Throwback Wednesday by Giovanno F

Hi, this is Giovanno F., a Summer Sound newscaster and DJ for AM 1450 KBPS Portland, the best radio station in town. We just had our weekly Wednesday theme day, and this one was Throwback-themed!

Only songs that were 20 or over 20 years old were allowed, and that got me thinking. What is my favorite oldie song? This was a hard question to answer for me because I only listen to 70’s-90’s songs, so it was hard for me to choose.

With many great songwriters of that era, from Michael Jackson, to even The Spice Girls, there are so many fantastic songs. After a lot of soul searching, I came to the conclusion that my favorite oldie song is Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor, because I just love the kick-ass feel it has.

I also had a question for everyone that’s viewing this post. What is your favorite oldie song? You can answer this question by calling the station at (503)916-5101 and sending us a voice message to us at KBPS Portland. We may be able to play your favorite oldie on our radio. Times are 10:00a - 12:50p, and 1:30p - 4:20p! Rock on!