• You can use your experience attending Tools To Build Your Future to fulfill ONE of your Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLE) required for graduation!


    Steps to Complete your CRLE

    1. You must attend 1 session during each of the morning and afternoon breakout times (total of 6 sessions). If you are taking the PSAT, watch a total of 6 recorded sessions.

    2. Take pictures of the session. (For example: when the speaker is talking or showing something on the screen, take a photo of the screen!)

    3. Take notes.

    4. Save any website and/or resource that is shared during the sessions that you are attending or viewing.

    5. Find your high school name below and click on the corresponding link to complete your CRLE Reflection.

    6. If you have any additional questions about CRLEs or career related opportunities, contact your High School Career Coordinator.