• Personalized Learning Requirements

  • In addition to meeting credit requirements, all Oregon high school graduates must complete Personalized Learning Diploma Requirements (PLRs): 1) Career Related Learning Experience Reflection(s), 2) Student Resume and 3) My Plan Project/Extended Application.

    Completion of each student’s Personalized Learning Requirements (PLRs) will be tracked through Synergy. CTE central office will oversee input of all PLRs completion into Synergy. Once all requirements have been marked complete the PLRs will show as “met” on the student’s transcript.

    1) Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLEs)
    All PPS students must engage in CRLE opportunities and submit reflection(s) that demonstrate a “meet” level on the rubric prior to graduation. PPS believes it is important for students to participate in activities throughout their high school experience that provide a bridge to connect classroom learning to the world of work and help them explore future college and career possibilities. Students may participate in one or more of the following CRLE activities:
    Awareness Activities
    • Worksite Visits
    • Career Fair
    • Guest Speaker or Industry Panel
    Exploration Activities
    • Job Shadow
    • Mock Interviews
    • Career Focus Events
    Preparation Activities
    • Internships
    • Practicum
    • Techonolgy- Based Learning (Virtual Academies)
    • Project-Based Activities
    CRLE requirements for the Class of 2022 and beyond:
    Two (2) CRLEs
    • 1 by end of grade 10
    • 1 by end of grade 12
    Reflection “meets” rubric standards
    Documentation in Synergy 
    Additional Information:
    • Career coordinators will review and score each student’s CRLE reflection(s).
    2) Student Resumes
    All PPS students must complete a resume that is scored as meeting rubric standards prior to graduation. The resume is a job search tool, and may also be used in scholarship competitions, college admissions or when asking for a letter of recommendation. The resume should be a positive and accurate presentation of each student's skills, accomplishments, education and experiences.
    Students may meet the resume requirement by doing the following:
    1. Create a resume using Microsoft Word, Canva or another word processing tool
    2. Upload a resume that meets the following requirements to their Google Drive. A hard copy must be evaluated according to this rubric by your teacher.

    Additional information:  

    • Students in the class of 2022 and beyond are required to complete the resume requirement
    • The resume will be embedded in the curriculum, taught and scored in junior English classes.
    • Each grading period, teachers will provide career coordinators with a list of students who have successfully completed the resume requirement.
    3) My Plan Project/Extended Application
    Starting this year (2022/2023), in Portland Public Schools, the Oregon's Extended Application diploma requirement will be fulfilled when, during their senior year, students create a “My Plan Project”.
    This is an opportunity for students to create a timely and dynamic piece that paints a picture of who they are, what they’re capable of, and where they are going in life, and could be useful for their next steps in college and career. My Plan Project includes a more flexible format open beyond just essays in order to include a variety of options.  

    Additional information:
    • Students in the class of 2023 and beyond are required to complete the My Plan Project diploma requirement.
    • The My Plan Project will be taught and scored in 12th grade, in English classes. We encourage teachers to use the My Plan Project as an opportunity to get to know their students at the beginning of senior year.
    • When students receive a meeting score on their My Plan Project, teachers will provide their high school career coordinator with a roster (including students’ ID numbers) of students who have successfully completed the My Plan Project requirement.
    • The career coordinator will ensure that the completion status is updated in Synergy.
    • Modifications and/or accommodations may be provided for students with special needs (e.g. SPED, ESL)