• How will I know what is my Neighborhood High School?
    If you live in Whitman boundaries you will go to Cleveland and if you live in Woodmere or Kelly boundaries you will go to Franklin. Click here to see school boundary maps.

    What if I want to go to the High School my sibling is going to or the school they are at and it is not my new Neighborhood school?
    Apply online during the School Choice Transfer Cycle to go to the same school as your sibling. Siblings will have preference, but there is no guarantee your transfer will be approved.

    What schools can I apply to transfer to?
    Schools you can apply to transfer to: BensonJefferson or the neighborhood school that your older sibling attends or will attend (MadisonFranklin, and Cleveland).

    When can I apply to a HIGH SCHOOL that is not my neighborhood high school?
    The high school transfer cycle for the 2016-17 school year opens in January, 2017 and closes in February, 2017.  Please check here for updated dates and times.

    How do I apply?
    You can apply online through the following link: www.pps.net/Page/2343 OR you can fill out an application in person at the Enrollment & Transfer Center at 501 N. Dixon St. | Suite 140 | Portland, OR 97227

    When will I choose my classes for High School?
    High School Counselors will visit Lane in the spring and meet with you to forecast your 9th grade classes

    What if I want to go to David Douglas, Milwaukee High School, or Clackamas High School?
    These are not Portland Public Schools therefore you need to apply for an inter-district transfer with the school district you want to go to.  This is something you and your family must apply to on your own.