Duniway Update

Posted by Sarah Erickson on 9/10/2021

Dear Families,

We are finishing another week of school that has taught us many things.  First and foremost we had two students test positive for Covid-19.  The exposure happened on the bus. We then had to double-check our bus riders to see what students may have been exposed while riding the bus.  After that, we had to follow district guidelines and I had to wait until I met with MESD/district people before we could get the message out. I realize the message was confusing and families had to wait to hear if their student was quarantined.  We learned a lot about the process and how to better communicate with families moving forward.

There have been a lot of questions and emails regarding the exposure and quarantines.  I will try to answer each one.  I appreciate your patience in working through these first Covid cases.

We had a great week with the students in school.  The teachers have been working hard and have created packets for the students in quarantine.  Contact your child’s teachers for more information on where to pick up the packets.  

A message a from a staff member:

Hello Families

Thank you Mr. Bivens for giving space for these words and supporting teachers this week. Thank you, Adrienne, our fantastic SHA for working so hard to keep us healthy and safe. THANK YOU to my beautiful Duniway colleagues for always putting student education and well-being first. My words don't speak for the whole staff but are to share a bit of insight into our work behind the scenes this very chaotic week. 

As many of you know or have heard, many families have been affected by the sudden and very early quarantine this school year. As teachers, we were told that students in quarantine would participate in the district's Online Learning Program. This would mean logging into Chromebooks to access all of the apps we used last year. Unfortunately, the rollover from Clever to MyPPS was not completed by the start of the school year for elementary students, leaving us without new laptops, new login information, and no access to current class lists in the apps. 

In my role as the union rep, Mr. Bivens and I worked hard to sort through all of the policies to figure out what teachers were required to do vs what we needed to do to support our students in quarantine with no access to school. Unanimously, the impacted grade level teams chose to spend our Friday morning prep time pulling materials together for those students at home for the next week despite our cloud printing system being down the last 2 days. 

In the coming days, the newest Letter of Agreement between the teacher's union and PPS will finish the ratification process. As teachers, we are hopeful the agreement will lay out a clear and consistent process for students to continue learning if quarantined for a period of time. Until then, your Duniway teachers continue to work exceptionally hard each and every day giving our Portland students the education they deserve.   

Thank you, 

Kim Stockstad

2nd Grade teacher


Blue Bags: The Bottle Drop Program is a very simple yet effective fundraiser for Duniway!  Bags are available in the office - here are some details about the program Bottle drop form (3).docx 

We have mats!:  Finally, our mats have arrived!  The students will no longer have to sit on the ground during lunch.  I know I am excited about the mats and lets hope the students will be too.

Have a great week and together we will make this year a great one.


Gene Bivens

Duniway Principal