Duniway Community Update

Posted by Sarah Erickson on 6/4/2021

June 4, 2021

Dear Families,

Happy June!  I hope you made it through our first heat wave of the season.  With the help of a knee scooter, I have been able to visit classrooms just a bit this week and take a look at how our students are beginning to wrap up the year.  I have also received many sweet get well notes from students.  A favorite suggests I perhaps give up tennis…

Next week is the final week of school.  A few reminders and announcements:

  • 5th Grade “Honk-Out” is on Wednesday, 6/9, beginning at 2:00 PM.  Join us in the Reed College Place Median.

  • Please return any library books that you may have laying around your home.  Send them with your child or bring them by school.

  • If you will not be returning to Duniway and have not already communicated this information with us, please email Sarah or Lynn.  This helps us ensure balanced class sections for next year.

  • Report cards will be mailed home and should arrive between June 18-21.

  • If you ordered photographs, and your child is in CDL, please stop by to pick up your pictures.  We are here all next week, from 7:30 - 4:00 PM everyday but Wednesday.

Duniway's End of Year Music Share is looking amazing - thank you for the video submissions so far! If you'd still like to contribute, please submit Flipgrid videos by Monday, June 7th. Videos will go live on Tuesday, June 8th at noon! Check it out: Seesaw Flipgrid .  Questions? Contact Lisa Adams

A word from PPS IT:  Please keep your PPS chromebooks for the summer. IF you are leaving Portland Public Schools please bring your chromebook and hotspot back to the Duniway office any day of the week except for Wednesday. Students will have access to most PPS Digital Toolkit applications during the summer. Most PPS Digital Toolkit applications will remain active until the end of July.  PPS will be moving from Clever to using My.PPS (my.pps.net) as a district-wide portal. Students using QR Clever badges to log in to Chromebooks will no longer be able to use their Clever badge once the change to My.PPS is complete.  Students will need their PPS username and password to log in to their chromebooks until they are issued a new Quickcard (QR code) at the start of school.  Please note that during the summer months, teachers are not active inside the digital tools and applications. Parents should be aware of what students are doing online. Parents may find the Securly application and digital and civic literacy resources helpful.  Questions can be directed to support@pps.net.

As the 2020-2021 School Year draws to a close, I want to say a special thank you to our incredible staff, our supportive families, and most importantly, to our students.  This year (and the last third of the 2019-2020) has been filled with an almost constant barrage of change, unpredictability, and stress.  In the midst of this, we have also continued to learn and grow as individuals and as a community.  We have learned the importance of creativity, problem solving, flexibility, and the power of empathy and grace.  

We have also learned that our world is changing and while tempting to resist it or run from it, we can embrace the uncertainty, remind ourselves of our humanity, and strive to live each day with a sense of purpose, promise, and joy.  I say this mostly as a reminder for myself and my family, but I do hope it is something that you and your family think about as well.

Be well and have a wonderful weekend.