College Rep. Visits in PPS for the 2022-2023 School Year

    Historically, college rep. visits are scheduled individually by college reps. based upon their own discretion. We recognize this practice creates barriers to access if a student happens to attend a school the college rep. is not familiar with or typically does not receive applications from.   

    As a district, we are committed to disrupting patterns of inequities around access and opportunities for our historically underserved students and school communities we serve. College coordinators have collectively decided to require all college reps. to offer in-person a minimum of one in-person visit at one of our priority High Schools which includes Roosevelt, Jefferson and McDaniel. 

    With this additional requirement, we are able to expand access to college reps. for hundreds of students across our district. Beginning Fall 2022, all college reps. will be required to host an in-person visit at one of our priority High Schools as a prerequisite to scheduling an in-person visit at their regular rotation of high schools. College coordinators will be the point of contact for scheduling visits for their school. College coordinators will direct college reps. to schedule their visit using the established process in Maia Learning

    College reps. can schedule virtual visits directly in Maia Learning. Below are step by step directions for scheduling a district wide virtual visit with us.



    Maia Learning Instructions for College Reps. requesting a rep. visit

    You can also watch this brief video.


    Step 1: Signup your university with Maia Learning here.


    Step 2: Once you have established an account with Maia Learning you are able to schedule visits. Click on Schedule College Visit.


    Step 3:TBD

    Step 4: TBD

    If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Amy Gervais agervais@pps.net, HS Counselor on Special Assignment.