1/2 Day Kindergarten

  • Dear Half Day Kindergarten Parents –

    For those of you who have children in half - day kindergarten who will miss their scheduled library class, the following are some ideas that you can go over at home to prepare your child for using the Alameda library:


    Recommended books to read to your child:

    • Library use / book care –

    Mr. Wiggle’s Library by Thompson
    The Library Dragon by Deedy
    What Happened to Marion’s Book by Berg
    Stella Louella’s Runaway Book by Ernst

    • Character Education –

    The Recess Queen by O-Neil
    Miss Nelson is Missing by Allard/Marshall
    When Sophie Gets Angry by Bang
    Leo the Late Bloomer by Kraus
    The Bumpy Little Pumpkin by Cuyler
    Emily’s Everyday Manners by Post

    • Cultural Diversity (Including International Holidays) –

    Raven by McDermott
    The Sock Thief by Crespo
    Something Beautiful by Wyeth
    Sam and the Lucky Money by Chinn
    This New Year by Wong

    • Small Chapter Books (usually introduced by Spring) –

    Junie B. Jones Series
    Ling and Ting Series
    Captain Underpants Series
    Geronimo Stilton Series
    A to Z Mystery Series
    Magic Tree House Series

    The students will go over basic library skills that include the following:

    At School

    1. Our library is a special place. Respect it by using quiet voices and listening.
    2. Return books to their proper place by using a shelf marker.
    3. Take care of books and materials in the library. Do not tear or write in them.
    4. If you find a damaged book, give it to Mrs. Leong right away so it can be fixed.
    5. Your child will be checking out 1 book each week if they have no outstanding books.

    At Home

    1. All books should be carried home in a backpack or schoolbag so they don’t get lost or wet.
    2. Choose a safe place where library books can be kept so they will not become lost or damaged.
    3. Make sure your hands are clean and turn pages from the top right hand corner when reading.
    4. Make sure to tell me about any book that becomes soiled or damaged while in your care.
    5. Return books on time!!
    • Please make sure that library books are not returned to the public library. It takes about 8 weeks for them to find their way back to school. Check the barcode on the front. If you do, let Mrs. Leong know.
    • If you should move or change schools during the year, please make sure your book­ has been returned to school before you leave. If you should forget and leave with it, give it to the librarian at your new school and she can return it for you.
    • Take time to read with your child. It’s a great way to spend some “snuggle time." It is a great start to encourage your kids to begin independently reading during their free time!

    Classes are usually 30 minutes long. 15 minutes of story time and discussion. 15 minutes of check out. Kindergartners will only be able to choose one book per week.


    Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any further questions at vleong@pps.net.

    E-mail is the best way to get a hold of me without interrupting my scheduled classes.