2nd Grade

  • Second Graders will hear me read many award winning books and authurs. I often showcase the Caldecott Award books to promote literature promotion. Click here for a list of Caldecott Books - http://tinyurl.com/czg4lr

    Furthermore, high-interest books such as fairy tales, holidays, multicultural legends, as well as tall tales are greatly enjoyed by the students.

    Second graders will also be reminded of library expectations in the following areas:

    • Returning books
    • Book location skills/ Shelf marker use
    • Library manners
    • Book Choice - *Please note below.
    • Book Care

    Students enjoy hearing my chapter book talks when I introduce books such as Captain Underpants, Ell Ray Jakes, Dyamond Daniel,  A to Z Mysteries, Keena Ford, Geronimo Stilton, etc. Students learn the process of renewing their books when they begin seriously reading chapter books.

    This year we will read five books up for the Patricia Gallagher Award.  All first and second graders will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite story. Students were asked to focus on the message of the story, the illustrations, and the characters to make their voting decision. The winner is announced May 1st.

    *I encourage parents to have open discussions about book choice while in our library.  I discuss with the students that sometimes book choices should be made based on what their families want them to choose.  Each family is different and your student should be fully aware of your expectations.  For more information, please click here:  Dav Pilkey's Response to Book Choices