• Head Lice

    Throughout the year we are dealing with head lice. The CDC and the EPA emphatically do NOT consider head lice a disease or a health hazard.  Below is the current PPS position on handling head lice in schools.  Work with your school nurse or clinic if you suspect lice. Some additional resources are:

    Although head lice is not categorized as a communicable disease, it is recognized as a health issue that can affect a student’s focus and comfort and can be passed on to other students in a classroom setting if the students are not following good health practices:

    • A student with live lice should be excluded from school, and sent home with lice treatment information.
    • A student with no live lice may return to school, even if nits are present. Parents are strongly urged to remove all nits from their child's hair to help prevent re-infestation.
    • Students will be re-checked for lice and nits upon initial re-entry and at 7 and 14 days after re-entry into school.


    If live lice are present, the student will be excluded from school again. After 14 days if live lice remain present, the student will be excluded again and must remain out of school until there are no lice or nits.


    III. Head Lice 


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