Duniway Community Updates

Posted by Sarah Erickson on 8/27/2021

Dear Families,

The staff and I met for the first time on August 26.  It was fantastic meeting everyone and getting to know them.

We are excited about the coming school year and  we have created school wide expectations for our common areas.  These expectations will be shared and taught to our students. The expectations are designed to ensure a smooth transition and to keep the students safe.

As school begins we want to touch on some items we believe are important to ensure the safety of everyone.

Back to School Picnic:  The Back to School picnic is scheduled for Monday, August 30th from 4-6. Due to Covid concerns many of our staff will not be able to attend.  Other staff members will be there to greet students and talk to families from 4-4:30.

Masks:  Masks are required for all students, staff and visitors.  The mask rule will be strictly enforced.  If a child refuses to wear a mask, they will be removed from class.  We will have a conversation about why it is important to wear a mask and go over the guidelines.  If the student can comply they will be returned to their class.  If they refuse, parents will be contacted to pick their child up.  If they continually  refuse to wear a mask the student will be removed from school and placed in CDL.

Lunch:  As you know lunch will be eaten outside for the next 6 weeks, weather permitting.  If it rains we will be inside and implement our cafeteria plan.  Our plan is to eat on the north side of the building on the blacktop.  We have purchased 100 24x24 foam mats for the students to sit on while eating.  They will be placed on the blacktop 6 ft apart during our lunch times.

Late to School:  School starts at 8:45.  If your child arrives at 8:50 or later they are considered tardy.  Please bring them to the front entrance to be checked in and sent to class.  Do not knock on the teacher’s outside door for entry.

Non-instructional items:  All non instructional items should be left at home.  This includes toys, handheld video game devices, and any other items that would interfere with instruction.  

Phones:  All phones should be turned off and left in the students’ backpack. If the phone is out or disrupts class, it will be confiscated and given back at the end of the day.  If you need to contact  your child, please call the office.

Buses:  We have two buses which serve Duniway. Bus 124 is now bus 213 in the morning and bus 024 in the afternoon. Our other bus is number 304. Let us know if you have questions about the buses.

Dogs:  Just a reminder that dogs are not allowed on property during the school day.  It would be helpful if dogs stayed at home during drop off and pick up to avoid any incidences.

On behalf of our entire staff, we are looking forward to a wonderful, semi-normal school year. If you have questions or concerns we will do our best to respond.  Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing the students on September 1st.


Gene Bivens