PTA Resources

  • Chairperson Resource Kit

    Thank you for volunteering to be a committee chair! This Resource Kit has been created to provide important information that will assist you in this role.

    Key Information

    PTA correspondence and related forms are kept in PTA drawer in RGMS office.

    When selecting a date for an event, be sure to check with Peggy (Principal's Secretary). Also, if an event will require the use of the school, you must complete a CUB (Civic Use of Building) request. CUB forms are available in PTA drawer. Before announcing the date, make sure you receive the CUB approval (and Peggy’s!)

    The PTA Board meets monthly. The list of board members and lots of additional information is on the RGMS website.


    Check with last year’s chairperson and/or the PTA President to receive information regarding this event or activity.

    Confirm initial ideas/plans with PTA President, Principal, and Peggy.

    Plan to attend at least one PTA Board meeting to provide an update on your activity/event.

    Provide regular updates via email to the PTA President and Principal.

    If you need help, ask sooner rather than later! The PTA is here to help you succeed.


    School email newsletter: send updates or requests to Peggy Bruce

    School Website: send requests to Principal Beth Madison and the PTA webmaster.

    Do NOT post flyers on the windows of the front doors at schools. Side windows are fine, or see Peggy for other ideas on where to post.

    Confirm your budget (expenses and expected income) with the PTA Treasurer.

    Only the PTA president can enter into contracts on behalf of the PTA; in other words, no one else should be signing contracts except the president.

    If you want the PTA to write checks to suppliers, you will need to provide the PTA Treasurer with the name of the recipient, the amount of the check, the address to send it to, and what the check is for. This process can take about 1 week.

    You may spend your own money and request reimbursement. It is important to keep your receipts and that the receipts only have the items for which you are requesting reimbursement. You must complete a disbursement form (located in PTA drawer) and attach receipts. Completed forms can be left in the PTA drawer (Attn: Treasurer).

    Collecting money at an event – please follow these important guidelines:

    Cash boxes are available (ask Peggy).

    Money collected needs to be counted by 2 people together and documented using the “Income Tracking Form” (available in the PTA drawer).

    Give the counted money to a school administrator at the event. The administrator can lock up the money at school and the Treasurer can pick it up the next day. If an administrator is unavailable, take the money with you and call the PTA President and/or Treasurer to let them know you have the money. Arrange for the Treasurer to get the money the next day.

    If appropriate, the PTA has containers to collect donations at events.

    The PTA Volunteer Coordinator can provide a list of volunteers for your event as well as “General” volunteers. (This list is compiled from the PTA sign-up form.)

    To solicit volunteers, you can either work through the Volunteer Coordinator or independently. Please be as specific as possible (how many volunteers, time of day needed, etc).

    You are encouraged to use the PTA email list to recruit volunteers.

    The Hospitality Chairperson can be a resource for providing food and beverages.

    After the event or activity 

    Send an email thanking the volunteers who helped out.

    Provide a summary of the event and email it to the PTA President and Principal. It is extremely helpful to the next chair if your summary includes what worked well, what didn’t work, and suggestions for next time. A budget summary is also appreciated.

    Return any binders/materials to the PTA President. Any forms that were created can be emailed to the PTA President to archive for future use.