4th Grade

  • anWhat Fourth grade is learning in the library:

    • Internet Safety!
    • Improving skills on the mac ibook computer laptops: i.e. using a touch/click mouse, word processessing, website browsing, and portaportal.
    • Intermediate Level use of Google Applications: Drive, Classroom, Docs, and Slides using photos and video capability.
    • How to use the Alameda library catalog independently. Searching for books from home and at school.
    • Character development Writing exercises using a variety of literature with rich illustrations.
    • Exploring references and their many uses and forms; i.e. print versus web based.
    • Understanding plagiarism and why bibliographies/reference citing is important.
    • Accessing and locating a variety of web based resources that will aid in research, writing, and locating skills without 'drowning' in an excess of information.
    • Information gathering skills / Note-taking skills
    • Slideshow presentation skills.

    Fortuneately, our fourth graders are avid and voracious readers. Our 4th grade classroom teachers encourage their students to locate books that fit their individual reading abilities. Since our 4th graders have the opportunity to check out more books, I also encourage them to choose books for their own leisure reading along with their academic reading.