PPS College Rep. Visits Guidance for the 2023-2024 School Year

    Historically, college rep. visits are scheduled individually by college reps. based upon their own discretion. We recognize this practice creates barriers to access if a student happens to attend a school the college rep. is not familiar with or typically does not receive applications from.   

    Requirement to schedule in-person college visits at PPS Priority High Schools

    As a district we are committed to disrupting patterns of inequities around access and opportunities for our historically underserved students and school communities we serve. College coordinators have collectively decided to require all college reps. to offer a minimum of one in-person visit at one of our priority High Schools which include Roosevelt, Franklin, Jefferson and McDaniel prior to scheduling an in-person visit at their regular rotation of high schools. 

    All college reps. should be prepared to share evidence of having scheduled a college visit at least one of our Priority High Schools.

    Required discussion around Mental Health supports available to students

    Additionally, in PPS we have systems in place to support students’ social and emotional wellbeing, mental health, and academic success and to help them to feel safe during high school. But that support system shifts when they leave us, particularly during the critical transition to their post-secondary lives, college and careers. We ask all postsecondary representatives (college admission, military recruiters, etc) who visit with our students to include the following in your presentations or conversations with prospective students during your visit:

    • Counseling, mental health and wellness services provided to students in your campus/institution (including: mediation, crisis management, referral, community outreach, etc)

    • Support systems and contact information 

    • Any other materials regarding health and mental health you feel is necessary or useful to students and families

    College coordinators will be the point of contact for scheduling visits for their school. College coordinators will direct college reps. to schedule their visit using the established process in Maia Learning as outlined below:


    Maia Learning Instructions for College Reps. requesting a rep. visit

    Universities can schedule school visits with MaiaLearning schools through the MaiaVisits feature.

    Please click this link for detailed instructions


    Step 1: Sign up for your university with Maia Learning here.


    Step 2: Once you have established an account with Maia Learning you are able to schedule visits. Click on Schedule College Visit.


    Step 3:  Please follow the district protocols above and schedule at least one visit at one of our priority High Schools: Roosevelt, Franklin, Jefferson and McDaniel.   


    If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Marquita Guzman mguzman@pps.net, Program Administrator, Student Success and Health.