5th Grade

  • What Fifth grade is learning in the library:

    • Internet Safety Instruction!
    • Advanced level of Google Application Instruction: Drive, Classroom, Docs, Slides, Sheets using photos and video capabilities.
    • Improving skills on the Mac computer laptops: i.e. using a touch/click mouse, word processing, website browsing, and portaportal.
    • Locating their library assignments in their classroom folders through network access.
    • How to use the Alameda library catalog. Searching for books from home and at school.
    • Movie Making using iMovie.
    • Exploring references and their many uses and forms; i.e. print versus web based.
    • Understanding plagiarism and why bibliographies/reference citing is important.
    • Accessing and locating a variety of web based resources that will aid in research, writing, and locating skills without 'drowning' in an excess of information.
    • Information gathering skills / Note-taking skills
    • Slideshow presentation skills.
    • Blogging
    • Glogging
    • Composing music using Garageband software. Using their music in their slideshow presentation.

    5th graders write book reviews where we post on a shared website as a student resource.  I encourage student to student book suggestions always gets books read!