Summer Sound Week 2 & Interview Opportunities

Week 2 of Summer Sound has come and gone and we’ve been working hard to move forward and get to full capacity! We greatly appreciate all of the calls we’ve received from our listeners who are tuning in. Not only are we grateful to you for listening, but also for interacting with us and helping us become the best (high school) station in the city! We’re also working extremely hard to ensure that our media library is continuously growing- allowing us to play almost any song requested and ensuring that we keep up with trending music.

With the station running at full steam, we here at KBPS all think it’s about time to host some interviews! We’re looking for anyone involved in nonprofits, local organizations, and education-based backgrounds who would be interested in coming and telling us about their experiences. Opportunities to interview are available in person or online over zoom. 

Every year, KBPS holds interviews with the elected Rose Festival Princesses from each school. Special interviews we held earlier this year include 2022 Miss Oregon Arielle Freytag & Miss Teen Oregon Alaina McClanen-Clemons, Portland Commissioner Dan Ryan, who’s in charge of housing and development directives in the city of Portland, as well as PDX City Council Candidate AJ McCreary, who is also the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Equitable Giving Circle. You can go to the audio tab to hear the recordings of all of these interviews for yourself.

Here at KBPS, we’re all about keeping our local community in the loop. We believe that communication builds unity. It’s our job as a radio station to get the relevant information to the affected people, and if you have that relevant information, we will gladly get it out there! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have, and we hope to get your voice on the air and spread your message! Even if you aren’t involved in a nonprofit or a local organization, you should still give us a call anyway! Let us know what you like about the program so far, and if you have any tips, we will be happy to accept kind and constructive criticism. Thank you for choosing AM 1450 KBPS as your go-to station!