Jacob Patterson Class Information

Benson's Back to School Night will be fully virtual and will be held Thursday, September 30th from 6:30-8pm. 

KBPS Radio Instructor Jacob Patterson will be presenting information about the KBPS Program for families and will be available for questions. I'm really looking forward to meeting more of our KBPS community and building bonds together!

Click here for Benson's Virtual Back To School Night page

Click here to view Jacob's KBPS Back To School Night Slideshow

Click here for a copy of the KBPS Syllabus for radio students and families.

Click here for more information about the KBPS Program Curriculum

You can watch a short video here to learn more about AM 1450 KBPS - Portland's second oldest radio station  

Click here to read more about Jacob Patterson at KBPS

Click here for the PPS Covid-19 Dashboard - Information on number of covid cases at PPS

In Jacob Patterson's KBPS Radio class, Zeros in Synergy (ParentVue/StudentVue) are place-holders for assignments not submitted correctly or not submitted yet. Students should re-submit assignments until full points are earned. I am very diligent about entering points by the next school day once assignments are submitted. If you see Zeros in your student's Synergy, please offer encouragement at home to complete the work in Canvas. Once students turn in the assignment correctly they will be given full credit.

Grading - Assignments and classwork makes up 70% of total grade. Tests make up 30% of total grade. All tests are open notes and open book. Students may retake a test as many times as they would like, only the highest score is kept on the grade book. Extra credit is possible for things like recording yourself listening to live PIL sportcasting on our station AM 1450 KBPS, and for taking extra notes during lectures on test material. 

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