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    Part 1:  How Americans Think About Climate Change in Six Maps - NY Times  - link

    If time, check out "Mapping 50 Years of Melting Ice in Glacier National Park" - NY Times - link

    Part 3:  What are the possible consequences of climate change? - EPA - link

    Part 4:  Why don't people believe and act?  The psychology of threats - PBS - link

    Part 5:  What is our government's plan?  America First Energy Plan - - link

    Part 6:  What is the world doing about climate change?  Paris Agreement

    Article from EU that explains Paris Agreement - link

    Article from BBC about Paris Climate Agreement - link

    Movie that explains Paris Agreement - link

    Movie from EU about Paris Agreement - link

    Part 7:  What do scientists think can be done about climate change?  

    10 Solutions for Climate Change (Scientific American) - link

    Engineering the Earth to Fight Climate Change (Harvard) - link

    Are any Geoengineering Solutions Viable or Realistic (Scientific American) - link

    In Global Efforts to Address Climate Change, Electrical Engineers Have Crucial Role (MIT News) - link 

    also interesting, Jet Contrails Affect Surface Temperatures (Penn State) - link

    Making Methane Fuel from Microbes (science daily) - link

    Climate Stabilization:  Planting Trees Cannot Replace Cutting CO2 Emmisions - link

    and lastly, the Wikipedia entry on climate engineering - link

    Part 8:  How can we convince people?  

    Video from poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner of her poem, "Dear Matafele Peinem" - link

    Science in America with Neil deGrasse Tyson - link

    13 Misconceptions About Climate Change Explained from Veritasium - link



    Weather Underground - Great website for checking on lots of weather details

    SEPUP Atmosphere Interactive - We will use this atmosphere interactive to learn about layers of the atmosphere and their properties.

    Water Cycle - This cycle shows the water cycle, and you can click on each part of the water cycle to learn more.

    Link for #64


    For #68

    SEPUP Worldwide Wind Interactive - We will use this interactive to learn about prevailing winds all over the world.

    Worldwide Winds

    Winds in the US

    Types of Clouds - images and information about clouds at different elevations

    For #69

    Warm and Cold Fronts - Great animations of each

    USA Today Weather Animation


    EPA Climate Change (for students)

    Global Climate Change QUIZ from National Geographic

    Global Climate Change BASIC FACTS - very reliable information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    NASA Climate Change information