College Rep. Visits in PPS for the 2021-22 School Year

    During the pandemic PPS shifted to having college rep. visits held virtually given CDL. College coordinators collectively decided to host these virtual visits district-wide so any PPS student would have access to meet with any college rep. who scheduled a visit.  With this shift, we were able to expand the access to college reps. for thousands of students across our district. The shift to virtual visits represented a significant increase in the number of students able to access college information. 

    Beginning Fall 2021, all college reps. will be required to host a virtual visit as a prerequisite to scheduling an in-person visit at any school. This will continue to allow all students district-wide to access to college rep. visits, as well as allow for in-person visits at some schools, which we know is a desired format for some students and colleges. College coordinators will be the point of contact for scheduling in-person visits for their school. Once the virtual visit is scheduled and is visible in Maia Learning, the college coordinator will schedule an in-person visit for their school.


    College reps. can schedule virtual visits directly in Maia Learning. Below are step by step directions for scheduling a district wide virtual visit with us.



    Maia Learning Instructions for College Reps. requesting a virtual rep. visit

    You can also watch this brief video.


    Step 1: Signup your university with Maia Learning here.


    Step 2: Once you have established an account with Maia Learning you are able to schedule visits. Click on Schedule College Visit.


    Step 3: For Portland Public Schools we have established a district calendar where we will manage all virtual college rep. visits for the district and share with all high schools allowing signup capabilities to all high school students across the district. To access the PPS Calendar in Maia Learning select Country, State and “Portland Public Schools” as the school to access our district calendar with available visit slots. Note: Schools have been instructed to not approve any request for visits for their individual high schools.  


    Below is a snapshot of the available times we have for district wide virtual college visits for the 2021-22 school year.









    Step 4: Select your desired rep. visit date and enter your virtual meeting link that students will use to enter your visit. We are asking all colleges to sign up for one visit this season.  Our state colleges (PSU, OSU and University of Oregon) who typically have a high demand are welcome to sign up for up to 3 slots. 


    If you have any questions regarding this process please contact Marquita Guzman mguzman@pps.net, HS Counselor on Special Assignment