson or Aimee Samuelson at Alamedafield@alamedafield.org.

    The plans will require $300,000 for initial capital improvements that will include:

    • repairing and improving drainage
    • re-grading the field
    • installation of substrate and artificial turf or natural grass
    • re-landscaping the west end border of the field

    Additional funds will also be needed to maintain the field for many years to come (including upgrades to fencing).

    View renderings of the plan approved and endorsed by PPS.

    Interim Repairs

    As a result of collaboration between the Field Improvement Team and PPS, the maintenance crew at PPS is working on interim improvements to the field until a more comprehensive refurbishment is possible. The immediate repairs include filling in the hole in the center of the field, aerating and reseeding. PPS will also be working to repair the existing irrigation system on the field so that we have the ability to irrigate throughout the summer to ensure a better grass field next fall.

    From time to time you may notice temporary fencing or signs placed around portions of the field. Please pay close attention to these signs and follow instructions. There will be times when we are asked to keep everyone off the field, especially dogs as they do more damage than shoes!


  • Grant Writers Needed
    Efforts are underway to solicit funds to help replace the field at Alameda Elementary. The Alameda Field Improvement Team is currently working to secure funding from corporate donors and investigating grant opportunities. If you can lend a hand writing grant applications the team would like to talk to you!

    If you can help, please contact alamedafield@alamedafield.org


    Existing vs. Proposed
    Click on the image to view renderings of the field.

    Existing Field vs. Proposed Field